Day 186: WAR: What is it Good For: Killing People, and WORSE

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So, let’s look at one of the most obvious Problems with WAR: Human Casualties

This blog is a continuation from a previous introductory post: Day 184: Equal Money Capitalism Ends WAR through PREVENTION


In doing some research on human casualties of War, I watched this documentary – Life & Death in the War Zone which documents a “Combat Support Hospital”, which is a mobile hospital that was located at an airbase in Balad, northwest of Baghdad. Watch to get the first-hand perspective of what goes on in such a make-shift hospital facility in a war zone, the gruesome cases of extreme injuries that they have to face and the tough choices they have to make within it all. Be forewarned - it is not for the faint of heart.

What’s really insane, is that all the effort you’ll see in this documentary put out by all those involved, all the doctors and crews, all the work done to set up the facility, and of course dealing with all the wounded, performing extreme surgeries in the attempt to ‘save’ a life to some level of functioning not what it was before, and then only to have them die anyway.

As you watch this documentary, look at all the manpower, whole teams of people, that is involved in just trying to ‘save’ one life, when really the damage has been done, and now it’s trying to put a torn up human body back together in a way that will make it as functional again as possible – yet – none of this even need happen. All that work that needs to be done, to try to care for those who’s had their physicals torn apart, when none of that is even necessary, and can all be prevented, and in fact, just shouldn’t be happening in the first place. What has it taken for us to even accept this to happen, that we actually allow it to get to the point where we are now scrambling to put back together a shattered body?

All this work, all these individuals to go on missions and attacks and prepare for the injuries that WILL happen, it Is Guaranteed. I mean, how stupid is it really to be creating a mess right in front of us and then trying to mop it up right after. Except it’s real human lives that are being destroyed. Mothers. Daughters. Fathers. Brothers. Children.

Nobody really wants to do these things. Nobody wants to see people get injured, nobody wants to get injured, but it’s a job, a way to make a living in a system where there is a shortage of jobs from which to make a living. Which puts all but the elite in between a rock and a hard place to make an income to support themselves and their families. And unfortunately, some believe it is for a good cause, like defending one’s country, not realizing or seeing the bigger picture, how we create our enemies by attacking others. I mean, attacking and killing people is Not how you make Friends. We Know this.

The situation for most of those that become casualties in war is even worse than simply being injured – in war, there is limited supplies and sometimes none at all, and so you can forget about getting proper medical treatment for your wounds. Whatever you’ve got, if you don’t happen to be on the winning side, which is the one with the most money-support and thus the most and best medical supplies, then you are just out of luck, and your wounds will fester, and you are likely to lose limbs or die, from wounds that could have been treated with the proper supplies. How many beings, injured in war, and just stuck to suffer with no treatment, nothing they can do about. I mean, imagine – your very flesh burned off your body and there is nothing for the pain, nothing to treat the burns, nothing, no hope, only horrible, horrible pain. Can you imagine what it would be like, to be in such a hopeless situation?

If you have ever been in a situation where you were sick or injured, even if it wasn’t that serious as life-or-death, and someone helped you out, or you had the proper medicine to treat yourself, I’m sure you can remember what it was like to have that assistance, and to get relief from your ailment, and to know that you’ve got the care you needed, and you are going to be alright.

That’s how we like it to go, and yet we know it is not that way for many people. We see these atrocities and what do we do? We get more thankful that that is not our situation, we decide to focus more on how grateful we are to have what we need and have access to the best care, and then completely turn away from the atrocities taking place, as if it has nothing to do with us.

We have just accepted this as ‘the way things are’ and don’t even consider finding a solution to the situation. We don’t even consider that there Could be a solution. We imagine if such atrocity were to happen to our own children, if they were to have their limbs blown off by a bomb, it is like beyond horror, and yet it happens to children every day, but we don’t care about those children. Missing the point that if it can happen to anyone’s children, it can happen to anyone’s children, including yours. And therefore why it is so important that we stop war from happening at all, so that it can’t happen to anyone, anywhere.

War – it just seems so big, too big to stop, we can all see just how ingrained it is, within the relationships we’ve formed toward each other as ‘countries’. How we have bought into this idea that countries are like ‘sports teams’ yet the sport is killing each other’s families. Many buy into the idea that ‘we have the best military’ out of everyone else, so there’s ‘nothing to worry about’, we won’t be the ones having a war in our country, in our streets, our children our safe – yet this is a lie fed to keep the people supporting war, and allowing it to take place, instead of questioning it, instead of demanding that there must be another way, than to hold our dying child in our arms as they die with half their head missing taken off by some explosion. Because if we questioned things and investigated what’s going on, we’d see that we are fighting wars for an extremely small portion of the population to get massive profits from all the money made, who obviously care more about living their personal life of luxury, then the horrific suffering taking place and that has taken place, to provide them with that luxury. The fact is, if war exists, it can happen anywhere.

What kind of a world is this to have children in? We explain to children why there is war – because there are bad guys that want to do harm, and as a child, this just doesn’t make sense. And that’s because it doesn’t make sense. There are no ‘bad guys’ that ‘just want to do harm’. But that’s what we’re told, and eventually as we grow up and can understand reasoning more, we are given more elaborate reasons as to why war exist, and why it apparently must, and that it’s impossible to just stop it.


