Day 171: Board Games as Tool for Brainwashing (Part 2)

In this post we’re going to now continue with taking a look at the topic of board games. In the previous post, we touched on how board games relate to the world system, in terms of the basic principles involved, namely the primary concept that most games are based on where only one player is a winner the rest are losers, or you have a 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place sort of hierarchy, where still only one is at the ‘top’ position, and everyone else is at varying levels below that. Which is basically representative of a ‘class system’ where you have those at the very ‘top’ in the ‘highest’ position, and everyone in varying degrees below that, like we currently have with the general ‘classes’ of the elite, a very small amount of people who are the ‘winners’ that are ‘at the top’ and have the most luxurious lifestyle, and then you have those who are in a ‘middle class’ position who have most of their basic needs met and are living in relative comfort, and then those in poverty who do not have their needs met.

Within this, it’s not to say that board games are the cause of our nature in accepting the current system to be of inequality, but simply that we’ve utilized them as a tool to assist in the acceptance of inequality as a normal thing. Thus it’s not to stop playing board games, as that will not change our acceptance of inequality, we as individuals have to come to the realization for ourselves, that inequality is not effective as it creates conflict, consequence, disharmony. It is always ourselves that have decided what we will support or not, board games have only serves as a prop that we utilized as a platform in which to present inequality as normal, as if we accept it on a small scale within ourself, is to accept it on the large scale within the world as a whole.

Thus it’s to transform ourselves within what is here, like for example board games, from a starting point of simply going along with and accepting what is presented within board games, and to question and consider what it is that our board games show about ourselves, and through this actually get to know ourselves as who we really are and how we’ve been existing.

Another point we can see reflected of ourselves within board games, is how the primary design is each individual being is out for themselves, or the game is played in teams, where each team is out for itself, and players are thus divided up into opposing parts. Which is precisely how we exist currently, where it is every man for himself, there is no overall point of support, where we are altogether working to ensure all are taken care of effectively as one as a whole as all of humanity, but we are divided into countries, gangs, families, circles of friends, clubs, interest groups, religions, where we do not all stand together, but stand separated within our separate ‘teams’ where we only consider those few who are a part of our daily world, and our consideration does not extend beyond that.

And even within that, we primarily only consider ourself, and everything we look at in this world is from within/as a perspective of ourselves as an individual separate from everything else/everyone, where we’re always looking out for what is best for me, without considering the whole of exist, and the effect I have on existence, and whether what I want for myself is going to cause harm and disharmony for others. We don’t see ourself as a part of the whole, we don’t see that we are in fact part of the whole, and there is no way to not be part of the whole, as if you’re here you are here, and what you do/say/live is going to have an effect here.

A great interview series to listen to in relation to this is the Soul of Money series on Eqafe, which walks through in amazing detail how our current system functions and provides fascinating perspectives into how it is we as humanity have been functioning and existing in separation when we are actually all here, and what the consequences of living in such a way has been, so a must hear set of interviews that give one vast insight into the workings of this reality.

What’s interesting to consider is what if we had games where the starting point is where everyone is on the same team and functions as a whole, where everyone is working together for the same goal. So it’s not that we must then ‘throw away’ the games we have, but we can utilize them in the process of self transformation, to explore and get to know who we are within them. Where, for example, you can utilize playing board games as a point for self investigation, where you can see what kind of reactions/experiences come up within and while playing board games, to get to see how/where self has taken on and lived points of separation within/as oneself.

I would at this point, recommend that one take the Desteni I Process Lite course, if you haven’t already, which is a free course, to get a fundamental understanding of what are thoughts/reactions/feelings/emotions and develop the ability to effectively work with them and direct one’s experience, as this will provide a well-rounded point of reference for when one is then participating in self investigation so that self has a starting point for what to do with the information that one will find out about oneself, in terms of how to then effectively align one’s living to that which is supportive of self and life.

In the post to come, we’ll walk Self Forgiveness on the points discussed in this and the previous post, to assist with taking self responsibility for what we have discovered of ourselves and how we exist through taking a look at the manifestation of board games and what this has shown about ourselves, as what we’ve accepted and allowed to exist in this world, because we’ve accepted and allowed it within ourselves, thus taking it to an individual level of self correction, and not, for example, ‘blaming board games’, as they are just a reflection of who we are as our accepted nature.  

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