Day 182: No More Difficulty Finding a Job: Equal Money Capitalism ENDS Unemployment

Equal Money & Economist's Journey to Life

The Problem:

In a system where employment is how you survive, unemployment is a massive problem. Earning money through being employed, is how you put food on the table, a shirt on your back, buy medicine or go to the doctor when you’re sick, put a roof over your head, and how you support your children in all those necessities of life as well, among other things. Thus if you don’t have a job, you lose all means to support yourself, and your family.

We currently do not effectively utilize the workforce in the world, as the potential we could reach if everyone was effectively trained and employed. There is a lot of work to be done in this world that is not being done, plenty to create jobs for everyone, jobs that involve taking care of this planet in ensuring that we are using resources in such a way that is sustainable. Ultimately, the way we are using the earth’s resources currently is at a rate that cannot be sustained for long, and thus once those resources run out, many many jobs will be lost. Like for example in the oil industry, where oil is used in practically all the products we buy and utilize, and within the production processes to create them, and the processes with which to extract the resources from the earth that we make them from.

Not enough skills/training

We don’t ensure that each and every individual is provided with support to develop most effectively, to be able to have the skills to perform jobs other than the low paying low skill labor. It’s not a level playing field, and as such the majority are stuck at the ‘bottom’ of the job food-chain, literally working in food chains, and jobs such as in the retail and service sectors, which is actually a form of slavery.

How it is now, is most employers offering the more ‘decent’ paying jobs are looking for skilled labor, those with degrees or training or previous experience in the particular field, and often a combination or all of those. So that excludes a large portion of the population who has none of those, and practically no way to get any skills or training as they don’t have enough money to afford it, and they are left to compete with everyone else in the same situation for the low paying service jobs that are available.

Not enough jobs

In the current system there are not enough jobs in order to have everyone effectively employed and earning an effective income. Many of the larger corporations get hundreds and hundreds of applications, but are only going to hire a few, and what happens to the rest? Throughout the world unemployment is a massive problem, where we have places of extreme poverty where individuals are hanging on to survival day by day and thus don’t have a place within labor system through which to earn an income to survive.

The starting point of this system is not to make sure that everyone is effectively placed within a job. It is for businesses to make the most profit possible while limiting costs as much as possible. As such, most jobs do not pay a fair wage that is enough to provide one with everything needed to live a dignified life. And we don’t make sure that every individual has been provided the opportunity to get the best training and education into practical skills that can be applied. This works out for those who have companies that make money off of other’s labor, as currently unskilled labor gets paid less for their time, and since they don’t have the skills to get better jobs, they have no choice but to go for the lower paying jobs like retail and food service. Which is really an ineffective use of labor, as those jobs just work to support profit gains and not actually provide a real benefit to life. Most of those things can be automated, like is already in place in for example grocery stores which have self checkout aisles. The only reason there is a person there is to make sure no one is stealing anything, which people do when they don’t have effective money to buy things, as stealing is never the first choice. If you enough money for everything you need, you’ll just buy it and not take the risk.

There are millions in the world that are unemployed, that is millions of people who could be participating in the system, but we haven’t effectively made sure that we are properly creating jobs so that there is enough for everyone, and that no matter what your situation, you are either provided with a job, or with the training to develop the skills to do a job. And often those at the ‘bottom’ of the job food-chain, often have to work more than one job as one just doesn’t provide enough income to effectively support oneself.

And then we have unemployment benefits to assist those who aren’t finding work, which only allows them to subsist while not changing the job situation in any way. And there are people that get angry at this, and blame them for not working, while ignoring that the problem is systemic in nature, as the system is blatantly failing to effectively direct Labor. And the longer you go without a job, the less likely you are to get hired, as employers don’t want people who have not been working for a while and maybe have gotten soft and haven’t been using their skills for a while and might be rusty, compared to someone who has just been working.