So, is there a Solution to stop Human Casualties of War?

Absolutely. The most obvious solution being to stop War. But how do we do that? Is it really as simple as stopping? Well, yes. That is the first place to start. See, it’s really believed that ‘war is necessary’ because we have to protect ourselves from the ‘bad guys’ out there, but what isn’t yet realized, is that we’ve created all those ‘bad guys’. They have deliberately been put in place, to use as an excuse to keep having wars. Because war is really, really, good for business. We will discuss that point in a blog post to come, so stay tuned for that, it will be fascinating.

So war is really not necessary. It is all about control of resources, and basically we, the ‘average people’, join the military to have a stable income with benefits, and fight the wars for the guys at the top of the big businesses that profit from war. It is about controlling other countries to get cheaper prices and access to resources to be sold for profit. It has nothing to do with securing resources for the average individuals to have a better life, because then, wouldn’t every single person have a home? Wouldn’t everyone have food? But instead all we see is those at the top getting richer.

So once we all get aware of this, we can actually stop war. The main reason anyone joins the military, is because it is the best job they can get. In Equal Money Capitalism, the job situation will be sorted out, so that everyone can have the best quality of life by getting fair compensation for one’s labor, so you won’t have people choosing jobs for the money, and everyone is guaranteed a job, because it’s understood that a job is one’s survival, and thus there must be sufficient jobs to employ everyone, and they will be jobs that don’t involve attacking countries and killing their people.

It may take some time to sort out the brainwashing of separation that’s been done that cause hate between people in order for them to justify going to war with each other, but really such enmity has never been the actual cause for going to war with another, it has only ever been the justification, because there never really is any cause. And once there are job options that don’t involve putting oneself in harm’s way, facing being killed, facing the hardship of being in a war zone, being away from one’s family, not knowing if you are going to make it home every again, or even be alive the next day, the next moment, it is going to be very difficult, if not impossible, to convince anyone to go to war.

We’ll go up to here for now, and continue in the next post, and take a look at what kinds of REWARDS we will get from stopping War and the Human Casualties that result from it. I guarantee there will be some Rewards, which you hadn’t even considered, so stay tuned..

In the meantime, to further your Self Education watch the documentary Life & Death in the War Zone mentioned above, and also watch:

"Award winning journalist John Pilger examines the role of Washington in America's manipulation of Latin American politics during the last 50 years leading up to the struggle by ordinary people to free themselves from poverty and racism. Since the mid 19th Century Latin America has been the 'backyard' of the US, a collection of mostly vassal states whose compliant and often brutal regimes have reinforced the 'invisibility' of their majority peoples. The film reveals similar CIA policies to be continuing in Iraq, Iran and Lebanon. The rise of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez despite ongoing Washington backed efforts to unseat him in spite of his overwhelming mass popularity, is democratic in a way that we have forgotten or abandoned in the west. True Democracy being a solid 80% voter turnout in support of Chavez in over 6 elections"

This documentary is so important because it shows the deception going on and how the United States has not been supporting democracy in fact, but has been 'indirectly' taking over countries for the sake of controlling resources for profit.

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Day 185: WHY ME - Drunk on the Whine of Imagination

In this blog post we are now continuing from this previous post: Day 183: Everything that Happens to Me is Another Excuse to Feel Bad, in which I have started to open up the point of taking what’s going on in my reality, events that are taking place or that happen throughout the day, which I would define as negative, and take it personally in a ‘why me’ victim type character. And I formed such a habit, such an addiction to this character, that I still live it to this day, and that is why I am here blogging about it – to assist and support myself to stop this pattern, through walking myself through it, point by point, within specific detail, in order to identify the pattern so that I can recognize it when it is happening and what it is that triggers it, to give myself the opportunity and ability to stop what has essentially become an automated process, to the extent where I would act on it immediately in a situation when a particular trigger arise.

The problem with living as this pattern of participating in the mind within making myself a victim to everything within my imagination, where I imagine that everything else s to blame for how I experience myself, is that I manifest all kinds of consequence for myself that just isn’t necessary at all. I mean, why would I want to create consequence for myself to go through if I really don’t have to? It doesn’t make any sense, it has just become an automated habit, that I do because it’s become what I’m used to/addicted to as I’ve what I’ve accepted is ‘normal’.

The effects are really not pleasant, there is depression and getting upset/overwhelmed with emotions, which is a really draining experience, and takes quite a toll on the physical, is a big waste of time – why do I want to spend the breaths that I have here in this life, within a self-created shit-storm of emotions and feelings, when I could simply be here, stable as myself and really get to know myself as this actual reality that is here, no longer caught up in an imaginary reality in my mind – and it interferes with my relationships, as I go into blame and reaction instead of just being here with another person and not creating any drama. Do I really want to be ‘unwittingly’ acting out a role in a Drama as the Star in my own Play, where I ‘play out’ the patterns in my mind, over and over again?

No way.

How can I enjoy myself or myself with another being, when I am possessed within an experience in my mind? When I am in this character I am definitely am not enjoying myself. It is quite a disempowering experience, as I am literally disempowering myself by giving my ‘power’ away to thoughts/feelings/emotions/my mind, in essentially saying ‘go ahead, you take over and direct me now’ within just the simple acceptance of myself as being what comes up in my mind as an experience of myself. And instead of living, I become an observer of my own life, and then a reaction to that observation, and so am not really here living, I’m just a reaction to an observation – how limited.

