Day 158: Prevention is the Best Cure

The Equal Money System

"Prevention is the Best Cure"

Who hasn’t heard this statement before? Fascinating how this statement can be so common, and yet practically not lived at all. If you have a look at how society exists, and this current world system, there is almost no prevention going on, there is no solving problems, as all the problems we’ve had still exist and all that we’re doing, all the actions we’re taking, is as a REACTION to the problems, after we’ve already created them.

Like for example with Charities – it’s a REACTION to the poverty we’ve created within the current Capitalist system. So we allow ¾ of the world’s population to suffer, and instead of addressing the cause and simply ending the problem entirely, we’re put our efforts into charity organizations, which really just serve the purpose of creating jobs for a handful of the population, while giving some aid here and there, while the poverty continues. While thousands of children actually die daily from starvation, and that’s what we allow by accepting ourselves to only take actions that don’t actually stop the problem. So all this effort goes into these charities and relief efforts, while never being anywhere near enough to take care of everyone in a position of need lacking the basic necessities, as is evidenced by thousands of children perishing every day by the gruesome slow death of starvation, or treatable diseases without any access to the necessary healthcare. So we have all the capability to actually stop these problems, which means we could stop all this suffering from ever even taking place, by addressing the root cause, which is accepting and allowing a system where not everyone is taken care of, where the resources that the earth give freely are not effectively distributed to everyone. It should not get to this point where we have children who are nothing but bones, I mean, they have no real chance now to have a dignified life, they are probably not going to survive for very long, every year 12 million children don’t make it to age 5. To give aid, after allowing it to get to this extreme, where we have children who are nothing but bones, where no amount of charity is going to undo the suffering and deterioration done to their physical bodies, at that point, it’s just to make them as comfortable as possible and get them to the best health possible, but the damage has been done, and so in essence Charity is TOO LATE.

Once things get to such an extreme degree of consequence, it only gets harder to correct. We know this, take for example when you don’t clean your house, the longer you let it go, the bigger the mess gets. Food gets dried-on to the dishes, and that much harder to scrub off, and molds form and now you’re breathing in strangely pungent smelling spores. And we know that if we just dealt with it in the first place, before the consequences got so set-in, it wouldn’t have been nearly such a hassle.

So it is with how we face the problems in our day to day lives, and in the world at large. We make so much more work for ourselves, and don’t even manage to sort out the cause of the problem, we let it get to the point that it’s already too late, and we’re already in the consequence, and then it is most difficult to correct the situation. So, just as we’ve been walking within Characters/Personalities in previous posts, where we’ve seen that the further we allow ourself to go into the character/personality within each Dimension - of thought, imagination, backchat, reactions - so too in the physical reality, where when we let problems be created while refusing to look at them and sort things out, we allow it to compound and build, into quite substantial messes, that are going to take a lot of work now to sort out, however, what’s guaranteed is that not sorting out the problems is going to take far more work, that will essentially be never-ending, as we never get to the bottom of things and stop the root cause, and so as we come at the problems in the world from a REACTIVE stance, we are still busy continuing to CREATE the problem, and thus all our efforts are really actually ‘going nowhere’, as the problem never gets solved, we keep manifesting the consequences.

If we took the effort we’re putting into ‘dealing’ and ‘coping’ with the problems in the world, after we’ve already created them, and put that effort into stopping the CAUSE of the problems, then our actions are going to lead to there being No More Problem, that constantly has to be ‘dealt’ and ‘coped’ with, and we will thus have walked ourselves out of enslavement to our own creations, and into actual FREEDOM and Real Living, where we can actually live and act as from a directive starting point, instead of always and only acting as a Reaction to what we’ve already manifested, which isn’t really LIVING.

Thus, within the example of Charities, charities should not even exist, as we can simply implement an equality based system, the Equal Money System, which changes the system at the root, by ensuring that all are supported from the very get-go, because there is no reason to allow children to come into this world and not be supported, to allow them to starve, when there is plenty for all, and it’s simply a matter of effectively distributing it.
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