Day 161: In Capitalism Everyone is a Beggar

In the current system survival is not a basic guaranteed right. Well perhaps for a very small few it is, in the sense that they have so much money that they are really set for life, and probably so are their children, and children’s children, and so on. While the vast majority will have to continue working for most of their life, just to survive, there is no guarantee, no financial security.

In capitalism, for the majority, you must do a job that somebody else with money pays you for. Most jobs out there pay only enough to just scrape by, so that one is kept almost entirely busy working, just to make ends meet.

Which means, we’re not really living, just busy surviving. And even those that has gobs and gobs of money way beyond any actual need, while they have more security than the rest at the moment, there is no guarantee of that that will always be the case, as the current system does not guarantee one’s financial stability in any way, so if something happens and you lose all your money, you’re screwed. In fact, that’s why there have been cases where individuals committed suicide after losing all their money like for example when the economy hits a snag and big companies go belly-up, as they just couldn’t stand to face losing their quality of life and going back to nothing.

I was waiting in the line for a ferry and a man was walking down between the parked cars selling newspapers, going from window to window, calling out the name of the paper. This is the job he’s doing in order to try to make some money to survive. He’s saying please buy this paper so I can have some money to exist. Some of us do this in fixed locations in shops and businesses, in fact many are employed within retail, and we’re doing the same thing there. We’re hanging out there, maintaining the store and keeping the products stocked on the shelves and hoping that those who come in are going to buy something, because our life actually depends on it. So we are basically going around asking each other for our survival – please give me my survival, please let me survive, please let me survive, please buy my thing so I can get some money to survive and have a dignified life, and be able to feed my children, and pay my bills.

Especially if you work in any form of sales, what you’ll find is that there is so much competition out there, as everyone is scrambling to find a way to survive, in a system that is just like musical chairs, where there is deliberately not enough chairs for everyone, and so we’re competing against one another for money to survive, that to only sell according to actual need, like when someone actually needs something, you would not make enough to make a living. There is simply not enough actual need to support everyone with an effective income, within the design of the current system. And this is why products have been made in increasingly inferior quality, made to last a shorter and shorter time until you have to buy one again, or what has been done through ideas like ‘style’ and ‘fashion trends’ where you have to keep up with the latest trends, or you’ll look ‘out of place’ compared to everyone else, and so you’ll have to buy new things before they are actually used up, just to stay ‘in style’ or have the ‘updated’ versions. Watch this documentary for self education on how this was done through manipulating human psychology: The Century of the Self

So we’ve made ourselves slaves to the current system, because we haven’t guaranteed our survival, by implementing a system that would do so, instead we’ve accepted and allowed a system where we have to, essentially, beg for our survival from others. When you go in for a job interview, you prepare yourself with doing whatever you can that you think will give you the best chance for the job, and while you’re there you act and say what you think they want hear and want you to do, so they will hire you, because you need the job to survive, and essentially what we’re saying is, please please hire me, I need this job, so I can survive and have at least some level of a dignified life. And thus, we’re really all beggars, begging each other, begging each other for our survival, please let me survive, please let me survive. Which is actually really strange, that we’d allow a system where our survival isn’t guaranteed, when we know the obvious consequences of not getting what you need, which is things like starvation and disease that comes from lack of proper nutrition or clean water, and when there is enough resources to go around, and that by not having a system that simply distributes resources according to actual need, we’ve made things very difficult for ourself.

Strange that we allow ourselves to have to beg each other for survival, instead of just giving it to ourselves. Why do we allow this? Partly for the desire to be in control. If you happen to be one of the few in a position with money, then you’ve got others begging to you for their survival, and you can thus make them do what you want, you are in control and they are your slaves, and you can make them do some job that is going to lead to more profits, more money, for you, and you are a king of beggars. Yet obviously most don’t get in this position, most are the slaves, yet if you think that somehow you might have a chance, or you just want that possibility to exist, that you could be in a position of wealth and power and control, you’ll accept the current system. Yet, what’s not realized is that those in power actually enslave themselves as well, with all the work and hassle that it takes to get, and keep lots of money, because it’s believed that to have a good life, it must be obtained at the expense of others, instead of realizing that when we work together as a whole to ensure that everyone is supported and that everything we do/produce is the absolute best, everyone will have the best life possible, not just a measly few, while the vast majority suffer.

The other reason, and the primary reason, we allow this system is out of FEAR. Because those who are in relative comfort, fear that it could be so much worse, as that is the story that has been told generation after generation, to justify the current state of things. ‘It could be worse’. This sentiment coupled with images and pictures of ‘other places’ that are ‘worse off’ have been utilized so that you’ll just accept the way things are, if it’s not too bad, because you certainly don’t want it to get any worse. Yet it continually gets worse. And no one is realizing ‘it could be better’. We could in fact, have a system that does not abuse our environment for the sake of profits. That abuses animals for the sake of profits. That abuses humans, adult and child, for the sake of profits. And those profits only go to a few, while the rest are still left scraping to survive.

We could in fact, have a system where life is cared for, where nature is cared for, where all aspects are life are directed in such a way that always leads to the best outcome for everyone, which is what the Equal Money System is being developed for. Thus get involved with the formation of an economic system based on the principle that Life should be guaranteed, and we should not make ourselves Beggars for our own survival. We can take a lesson from the Earth, who provides everything she has to us for free and does not make us Beg for our very existence. Everything we need is here, what’s gotten in the way of life here being heaven on earth, is ourselves, simply not standing up to value ourselves as Life, and giving ourselves all the guarantee of the best life possible.
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