The Solution to this problem is the application of a process of self forgiveness and commitment to self correction, as has been discussed in previous blogs, where one utilize writing (or typing) as a tool for self change, through self investigation, as within one’s writing, one can see who one is, as the words one live, find the patterns self exist/live as that are not supportive, and to rescript oneself into corrective application, to assist and support self to actually change one’s living. Thus, I’ll be walking this series of posts on this topic of this ‘why me’ VICTIM Character, in between walking the series on WAR which began in the previous post.

Essentially the essence of e Victim character is to immediately utilize any excuse/reason/justification to go into a point of limitation, placing myself as a victim to my world/reality, really anything, instead of what in common sense would be much more worthwhile would be to always look how I can take responsibility, within this always looking at/considering in any given situation, what ability do I have to respond – ultimately expanding oneself at every opportunity.

Which brings us to the Rewards of no longer existing as this pattern. I mean, why stop this pattern? It is so easy to continue living as it, as it’s what I’ve gotten used to, and thus to stop it is not going to feel ‘normal’ or ‘natural’, in fact it is going to go exactly against what I feel comfortable with, what I even believe/think/perceive I am capable of, as this is how I’ve always existed practically my whole life since when I was a child in the first seven years.

From that perspective it’s not going to be easy, it’s not going to ‘feel good’, and thus how/why so many are trapped within the ‘only do what feels good trap’ to never take the opportunities where one might actually expand oneself into real living here, because one deliberately ignore what is uncomfortable. But like anyone who has struggled at something new, to eventually become good at it, can realize that new things are not easy in the beginning, as one has to push oneself beyond what one is already capable of, for example, with physical activities, one is going to be sore as one develop one’s muscles to perform certain tasks and maneuvers that one hasn’t done before.
Thus the key is to not stop at the point of discomfort, but to push through, realizing that it is the indication for a point of self change and self expansion, through self willed self application to breathe and move through any resistance.

Thus in terms of this Victim Character, what one essentially stands to gain, is literally life itself as actual real living to one’s full potential, through no longer accepting and becoming limitation. Within this, you will constantly be expanding your abilities in this world to constantly be able to do more and go beyond what you could before.

As we go further into specifics of this Character of Victimhood in posts to come, we’ll uncover in more specificity the nature and design of this character, to better recognize the pattern of behavior and how it activates and takes-over within a process of mind participation within thoughts, imagination, backchat, emotions, and feelings, where one completely and totally limit oneself, instead of recognizing an opportunity to develop self as self will, self expression and becoming more than one ever thought possible.

To be continued..

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Day 184: Equal Money Capitalism Ends WAR through PREVENTION

Prevent Consequence


In this blog, I’m now going to be walking a series on war that will go into detail about the various aspects of War. War, is a problem. Actually, it is a whole lot of problems all rolled into one. And there is no Real benefit from War, there is only the Monetary benefit to a few individuals who profit from the Big Business that is War.

War is not something that could normally be justified. It is not something that the Human would naturally do, without the intervention of various methods of Psychological manipulation. Starting from practically the moment a child enters this world, begins their education into ‘how to be a human being’ and how to conduct oneself in this world and reality.

Here are a couple of very relevant quotes:

A child come into this world and follow instructions --unfortunately the instructors do not instruct what is best for all and thus the child become what they are taught -- unable to be part of one body of life as equals -- thus--it is important to first unconditionally unlearn what has been accepted as reality to be able to recreate self to what is best for reality -- that is how one become one and equal with what is real as only what is best is real -- there will never be leaders or anyone to be followed --only instructions to build inner structure with. - Bernard Poolman

Information control and rewriting history to a NEW MEMORY to create NEW CHARACTERS in society that OBEY, is everything in the game to have Monopoly control --This extended to all facets of society--family, education, church, psychology,economic --so that NOTHING provided as information can be trusted and NO ONE is in fact able to trust their own thoughts as they have been IMPLANTED -- study the solution if you can hear me and not react to me in fear as you have been programmed to do - in this realize that All Feelings and ALL emotions are Engineered FEAR -- thus Consciousness is the Bubble of Fear that acts as the Energy Prison - Bernard Poolman

Here are some essential documentaries for you to make the time to watch to get an understanding of human nature to firstly even understand how something so Ill-Logical as War can be accepted even to this day, which stands as proof that humanity has not ever really evolved.

The Century of the Self

“The Century of the Self is a British television documentary series by Adam Curtis. It focuses on how the work of Sigmund Freud, Anna Freud, and Edward Bernays influenced the way corporations and governments have analyzed,‭ dealt with, and controlled ‬people.” 

This documentary explains and shows how psychological manipulation of desires and fears has been utilized to manipulation and control society that shows how we’ve been implanted with ideas and beliefs that effect our behaviour and what we accept and allow as Our Reality.

