Day 168: Self Forgiveness for Missing the Planet Under Our Nose

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to be so unaware of my world and reality to not realize that while I am fantasizing on finding a planet in outer space that can sustain life, to miss the fact that I am actually already living on a massive planet within outer space that can sustain life and is busy doing so.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to not question why I am interested in searching for/finding another planet, why I would want to find another planet to live on, when I already live on a planet that is sustaining me.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the reason I want/desire to ‘go to another planet’ is because I think/hope/desire that somehow it will be ‘better’ there than it is here, and thus the reason I desire to go to another planet is actually because I am disappointed with the life we have created here on this planet for ourselves, and thus I am actually just wanting to escape the reality of here, which is the reality of ourselves.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not question the reality of being able to actually go to another planet, as to whether that would be even possible, and that this lack of questioning indicates that I don’t actually want to go to another planet, but am just wanting to believe in a fantasy that will never be fulfilled, just to distract me from reality here.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to not realize that if we can’t take care of this planet we will just do the same to another, and end up in exactly the same position, that is if we could even somehow move to another planet, and thus if the human has any respect for life, we would not allow ourselves to cause such hell to yet another planet, just the same as we should really question why we keep bringing children into this world, as each new life we birth here is born into hell that we’ve created.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to exist as a society where there is so little consideration for the physical reality because we have become the mind to such extent that we have so little awareness or regard for the physical that we abuse it in every way possible, and then instead of realizing what we are doing, and then standing up to change ourselves and our behavior into that which is best for life, we rather daydream and fantasize about going to other planets, that we will never actually go to, not even realizing the potential we have here to create a world where life can be lived to the fullest, and that if we do not do it here, we will do it nowhere.

I commit myself to question that which draws my attention away from reality here, such as fantasies about going to other planets, and realize that such a fantasy is never going to come true, and is only keeping me from taking action to make this world the world that I am seeking for and not realizing that it is right here under my nose, that there is nothing wrong or disappointing with this world, but it is me as humanity that is disappointing ourselves by disregarding life in the physical and living only for the mind and the system, through which we are destroying our world here, the only habitable planet we actually have.

I commit myself to finally educate myself, and all of humanity as myself, in how to take care of this the planet, and all the life that is here, including nature, the animals, the humans, and to show how the current way we are living is ruining this planet and all life on it, and that it is in fact possible to live another way, and change our approach to life to support of life rather than abuse of life, and within this to show that it is in fact much more work to be abusive than it is when we work together in harmony, instead of harming each other for money.

And thus, I commit myself to establishing an Equal Money System, as the outer manifestation of my respect for all life here, in the life that it gives me, within realizing that to give life is to receive life in turn, and to take from life is to have your life taken from you, and thus it’s to give as you’d like to receive, in order to manifest a world that is best for all, that we would not wish/hope/dream/desire to escape from, when it’s really only ourselves we want to escape from, and thus when we change ourselves to beings that live as what we can stand to be for eternity, we'll no longer desire to escape ourselves, and can simply be here and really for once, live.
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