Abuse of labor

Unemployment is also allowed in order to take advantage of having more demand for jobs than there are jobs available, by those who have companies that make money off of other’s labor. As if there is more employees than there are demands, this puts the advantage on the business’ side, as they can have worse conditions such as low pay, no benefits, etc, and there will always be people who have no other choice but to take what is offered, as there is always an endless supply of people desparate to have some kind of income.

Abuse of animals and nature

Due to lack of sufficient jobs for everyone, individuals in dire situations have had to find any way possible to make money to survive, which has led to all kinds of abuse to nature and animals, like skinning animals alive to make clothing items and accessories which aren’t needed, but can provide those individuals with some money to survive.


Monopolies push out other competition by taking over a market and doing everything for cheaper by externalizing costs and paying employees less, which causes smaller businesses to go belly up as they can’t compete with the cheapness, and thus many jobs are lost for less quality jobs , putting more strain on the job market.


When machinery is utilized to replace human labors, there is no structure in place to ensure that those whose positions have been taken over by machines have effective support to get into another position, and now there is even more competition in the job market.

The Solutions:

Full employment:

One of the current problems is unemployment. Employment is the means through which each one acquires the means with which to sustain themselves - as, in return for one's contribution, one receives an income. Therefore - full employment is not a negotiable subject - because if one is not employed, one loses all means of supporting oneself.” (Day 162: EQUAL MONEY CAPITALISM - The Way Forward)

How to Ensure Full Employment?
Q: How do we make sure everyone is employed; will we have to create meaningless jobs like in the army – dig a hole, cover a hole?

A: There are many jobs that require to be done that aren't being done at the moment - the Earth is barely taken care of. Remember that a company’s responsibility will extent further than merely the production of goods and services. Each company will have a Compassion and an Environmental Department.

Compassion Departments are a social function. Such departments will assist, for instance, with giving care to the elderly, organising and providing daycare, assisting victims of natural disasters and so on. Individuals whose jobs within the production process are replaced by technology, will instead be employed within the Compassion Department of the company and continue to receive their income.

Environmental Departments of a company fulfil the function of giving as one would like to receive. Companies will use resources from the Earth and will likely create pollutants that affect the environment. The Environmental Departments are in charge of giving back to the Earth in terms of assisting the environment to renew the resources that were taken, for instance, through tree-planting, creating dams, etc. Furthermore, it will assist within mitigating or stopping the negative effects of pollutants, such as, for instance, water or air purification.

Once everyone is employed and all meaningful jobs are being done - we decrease working hours. For instance, if a job requirement is 8 hours, 2 people can do 4 hours each. Also - people don't have to work for 60 years of their lives - we can go on retirement when we are 30-40.” (Day 168: The Future of Integrity with Equal Money Capitalism)

The point will be to optimize FREE TIME

Overtime - working past your regular hours. There will be no need for overtime, it will be unnecessary, because it is not your labour that holds the value - it is your life and all life is valued equally. Overtime would only come into play when for instance a natural disaster occurs and those assisting are required to lend a helping hand for longer than usual because the situation demands so in that case, one doesn't get paid for overtime - because it is a point of compassion and understanding - and to show that one is more than a self-interested human. Overtime now only exists so people can make more money - so they can buy more stuff - in EMC - you will have enough money to buy what you actually need. All economic slavery jobs where people are forced to do it to survive will end if people do not have to do it

Will we have more free time in an EMC - definitely - as we employ all the labour of each person - it will take less time to get the same job done. Every person will still work the same amount of time - this must be agreed on by all. For those whose jobs simply doesn't take up that much time or if a person's job is replaced by that of a machine - the Compassion Department of the Company will take care of you. This Department of the company creates jobs that will benefit society as a whole.

Sufficient pay:

Currently profit is the money a company makes after they have covered their costs, including paying out wages. In an EMC - profit comprises of all the added value that is placed on resources - which is your labour. Therefore - within the price, the percentage share must be included of each one that was part of the creation of the product in such a way that each one ends up with an equal share of the company's profits, so - there will be no need for wages - as the profit becomes your wage.