Human Resources: Social Engineering In The 20th Century

“Brilliant…Riveting…The amount of material the filmmaker covers and unifies is astounding…Human Resources diagnoses the 20th century.” - Stephen Soldz, Professor, Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis; President, Psychologists for Social Responsibility

This documentary shows the experimentations that were done which show that we are not born with fear but that it is learned as a conditioned behavior, and how this has been utilized for manipulation and to breed separation and hate for the purpose of keeping us from working together to actually change our economic system and stop the abuse of life, and which forms the justification for us to actually accept going to war against each other. When war never leads to an actual solution, to actual real lasting effective change where we can live in a world in harmony with each other, but simply leads to more hate and war, which those who profit off of war are quite fine with. Yet everyone else suffers the loss of quality of life in uncountable ways, including actual loss of life. Let’s look at some of the main ways that war ruins life.

The Power Principle

“A gripping, deeply informative account of the plunder, hypocrisy, and mass violence of plutocracy and empire; insightful, historically grounded and highly relevant to the events of today.This documentary is about the foreign policy of the United States. It demonstrates the importance of the political economy, the Mafia principle, propaganda, ideology, violence and force.

It documents and explains how the policy is based on the interest of major corporations and a tiny elite to increase profits and the United States governments own interests in maintaining and expanding it’s imperialistic influence.

Inside the United States this has been made possible with a propaganda of fear for the horrible enemies like the Soviet Union, Communists and so on and a love for “free markets”, “democracy”, “freedom” and so on.Externally (and increasingly internally) this has caused massive poverty and suffering, genocide, war, coups, crushed unions and popular movements and environmental destruction.”


“Psywar explores the evolution of propaganda and public relations in the United States, with an emphasis on the elitist theory of democracy; and the relationship between war, propaganda, and class”.

The Trap documentary series

This series consists of three one-hour programmes which explore the concept and definition of freedom, specifically, "how a simplistic model of human beings as self-seeking, almost robotic, creatures led to today's idea of freedom."

Now that you are up to speed on how it is we’ve come to accept war, that it’s not a natural expression of humanity, it had to be indoctrinated through psychological manipulation, and that the real purpose of it is for a few to make money and profit from it, we’ll now look at some of the main problems that come from war, in a list that is by no means exhaustive, and if you can see more problems not listed here, please share them in a comment to this post, as it may be featured in a future post as we will be looking into many of the numerous problems related to war in blogs to come.


Human Casualties


One of the most obvious points about wars – people get injured and killed. Not only Soldiers fighting in the war, but Civilians as well including children and elderly. People are maimed and suffer all kinds of harmful conditions, from all variety of weapons – explosive, projectile, incendiary, blades, blunt objects, chemicals, rape, etc. This is obviously not the kind of experiences that anyone would want to go through, and thus should not be done to anyone – no exceptions, as the point is only to cause physical harm and damage.

Overburdened Medical System


It also cause a lot of effort that takes place in the attempt to care for all the wounded and dying, and thus puts a massive strain on our medical systems which do not normally handle sudden massive influxes of wounded with all variety of conditions/injuries.



In places where there is a lack of sufficient care for the dead and wounded, in terms of dealing with mass amounts of dead bodies and wounded individuals, all kinds of disease and virus can spring up, causing a whole other host of problems to deal with. Poorer regions are particularly susceptible to this. Not to mention the usage of biological warfare.

Psychological Disorder


There is also the psychological effects of going through a war experience such as PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Then there is also the aspect of Child Soldiers as children that are forced to take part in killing, who suffer psychological effects. I mean, war and killing does not make any sense. It’s obvious common sense that no one wants to go through the atrocities of war, and if one thinks they ‘do like war’, this is an indication of serious brainwashing, where one’s imagination has been captured through the impulsing of war as ‘fun’ and ‘entertaining’ and ‘exciting’ and has no ability to reason in a rational way, just as we’ve seen within the above documentaries, where one becomes programmed to have a positive reaction to violence, which is not a normal tendency but has to be conditioned in through repetition of connecting a positive experience toward violence. This is typically one who has not gone through an actual war experience, but only has an idea of it through, for example, video games or movies and stories that glorify war and being a soldier, and where when faced with reality, find out it is not so cool. It is really only when faced with a threat to one’s survival or the survival of one’s family, that one is driven to participate in war, and thus why our economic system plays a vital role in how individuals are even able to be convinced to kill each other – because it is their job as source of income with which to survive and provide for their families. If the threat of survival were not there, many would not make the choice to go to war - why take such a ridiculous risk if you didn’t have to.

Destruction of the Environment


The use of all kinds of weaponry does vast damage to the environment, such as toxic chemical warfare which doesn’t get properly cleaned up, even unused chemicals that don’t get properly disposed of, the effects of nuclear weaponry, and even just simply blowing things up. All this wreaks extensive damage to our environment/ecosystem, which is what supports us to live, and as such to destroy our ecosystem is to destroy ourselves. And all these things are still causing damage to this day, for example, there are still people being blown up by landmines leftover from where a battle had taken place, and mustard gas is still found inside trees that are cut down in forests where the gas was used during battle, and not to mention testing of nuclear bombs which has left devastating effects. All this destruction also displaces, destroys, and even causes mutation in animals and plants, which puts further pressure on our ecosystem.

Technology & Engineering


We’re spending our time developing all number of technological devices, weapons, vehicles, drones, all for the sake of war, instead of putting this effort and expertize into technology that can assist humanity, with for example providing clean drinking water to all, provided electricity to all, internet access to all so that everyone has equal access to information, automating jobs that are unpleasant for humans to do and eliminating harmful jobs by providing the best equipment to get jobs done, and developing alternative and sustainable ways of utilizing the earth’s resources, especially by developing alternatives to fossil fuels which are a finite resource that we utilize in almost everything we produce and consume on a regular basis – that should be one of the foremost priorities within technology today, not developing weapons to kill people.

