Day 174: $50,000 Joke on Child Shows Flaw in Capitalism

'I'm horrible!' Boy, 8, sobs after his mom convinces him he'd accidentally bought a Ford Mustang while playing with her iPad 

When Paula Papen caught her eight-year-old son playing around on eBay on her iPad, she concocted one way of making sure he took care of grown ups' toys.

With her camera rolling, the mother from Hot Springs, South Dakota convinced her son Kenyon that he had accidentally spent $50,000 on a Ford Mustang that could not be returned.
But while she may have wanted to teach him a lesson, she cannot have predicted the youngster's emotional response.

A video of the boy sobbing - before realising it was just a joke - has now become an internet hit, with hundreds laughing along with the Papens, while others have lambasted the prank as cruel.
After seeing that he had searched for the vehicle on eBay, Mrs Papen switched on her camera and asked her son why he had made the lavish purchase. 

'I did? Oh can we cancel it? How?' Kenyon responds, jumping up from his seat.
When she tells him that the purchase is final, he breaks down in tears.
'Oh no, I'm horrible,' he wails. 'We'll have to sell everything. I'm horrible!'

What’s not even questioned is why it is that a child would react this way to being told he’d accidently bought a $50,000 non-returnable purchase on ebay. When we know that if this actually happened, for most families it would be devastating. Most people do not have $50,000 to lose. Children are not oblivious to the financial situation of the family. I grew up in a family that was not well off, we could afford what we needed and not much beyond that. Money was always an issue, we were always on a tight budget. If thought I had done something to cost our family $50,000, I probably would have gone into the same reaction, extreme guilt for the misfortune that I’ve brought upon my family. Yet we've just accepted this as a part of life that nobody even questions why survival isn't a basic right, and that we really shouldn't be living in fear of whether or not we'll be able to survive or have the money to get the things we need or that make life effective and enjoyable.

How is it that we’ve let our survival be such a fickle thing, that things like this actually do happen all the time, mistakes are made and people lose money and suffer for it. If you look at our economic system at large, this is what we’re actually doing to many beings within the current system. To all the beings that aren’t being effectively supported in the current system. They are losing out because of our mistake of not ensuring that our system is effectively providing everyone with their basic needs.

See what even a child understands is that money is required to live, and if you don’t have it, you suffer. Yet we as adults, seem to have missed that point, because we allow billions to live in lack, even though we know that this means suffering. Suffering which can be prevented by simply ensuring that everyone is supported effectively in the first place. The fear should not even exist that one might lose their right to survive by losing money, as whether or not someone has money does not change whether or not they need the basic necessities to survive.

Whether or not you have money, you need a house, you need food and water, you need proper healthcare, proper education. Thus there is no reason to ensure that everyone has enough money to get what they need. And to not ensure that everyone has enough money to get what they need is to allow them to suffer. Which is just stupid, and pointlessly cruel. Obviously, no one wants to be in a position where you don’t have access to that which you need. No one would trade places with a starving person, so why do we allow starvation to even exist?

Capitalism as an economic system has made life better for some yet while disregarding the majority of the earth’s population and putting them into poverty. It’s time for Capitalism to be corrected to function according to its own principles to make it is a system that actually works for everyone. Where one does not have to fear for survival. No child should have to fear that their family may have to suffer for not having money. There is no reason for anyone to suffer, when we live in a world of plenty when we use the earth’s resources in a sustainable and responsible way. Children should not have to go through the fear of financial instability and fear of surviving. It shows that we humans have not yet effectively sorted ourselves out and sorted out our economic system so that it is functioning effectively.

If you take for example how the human body itself functions, where the blood which is like the life force of the body, is distributed to every part of the body and all the cells to provide nourishment to all parts of the body that make up the whole, and compare this to money as the life force that moves in the world system to provide nourishment as the distribution of resources, which is, unlike how the body does with blood, not being effectively distributed to everyone.

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Thus the correction of Capitalism has begun within the initiative Equal Money Capitalism, to correct Capitalism to stand according to its own principles to make it a system that works for everyone. So that no one has to fear for their survival. I mean, if a system is really working effectively, then there would not be such extensive fear of survival, that a child would think they have brought suffering to their family through a simple mistake. And the fact that it does happen where people make mistakes and end up losing money and suffering for it, shows that we have allowed things to get out of hand where profit has been given more value than life, and thus why life is being abused in every way possible for the sake of profits.

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