If a company at any time makes more money than they need to provide each one with their equal share of the profit as well as covering their costs - those monies will go into a fund that is responsible for assisting companies that are not making sufficient to cover their costs and provide each one with their fair share. That way a balancing effect takes place so that all companies are not only cooperatives in how they cooperate internally - but all cooperate with each other as well…." (Day 163: Equal Money Capitalism - Redefining Profit)

Community Based Companies:


Q: Will we only have a few companies doing the same thing? And will the work be divided up? Like, will a company have a certain part of the world to look after?

A: With EMC, we are moving away from monopolies, where a select amount of big corporations has control over particular products. Companies will be far more regional and community based as companies will exist from a point of responsibility towards their particular community. Within EMC, providing goods and services is not an opportunity to ‘hit it big’ in the world – it is how one contributes to society to make Life on Earth a worthwhile experience for everyone. When companies are locally based and operational, transport costs will of course also be cut down, which will reduce pressure on the environment.” (Day 170: Companies and Industries in EMC)

So, firstly, full employment will be treated as a necessity, as everyone requires employment to provide one and one’s family with an income.

By ensuring proper compensation for one’s labor through Equalizing Profit-Share, no one will need to work more than one job, and won’t need to work as many hours, or in compromising conditions, to still earn an income that will support one effectively, thus reducing the need for so many jobs as we will get more out of less. And through the Equalizing of Wages and the aspect of Cooperation among Corporations, this will stabilize companies, which stabilizes job security for individuals, as we won’t have companies going belly up thanks to giant corporation monopoly take-overs pushing out all the competition.

The Environmental Department will provide many jobs once we start to look at effectively taking care of and cleaning up the Earth.

The Compassion department will open up many jobs that provide support and assistance to those requiring it, such as the elderly, childcare, and disaster relief.

Thus, we will have plenty of jobs, and the time one needs to spend working to make enough to effectively support oneself will decrease. Companies will be stabilized so that there is no worry about a company failing and losing one’s job, and if for some reason a company ends, like if for example it is decided a company is not needed and is closed down, or you are not getting enough hours, or your job is replaced by a machine, there is the Compassion Department that will take care of you.

The Rewards:

At an Individual Level

For most individuals this means you will no longer have to worry about job security or financial security. You’ll no longer have to work overtime to make ends meet. You won’t have to work most of your life, you’ll be able to retire much earlier in life.

No more fear about how to get a job, or a decent job that pays enough. No more filling out countless job applications to probably not be picked, from a selection of jobs that are really only slavery jobs and not an actual benefit to life. Thus you’ll have real job satisfaction, no longer feeling like your job is just going to give someone else profits while you slave your life away.

All stress in individuals, couples, families, due to financial/job instability will vanish, as one’s survival no longer ‘hangs in the balance’ and one is no longer competing with everyone else to get the jobs available and hopefully one that pays enough and doesn’t require one to spend most of your time working. You’ll have more time to actually enjoy life, time to spend with your family, and doing the things you would like to pursue but are always too busy working.

On a Global Level

We’ll stop destroying the Earth through unsustainable practices, and cut down the pressure we’re putting on the ecosystem by utilizing so many excess resources in jobs that are of no benefit to life, or are simply not making sure they are not having a detrimental effect on the environment.
All the abuse taking place within the labor system currently and slave labor will end, there will be no unfair labor practices. This means ending Animal abuse where individuals utilize animals simply to create products that aren’t necessary just to provide themselves and their families with some income to survive.

Thus we will overall live in a world where we can have peace of mind that everyone including ourselves are taken care of and will not be left hung to dry if something goes wrong in the economy, where one foul turn can mean the loss of jobs and the loss of lives. A world where our entire ecosystem is of the best quality. And we as humans can really begin to explore what it means to be here, and get to enjoy ourselves here, no longer caught up in a rat race, just trying to survive.

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