Starvation & Lack of Necessities


The destruction of crops and the blocking of trade routes prevent areas from getting the necessary resources to live. Sometimes water supplies and electrical supplies will be purposefully cut off to regions, resulting in much suffering

Fighting over resources, but not because there isn’t enough – because we’re not effectively sharing it with all who need it, and taking measures to ensure all have it. There are wars fought over water – can we provide everyone with enough water? Yes. There are wars over energy – can we provide everyone with enough energy? Yes. There are wars over food – can we provide everyone with enough food? Yes. The problem, and why it seem like there is not enough, is because much of what we produce is being used up in our consumerism based system, where massive amounts of what we produce is thrown away even before it used, and much of what we do use, is only used briefly before it is then thrown away as well, while the recycling that we do is only a teeny tiny fraction of what we consume, thus we are squandering the resources we have like a glutton who is eating so fast he can’t even get all the food in his mouth and it is spilling out the sides, and then making sure that whatever falls out is destroyed so no one else can have it as you can’t sell it and make a profit.

These are just some of the prominent problems caused by War, and as I mentioned earlier, if you notice more, add them in a comment below.


Change our Starting Point


The Solution to End War, is actually rather profoundly simple, that it is hard to believe. Hard to believe that with such a simple solution, we would still be allowing war to take place, when it cause such extensive suffering and effects all aspects of our lives. Yet the implementation will be less simple. The solution is to change our starting point from self interest, where we’re only looking out for me, mine, my own, my group, my religion, my country, my friends, my family, as when we are not considering everyone here equally, we are leaving some out of the equation, and that creates a condition of ‘force’ where we force each other to have to ‘fend for ourselves’ and essentially become each other’s enemy, instead of simply practically all working together, just like the cells in a properly functioning physical body. If the cells in your body were to develop hatred toward each other and stop cooperating and start fighting, the body no longer functions and would die.

As we’ve seen in those documentaries above, the reasons that we’ve come to accept and justify war were implanted, enmity was created and fear tactics utilized to control our psychological state, to apply a particular Psyche Logic that would make us go to War for the Profit of a few, under the justification of the apparent ‘need’ to control humanity for the benefit of all – yet it obviously has not benefited all, you can follow the money to see it has landed in only a few’s pockets while the rest are Left Out.

So fundamentally we require to change from 'survival mode', as there really is no threat anymore to our survival, except ourselves. We possess all the resources and technology to all live in harmony, so it is simply these points of accepted separation that we're holding onto, that's keeping us fighting each other for our survival.

YET, this is Likely to Never Happen as long as we have an economic system that puts us in a FORCED position of Fighting For Survival as Lack is purposefully induced for the sake of driving up demand to make more profits,. Poverty is allowed because there is no Profit in Ending it. And so if you don't have Money, you Have Less, and you are going to do what it takes to Get What you Need. Thus we necessitate fighting each other, and therefore distrust and hatred and violence, as those in lack which are Not PROVIDED For like those who Are supported by the system, must then TAKE what they need. So we are literally Forcing Our own Hand within our current economic system.

Thus what brings us to the next point, that is really the priority point -

Correcting the Economic System

The Key to End War, id to Prevent it, which means to stop Forcing us into the position of having to Fight and Take from each other, by simply Giving to Everyone what is Needed. When we Ensure that all of life including our ecosystem as nature and the animals, is properly cared for – there is nothing to fight over. This means changing the way we value money in the current system, from where currently we allow the value to be manipulated for the sake of profiting off of other’s labor, and changing to instead have the value of money reflect the value of life, so Life become what is Valued, and money actually become the tool that it was meant to be – to facilitate the effective distribution of resources of the Earth to all.

Thus the initiation of Equal Money Capitalism, in which we are correcting Capitalism where it is found to not be effectively supporting Life, so that it in fact functions as a system that cares for all, instead of supporting only a few while exploiting the rest of humanity and causing world-wide suffering and destruction. As we go into more detail of the various aspects of War in posts to come, so too will we cover in more detail, the solutions to be applied for each particular condition.

Equal Money Capitalism


What would be the rewards of living in world without war?

Technology used only for the Benefit of life

No More Human Casualties

No More Polluting and Destruction of the Environment

No More having KILLING being a way to make a LIVING

No More Disease and Psychological Disorders from War

No Fear of War Happening

Peace of Mind Living in a world where War does not Exist

In posts to come, we will take a more in-depth look at the points listed here, in terms of getting into the nitty-gritty the Problems caused by war, the specific Solutions to apply, and the Rewards we stand to gain, which is nothing short of Heaven on Earth. So we’ll get into just what that means – stay tuned for more on WAR.

