Day 159: Ah, Christmas! Sweet Coping Mechanism of Capitalism

Ah, it’s that Christmas time of year again. You can tell by the Christmas music that’s playing everywhere on the radio, in stores, reminding you it’s that time of year to buy buy buy stuff. Every year, there’s the jokes about how early the Christmas music starts, and how annoying it is, and rolling of the eyes, like it’s driving us insane.

It really is a bizarre event, in so many ways, though I remember a time where I did somewhat accept this idea/event of Christmas, when I was a child, and it was something that happened every year, and you got to get presents, and so I figured, heck with it, I don’t care if this makes no sense, I want presents, and so I put my self interest before the truth.And that, is exactly what Christmas is all about! Christmas is a really hard pill to swallow, since it's all complete and total bullshit, and therefore is really a clear indication of the fucked up state that we as humanity are in. I mean, the fact that this whole Christmas ‘thing’ / ’episode’ / ’pandemic’, what to call it, takes place at such a vast level of participation, shows the extent of our brainwashing, and the extent of just what we’ll accept and allow to take place in this world, even when it goes beyond all common sense.

I mean, we think of this holiday as a ‘good thing’, a ‘beneficial’ and ‘positive’ thing, kind of like God, in how you’re not supposed to question it, because it’s just, well, ‘good’. I remember in my childhood, thinking Christmas was so weird. I mean, you’ve got grown adults, telling you fantasy stories about a fat man, that rides a flying sleigh, driven by reindeers, who lands on everyone’s roof, goes down their chimneys, and leaves shit in their house. It’s obviously total ludicrous bullshit, and it’s presented as if it’s real. This would not be defined as the actions of an intelligent species of beings. To take their young and give them information that is in total contradiction with how this physical reality actually operates. Look at the consequences of for example, Superman, where you have kids jumping off roves thinking they can fly. At Christmas we’ve got children putting out milk and cookies for some man to come to their house to give them toys. And then we teach them to not take gifts from strangers.

And that really illustrates the hypocrisy that is Christmas, that even though the world is going to shit, there’s massive problems everywhere, 75% of the population living in poverty, we string up some lights, tell fantasy stories to the children, buy lots of stuff to give to people in our lives, most of which isn’t needed or wanted but is given just because ‘it’s what you have to do’, ‘you’re supposed to give gifts’, ‘what will they think if I don’t give them a gift’, ‘I don’t want them to think that I don’t care about them and to think poorly of me’. Gift giving has become about maintaining your face, where it’s ‘I’ve got to find something for so and so’, not so and so needs this or that, so it’s not based on anyone actually needing anything, when there are billions in this world that do need, and are allowed to go without. While those of us in elite countries are busy trying to find stuff to buy for each other that no one needs, there are children starving to death. While we allow an economic system that allows poverty to exist, we at the same time participate in the bullshit of Christmas and pretend everything is great.

And we know it’s not. We can’t wait for the holidays to come around for a break from the monotony of the daily grind that we go through, busy all year round with our jobs that go to feed the system of consumerism and generate profits for a small minority of the population to live in luxury, while the rest slave away for jobs that are largely irrelevant to life and providing no actual benefit to humanity or life or the individual doing it, which is why it’s so hard to do those jobs. Who really wants to participate in something that in no way is of benefit to oneself and one’s reality and world, and only serves as a point of maintaining one’s survival. No wonder we can’t wait for a break. But it shows the extent to which we’ve accepted things how they are, they we accept the whole year of drudgery just for this little break, instead of realizing that life is such a drudgery because we not actually living for life, but are living as wage slaves to capitalism. And we’ll take these little positive fleeting moments, and use it to cope with our situation, instead of actually changing our situation. I mean, we must be really shit-scared to actually participate in a story about a fat man on your roof, not to mention the whole Christmas tree point, of cutting down trees en masse, which are also grown en masse for only this reason, to put them in our living room and string lights on it, and hang colored plastic balls on it, and make this ‘lovely’ decoration of lights that sparkle and make us feel entertained for a moment. All supposedly to celebrate the birth of Jesus. I mean, this is some really bizarre shit.

If Jesus could see this, what we’re doing in his name? What would he think about the cutting the trees down and hanging plastic balls on them I wonder. Such blatant acts of pure consumerism. What this shows is the massive education that’s required for humanity to understand our physical reality, and how best to live in it. I mean, here we find ourselves in this physical reality here with the animals and nature which we depend on to survive, and let’s see how we decide to interact with what’s here? Ah yes, let’s grow millions of trees, in order to cut them down to put in our living room and dress up with decorations that consume electricity and you don’t want the Christmas tree to just wilt and dry up right away, so you got to feed it water and there’s even chemicals you can put in the water to keep it greener a bit longer, because you want to milk the most you can out of it to keep that feel good feeling of ‘it’s Christmas time and everything is wonderful’ going for as long as possible, although the problems in reality never go away, and will be there still after all the lights come down and you’re hauling that tree out to the curb. Is this the way in which beings who respect the earth that provided us with live and existence, would treat nature? As a commodity for entertainment, for momentary distraction from the problems in the world that we never get around to facing and solving once and for all?

Christmas is just another bandaid we use to make us feel good about life, while letting life go to shit, and this why we don’t want to let go of Christmas – because it’s become our coping mechanism, and if we let that go, then what can we use to hide from ourselves and our responsibility for just a little longer? If we didn’t have the coping mechanism of Christmas, then we might have to actually face the reality of how crappy we are allowing life to be, the worldwide suffering we’re allowing to take place, and then we’d have to change ourselves and how we’re doing things. Oh wait, but then we could actually solve these problems once and for all! I mean, how is it even possible that we get excited about the prospect of getting gifts one time out of the year, because we don’t already have the best of everything. What if we all had the best? Would we care then about gifts? Would it even be relevant?

The very idea of giving gifts has become just a trick of consumerism, where instead of giving ourselves as a whole, in our entirety, the gift of the best life possible in all ways, the best house, the best food, the best car, the best nature, we settle for a jackpot system where we’re not simply guaranteed the best in the first place, but can only hope to get it, but we never do, as for most the best is not affordable, this done to make the most profit possible, so this Christmas, the real gift to give ourselves is an Equal Money System, where the gift we give to ourselves will be the gift of life, the gift of the best life possible, where life can be enjoyed all year round as life will no longer be enslaved to profit, and we won’t have to ‘settle’ for a false holiday that is just about creating a good feeling in ourselves, as that feeling never lasts and we’re back to the same reality again, facing the same problems, only worse, because the more we ignore them the more they grow, so time to get out of the fantasies and finally apply a real solution that makes life enjoyable as a living reality.

Thus instead of having a Christmas holiday built on consumerism in total disregard of the planet, as a reaction to how we’ve accepted our current reality where we get tired of the year round drudgery that we’ve accepted life to be in the current system, rather change the reality by changing the system, changing the source of the problem, and then we won’t feel the need for such an elaborate distraction from the suffering we’re allowing, as we’ll prevent it from being created in the first place. Prevention is the Best Cure.

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