Day 126: Validation Character: Physical/Behavior Dimension (Part 6)

'The Hidden Dimensions of Self' by Andrew Gable

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Day 125: Validation Character: Physical/Behavior Dimension (Part 5)


In the previous post, we’ve walked the Self Commitment Statements for the Negative and Positive Internal Dimensions of the Validation Character. In this post, we’re continuing with Self Commitment Statements in relation to the Physical/Behavior Dimensions. For further context these Physical/Behavior Dimensions, also read from the Heaven’s Journey to Life blog:

Negative and Positive Dimension External Changes Self Commitments:
I commit myself to assist and support myself to see, realize and understand that when my physical behaviour suddenly changes, as if it is happening automatically and unexpectedly, where I instantly become overwhelmed by the character/personality and become the embodiment of anxiety/hopelessness, where my shoulders slouch, my body sinks down, and I start shifting foot to foot, that this indicates that I am not yet effective in my awareness of myself as the processes taking place within my mind and within my standing as the directive principle of myself, where I have thus allowed it to get to the extent of becoming possessed and experiencing actual changes in my physical condition/behaviour.

Thus, I commit myself to, when and as the possession gets to the point of changing my physical condition/behaviour without my awareness, to get more specific in my awareness as breath and of when I am participating in energies, so that I can really stop my participation in mind-energies, before it gets to the point of physical possession, as I realize that by allowing it to get to that point is actually making it more difficult for myself, as by the time I get to the Physical/Behavior dimension, I am now facing all the Dimensions together, of Thought, Imagination, Backchat, and Reactions and all the energies activated by those dimensions, to create a more powerful resistance, that will make it seem/feel much more difficult to stand up and stop participation.

And thus, I commit myself to not accept this experience of difficultness, and to not become overwhelmed, but to breathe, and stand as the directive principle of myself and move myself to follow through with the meeting/interaction, as I realize that I am only making it more difficult for myself by letting myself get to the manifested consequence of the Physical/Behavior Dimension, and so I commit myself to not make my process more difficult for myself, by getting absolutely specific in my awareness of the dimensions and energies of the mind, so that I can stop participation Before it gets to the point of physical possession and actually manifesting physical internal and external changes.

Therefore, I commit myself to, when and as I notice that my physical behaviour is changing, especially in moments where I am facing a meeting/interaction with someone, and especially when I notice the physical behaviors of my body and shoulders slouching, and shifting from one foot to another, to see, realize and understand that I am in the process of manipulating myself to not follow through with the task before me, and so I commit myself to immediately breathe, straighten up , ground myself and my feet here and stop shifting from foot to foot, as I realize that if I accept and allow this mind possession and give it power, that I will give in and give up in the moment, essentially giving up on myself in a moment of self change, where I have an opportunity to expand myself through simply moving myself in/as the physical to continue.

I commit myself to, when and as I notice I am feeling better in my mind and body in relationship to the positive as ‘doing something else’ that I’m imagining, backchatting, reacting to within my myself, and where I experience the physical conditions of my body feeling loose/light, with a spring in my step, like I’m ready to ‘spring away’ from the responsibility I face before me, to in this moment take the opportunity to really practice my self directive will, as I’ve, at this point, made it really difficult for myself within allowing the possession to get to such extent, where now I am really tempted to give in and go for the ‘positive’ where it seems like that’s what I’d really really like and would ‘be so much easier’ to do, and so I commit myself to in that moment really look in self honesty at the consequences that I’m manifesting for myself, where even though it may seem so easy to just give in now, that I am just making it so much harder and harder for myself to stand up.

Within this, I commit myself to see, realize and understand that it will only initially be difficult when I’m at that ‘tipping point’ moment of either giving in to the mind or standing as myself in self-direction and self will, because I’ve developed the relationship with my physical into a physical habit of always giving up/giving in, and thus I have to live my commitment to myself and stand and move through the resistance and utilize the practical application of taking a breath, ground myself here, and follow through with the task at hand. 

And so, I commit myself to see, realize and understand that the practical solution to walking myself out of energy-experience relationships of the mind, and into real practical living, to develop real self-direction and self-will, is to Immediately take action and Move Myself to get done what it is I am facing before me, as for example when I have to meet and interact with others in my world/reality.

In the next post, we’ll walk the Fear Dimension of the Validation Character/Personality.
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