Eqafe Interviews - Hear personal accounts of individuals' first hand experiences with War:


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    Heaven's Journey to Life

    A pattern that I have noticed within myself, that we’re going to take a look at in this post and posts to come, is a pattern that has been a really fundamental design of my personality which I’ve lived as throughout my life, and through which I caused myself a lot of misery. It is a pattern of essentially making something out of nothing. Where I’d take whatever is here going on in my world and reality, in the day to day, and make something out of it, using it as a reason to go into a victim experience, like ‘oh man, I can’t believe this is happening to me’, and ‘first this, and now that’ where I would throughout the day and even throughout my life, be keeping a sort of ‘tally’ of everything ‘unfortunate’ that’s happened to me, and how unfair my life is.

    And through this pattern of behavior I formed and maintained a self definition of being a victim to the world, a victim to the experiences I had and what would come up in my life. What I didn’t see, realize or understand is that I was actually victimizing myself, through my participation in this personality design. The experience that I created within myself through my participation in/as the mind within the multiple dimensions of thoughts, imagination, feelings, emotions, internal conversations, was my own doing, and had nothing to do with whatever was happening/place in my life, as it was directly as a result of my participation in the mind that created how I experienced myself, as my relationship to myself, my life, and the world.

    Yet, there is the tendency to think and believe that it is what is going on in our life that is ‘the reason I feel this way or that’, that it’s the events that come up that are to blame for how we react and how we experience ourselves. I mean, I believed this. I believed that because my boyfriend cheated on me, it was normal to feel like shit, to feel worthless, and to just overall be completely possessed by an experience of depression. If people were nice to me throughout the day, I felt good about life. If I had several ‘negative’ encounters, I hated life, hated people, hated everything and felt depressed and like ‘what’s the point’.

    As children, we learn to react certain ways toward certain things, and since we have no frame of reference for what we’re experiencing or why or how thoughts, feelings and emotions work, we just go along with it accepting it as normal, as that’s the example we see from everyone else as well- the adults in our lives, our parents, no one has a clue what’s really going on in one’s own mind, and it’s just accepted as normal, and we pass on these reactions and this acceptance that our environment is actually creating this reactions/experiences within us, on to the next generation, and the next.
    So I, like everyone else, had accepted these patterns of reactions as normal, and that it really is things in my reality that’s causing it. I’m sad because it’s raining and I was going to have a picnic. I feel so good because ‘my song’ is playing on the radio. And so on. You can find all kinds of examples if you look at your own reactions toward things. As you walk through your day, just notice where you find yourself thinking, ‘I’m so this because of that’, or ‘Man, I feel so this’ and then look at what is the ‘that’ that ‘made you’ feel that way.

    So the problem with this is that we’ve essentially made ourselves victims to our environment, and so now we don’t even see what is actually a real problem or not, because we’ve gone and fabricated problems toward what is here, and now we don’t know what’s real or not. The consequence of when we make up this construct of essentially an ‘if this, then that’ program and live as if that is real, is we are enslaving ourselves, to our own mind, to now go into a certain reaction in a certain situation, and thus we’re not really here living, but essentially going from one reaction to the next. Which is quite exhausting, as it takes energy to generate these reactions, for which the mind utilize the resources of the physical body. And thus why we over time become more and more ‘aged’ as we call it, but it is really the consequence of the depletion of the physical body to an extent which it can’t effectively replenish, and thus deteriorate until we start to lose functions and all sorts of conditions begin to develop, like strokes and such, the body can’t take it anymore.

    The solution to this, to put it simply, is to stop existing as these patterns of energy-experiences, and thus why I am walking this patterns and others here in this blog, to through the application of self writing, self forgiveness and self corrective statements, assist and support myself to stop myself as essentially existing as nothing more than energy-experiences, which will lead to the inevitable reward of discovering what it means to really live, and actually living.

    We will further open up this point in posts to come..

    If you want to find out more about this process of moving from being an energy bi-product to Life, read the articles at Desteni, and visit the forums there to get perspectives and take place in discussions.
    Read and follow the Journey to Life blogs where hundreds of others are walking their individual processes of developing real self awareness through getting a practical understanding of one's mind and thoughts, and sorting out reality from mind fiction.
    Enroll in the Desteni I Process Lite course, where you'll develop essential life skills and learn to direct reactions.

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    Day 182: No More Difficulty Finding a Job: Equal Money Capitalism ENDS Unemployment

    Equal Money & Economist's Journey to Life

    The Problem:

    In a system where employment is how you survive, unemployment is a massive problem. Earning money through being employed, is how you put food on the table, a shirt on your back, buy medicine or go to the doctor when you’re sick, put a roof over your head, and how you support your children in all those necessities of life as well, among other things. Thus if you don’t have a job, you lose all means to support yourself, and your family.

    We currently do not effectively utilize the workforce in the world, as the potential we could reach if everyone was effectively trained and employed. There is a lot of work to be done in this world that is not being done, plenty to create jobs for everyone, jobs that involve taking care of this planet in ensuring that we are using resources in such a way that is sustainable. Ultimately, the way we are using the earth’s resources currently is at a rate that cannot be sustained for long, and thus once those resources run out, many many jobs will be lost. Like for example in the oil industry, where oil is used in practically all the products we buy and utilize, and within the production processes to create them, and the processes with which to extract the resources from the earth that we make them from.

    Not enough skills/training

    We don’t ensure that each and every individual is provided with support to develop most effectively, to be able to have the skills to perform jobs other than the low paying low skill labor. It’s not a level playing field, and as such the majority are stuck at the ‘bottom’ of the job food-chain, literally working in food chains, and jobs such as in the retail and service sectors, which is actually a form of slavery.

