Day 134: Validation Character: Consequence Dimension (Part 3)

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Within this blog, we’re continuing with the Consequence Dimension in walking the Commitment Statements.

Consequence Dimension: Commitment Statements:
I commit myself to assist and support myself to take responsibility for myself and how I live as an individual as I see, realize and understand that what I accept and allow myself to live as is what I accept and allow all to live as, and thus, I commit myself to assist and support myself to really face the consequences I create through what/how I live, when I compromise myself and the relationships I form here with others in my world/reality and so to stop creating consequence through establishing my self-will and self-direction in stopping participation in these patterns of self-sabotage, so that I can remain here in reality, and form effective relationships, instead of going into my mind and into energy-experiences and manifesting consequences for myself and all of existence.

I commit myself to no longer living as a child, within placing my ‘wants’ and ‘what I want to do’ before my responsibilities, as I see, realize and understand that reality does not actually exist as it seemed to when I was a child and ‘carefree’, as I was not shown the actuality of reality and how we have responsibilities that require to be tended to, in order to not manifest unnecessary consequences, and thus I commit myself to put my responsibilities first, to ensure that no unnecessary consequence is manifested, and only once my responsibilities are taken care of, then get to my preferences.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to stop creating and adding consequence through feeding my mind through participation in thoughts, imagination, backchat, reactions, that lead to manifesting physical conditions/behaviors that makes it so much harder to stop in the moment once I’ve let it get to that extreme, and thus I commit myself to establish self-will in stopping my participation in the mind before it gets ‘that far’, so that I do not manifest unnecessary consequence, and not make it extra hard for myself to stand, thus simply postponing the inevitable and making it more difficult.

I commit myself to stop manifesting consequence in this reality through what I accept and allow for/within myself, and so within all as humanity as not having/forming effective relationships, by committing myself to establishing effective relationships myself, by no longer participating in the belief that ‘I don’t want to’ meet/interact with others, and placing that ‘want’ before responsibility that I have to get effective at interacting with others, as our effectiveness in interaction determines how effective we are in this world and functioning as a whole, since we all exist here together, many any beings, that together form the greater body of humanity.

Within this, I commit myself to, as I walk in facing myself and the consequences I create, and assisting and supporting myself to no longer create consequence, through establishing living solutions, so to stand with the Equal Money System, in correcting how it is we’re living as a whole within establishing a World system that also stand within the principle of what is best for all, to stop the consequence that the current system is manifesting, and establish the solution to walk ourselves as humanity, out of consequence and into Real Living where all life is Cared for.
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