Day 179: Turns Out You CAN Buy Happiness - IF You Have MONEY

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Turns out you can buy happiness! New research shows the richer are the happier you'll be
New research not only confirms what most would call common sense - that it's more fun to have a lot of money than to scrape by with little - but can tell you exactly how much happiness each dollar will buy you.
A new discussion paper from researchers Daniel. W. Sacks, Betsey Stevenson, and Justin Woflers title 'The New Stylized Facts about Income and Subjective Well-Being' tracks happiness in comparison with income and what we buy with our money.
Their findings graph exactly how much you need to increase your income to affect your happiness and where you can find the happiest people in the world.
Among 122 countries interviewed on well-being in a gallup world poll against a nation's real GDP per capita (and adjusted for purchasing power) found that well-being rises with income at all income levels in every country.
Therefor, rich countries are happier than poorer countries.
It also found that you need to increase your income by consistent percentages to feel happier about a raise.
For instance, if you doubled your income from $30,000 to $60,000 you'd need to double it again to $120,000 to get the same feeling of elation rather than simply add another $30,000.
And while you need increasingly higher and higher jumps in income to get the same satisfaction, there isn't a plateau where the feeling will level out. You can always be happier if you can get the money. 
The research also showed that satisfaction could rise steadily if income levels rose steadily.
Interestingly, while the U.S. economy has doubled in size since the early 1970s, its self-reported happiness has been declining.
That could be attributed to the growing economic disparity between the wealthy and the poor.
The author's noted that in European countries, 'the inequality has increased by half' the amount it has in the U.S.

Yes, Money is required to buy Happiness. We all already know this, but many will deny it, the simple fact that money is required to have any kind of a life that one can enjoy here, and that money and how much you have directly determines your quality of life. I mean, this is obvious, it’s how we’ve designed this system to operate – you need money to buy things. In fact, you need money to buy almost anything. Yet we only ‘know’ this as knowledge and information, as we haven’t done anything about it in actual reality, like changing our money system so that it does in fact support everyone to have the best life.

There’s the quote “Money can’t buy happiness” which is often used as justification to accept the economic system the way it is, as a reason why apparently you don’t need money to buy happiness. But this in terms of happiness as a mental state, wherein what is being implied is that – even with money you can still be unhappy. Basically because you can still drive yourself nuts in your mind, regardless of your financial position. And this is used to justify allowing poverty to continue by implying that money is thus not the key ingredient in being happy, when we know full well that without money you are going to go through real actual physical suffering, and that while you can change how you experience yourself internally, if you have no money, it is a physical problem, which cannot be stopped by changing your mindset.

Yet, the human does not currently have effective directive ability of their own minds and are subject to all sorts of thoughts, feelings and emotions, and from that perspective, there is a lot of mental suffering as a result of being in extreme financial situations, where you don’t know how you are going to survive or pay the next bill, or how you will afford to pay the fee if the electric company shuts you off, or how to give your children the best life possible. How will you afford to send them to college? Or even to just put enough nutrition on the table for them every day, get the proper healthcare they need when they get sick, etc. There does not yet exist any kind of worldwide support system to assist people with directing their inner experiences yet, except for the Desteni I Process so far, which has been developing this for years already, which now offers a free course with buddy support which covers the fundamentals of how to direct one’s thoughts and reactions.

So, because most humans do not have a directive ability of one’s mind, one is susceptible to one’s environment, and thus by not ensuring everyone has enough money, we are in fact responsible for allowing both physical and mental suffering to take place, and when it is totally unnecessary. Why allow a very tiny amount of people to have way more money than is necessary so that all the rest, the vast majority which is billions of beings, can live lives of inferior quality and support? Why allow children to not get the most effective education? The best healthcare? The children become the adults that is us that walk this earth and ought to be the custodians of the earth, but they turn out to be the abusers of the earth just like those that have gone before as we teach each following generation the same principles, the same ignorance and disregard of life.

The U.S. Constitution states everyone is entitled to the pursuit of happiness as an unalienable right. Therefore we are directly violating the Constitution to not ensure that everyone has enough money to be happy, as we know that without money, they will not be able to pursue happiness.

Thus why this current Capitalist system requires revamping, so that it is actually in-line with the very principles it is supposed to uphold, and the promises it has made to make life better for the individual, when everywhere you look more and more individuals are doing worse and worse. Within Equal Money Capitalism, you will have the money to send your child to college, you will have the money to get the most effective healthcare when you need for you or your family, you will have the best quality car, the best quality house, the best quality food that are not made to contain poisons like we have today, you will have the best environment, as nature will have the best care, you will have the Best Rights as an Individual that will have ever existed.

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