    How it is now, is most employers offering the more ‘decent’ paying jobs are looking for skilled labor, those with degrees or training or previous experience in the particular field, and often a combination or all of those. So that excludes a large portion of the population who has none of those, and practically no way to get any skills or training as they don’t have enough money to afford it, and they are left to compete with everyone else in the same situation for the low paying service jobs that are available.

    Not enough jobs

    In the current system there are not enough jobs in order to have everyone effectively employed and earning an effective income. Many of the larger corporations get hundreds and hundreds of applications, but are only going to hire a few, and what happens to the rest? Throughout the world unemployment is a massive problem, where we have places of extreme poverty where individuals are hanging on to survival day by day and thus don’t have a place within labor system through which to earn an income to survive.

    The starting point of this system is not to make sure that everyone is effectively placed within a job. It is for businesses to make the most profit possible while limiting costs as much as possible. As such, most jobs do not pay a fair wage that is enough to provide one with everything needed to live a dignified life. And we don’t make sure that every individual has been provided the opportunity to get the best training and education into practical skills that can be applied. This works out for those who have companies that make money off of other’s labor, as currently unskilled labor gets paid less for their time, and since they don’t have the skills to get better jobs, they have no choice but to go for the lower paying jobs like retail and food service. Which is really an ineffective use of labor, as those jobs just work to support profit gains and not actually provide a real benefit to life. Most of those things can be automated, like is already in place in for example grocery stores which have self checkout aisles. The only reason there is a person there is to make sure no one is stealing anything, which people do when they don’t have effective money to buy things, as stealing is never the first choice. If you enough money for everything you need, you’ll just buy it and not take the risk.

    There are millions in the world that are unemployed, that is millions of people who could be participating in the system, but we haven’t effectively made sure that we are properly creating jobs so that there is enough for everyone, and that no matter what your situation, you are either provided with a job, or with the training to develop the skills to do a job. And often those at the ‘bottom’ of the job food-chain, often have to work more than one job as one just doesn’t provide enough income to effectively support oneself.

    And then we have unemployment benefits to assist those who aren’t finding work, which only allows them to subsist while not changing the job situation in any way. And there are people that get angry at this, and blame them for not working, while ignoring that the problem is systemic in nature, as the system is blatantly failing to effectively direct Labor. And the longer you go without a job, the less likely you are to get hired, as employers don’t want people who have not been working for a while and maybe have gotten soft and haven’t been using their skills for a while and might be rusty, compared to someone who has just been working.

    Abuse of labor

    Unemployment is also allowed in order to take advantage of having more demand for jobs than there are jobs available, by those who have companies that make money off of other’s labor. As if there is more employees than there are demands, this puts the advantage on the business’ side, as they can have worse conditions such as low pay, no benefits, etc, and there will always be people who have no other choice but to take what is offered, as there is always an endless supply of people desparate to have some kind of income.

    Abuse of animals and nature

    Due to lack of sufficient jobs for everyone, individuals in dire situations have had to find any way possible to make money to survive, which has led to all kinds of abuse to nature and animals, like skinning animals alive to make clothing items and accessories which aren’t needed, but can provide those individuals with some money to survive.


    Monopolies push out other competition by taking over a market and doing everything for cheaper by externalizing costs and paying employees less, which causes smaller businesses to go belly up as they can’t compete with the cheapness, and thus many jobs are lost for less quality jobs , putting more strain on the job market.


    When machinery is utilized to replace human labors, there is no structure in place to ensure that those whose positions have been taken over by machines have effective support to get into another position, and now there is even more competition in the job market.

    The Solutions:

    Full employment:

    One of the current problems is unemployment. Employment is the means through which each one acquires the means with which to sustain themselves - as, in return for one's contribution, one receives an income. Therefore - full employment is not a negotiable subject - because if one is not employed, one loses all means of supporting oneself.” (Day 162: EQUAL MONEY CAPITALISM - The Way Forward)

    How to Ensure Full Employment?
    Q: How do we make sure everyone is employed; will we have to create meaningless jobs like in the army – dig a hole, cover a hole?

    A: There are many jobs that require to be done that aren't being done at the moment - the Earth is barely taken care of. Remember that a company’s responsibility will extent further than merely the production of goods and services. Each company will have a Compassion and an Environmental Department.

    Compassion Departments are a social function. Such departments will assist, for instance, with giving care to the elderly, organising and providing daycare, assisting victims of natural disasters and so on. Individuals whose jobs within the production process are replaced by technology, will instead be employed within the Compassion Department of the company and continue to receive their income.

    Environmental Departments of a company fulfil the function of giving as one would like to receive. Companies will use resources from the Earth and will likely create pollutants that affect the environment. The Environmental Departments are in charge of giving back to the Earth in terms of assisting the environment to renew the resources that were taken, for instance, through tree-planting, creating dams, etc. Furthermore, it will assist within mitigating or stopping the negative effects of pollutants, such as, for instance, water or air purification.

    Once everyone is employed and all meaningful jobs are being done - we decrease working hours. For instance, if a job requirement is 8 hours, 2 people can do 4 hours each. Also - people don't have to work for 60 years of their lives - we can go on retirement when we are 30-40.” (Day 168: The Future of Integrity with Equal Money Capitalism)

    The point will be to optimize FREE TIME

    Overtime - working past your regular hours. There will be no need for overtime, it will be unnecessary, because it is not your labour that holds the value - it is your life and all life is valued equally. Overtime would only come into play when for instance a natural disaster occurs and those assisting are required to lend a helping hand for longer than usual because the situation demands so in that case, one doesn't get paid for overtime - because it is a point of compassion and understanding - and to show that one is more than a self-interested human. Overtime now only exists so people can make more money - so they can buy more stuff - in EMC - you will have enough money to buy what you actually need. All economic slavery jobs where people are forced to do it to survive will end if people do not have to do it

    Will we have more free time in an EMC - definitely - as we employ all the labour of each person - it will take less time to get the same job done. Every person will still work the same amount of time - this must be agreed on by all. For those whose jobs simply doesn't take up that much time or if a person's job is replaced by that of a machine - the Compassion Department of the Company will take care of you. This Department of the company creates jobs that will benefit society as a whole.

    Sufficient pay:

    Currently profit is the money a company makes after they have covered their costs, including paying out wages. In an EMC - profit comprises of all the added value that is placed on resources - which is your labour. Therefore - within the price, the percentage share must be included of each one that was part of the creation of the product in such a way that each one ends up with an equal share of the company's profits, so - there will be no need for wages - as the profit becomes your wage.

    If a company at any time makes more money than they need to provide each one with their equal share of the profit as well as covering their costs - those monies will go into a fund that is responsible for assisting companies that are not making sufficient to cover their costs and provide each one with their fair share. That way a balancing effect takes place so that all companies are not only cooperatives in how they cooperate internally - but all cooperate with each other as well…." (Day 163: Equal Money Capitalism - Redefining Profit)

    Community Based Companies:


    Q: Will we only have a few companies doing the same thing? And will the work be divided up? Like, will a company have a certain part of the world to look after?

    A: With EMC, we are moving away from monopolies, where a select amount of big corporations has control over particular products. Companies will be far more regional and community based as companies will exist from a point of responsibility towards their particular community. Within EMC, providing goods and services is not an opportunity to ‘hit it big’ in the world – it is how one contributes to society to make Life on Earth a worthwhile experience for everyone. When companies are locally based and operational, transport costs will of course also be cut down, which will reduce pressure on the environment.” (Day 170: Companies and Industries in EMC)

    So, firstly, full employment will be treated as a necessity, as everyone requires employment to provide one and one’s family with an income.

    By ensuring proper compensation for one’s labor through Equalizing Profit-Share, no one will need to work more than one job, and won’t need to work as many hours, or in compromising conditions, to still earn an income that will support one effectively, thus reducing the need for so many jobs as we will get more out of less. And through the Equalizing of Wages and the aspect of Cooperation among Corporations, this will stabilize companies, which stabilizes job security for individuals, as we won’t have companies going belly up thanks to giant corporation monopoly take-overs pushing out all the competition.

    The Environmental Department will provide many jobs once we start to look at effectively taking care of and cleaning up the Earth.

    The Compassion department will open up many jobs that provide support and assistance to those requiring it, such as the elderly, childcare, and disaster relief.

    Thus, we will have plenty of jobs, and the time one needs to spend working to make enough to effectively support oneself will decrease. Companies will be stabilized so that there is no worry about a company failing and losing one’s job, and if for some reason a company ends, like if for example it is decided a company is not needed and is closed down, or you are not getting enough hours, or your job is replaced by a machine, there is the Compassion Department that will take care of you.

    The Rewards:

    At an Individual Level

    For most individuals this means you will no longer have to worry about job security or financial security. You’ll no longer have to work overtime to make ends meet. You won’t have to work most of your life, you’ll be able to retire much earlier in life.

    No more fear about how to get a job, or a decent job that pays enough. No more filling out countless job applications to probably not be picked, from a selection of jobs that are really only slavery jobs and not an actual benefit to life. Thus you’ll have real job satisfaction, no longer feeling like your job is just going to give someone else profits while you slave your life away.

    All stress in individuals, couples, families, due to financial/job instability will vanish, as one’s survival no longer ‘hangs in the balance’ and one is no longer competing with everyone else to get the jobs available and hopefully one that pays enough and doesn’t require one to spend most of your time working. You’ll have more time to actually enjoy life, time to spend with your family, and doing the things you would like to pursue but are always too busy working.

    On a Global Level

    We’ll stop destroying the Earth through unsustainable practices, and cut down the pressure we’re putting on the ecosystem by utilizing so many excess resources in jobs that are of no benefit to life, or are simply not making sure they are not having a detrimental effect on the environment.
    All the abuse taking place within the labor system currently and slave labor will end, there will be no unfair labor practices. This means ending Animal abuse where individuals utilize animals simply to create products that aren’t necessary just to provide themselves and their families with some income to survive.

    Thus we will overall live in a world where we can have peace of mind that everyone including ourselves are taken care of and will not be left hung to dry if something goes wrong in the economy, where one foul turn can mean the loss of jobs and the loss of lives. A world where our entire ecosystem is of the best quality. And we as humans can really begin to explore what it means to be here, and get to enjoy ourselves here, no longer caught up in a rat race, just trying to survive.

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