Day 192: Is Responsibility Power?

So how is it that we have taken what just might be our Most Powerful Ability – and Reversed it into our Ultimate Limitation? Now what you’ll find when you look at humanity and how the mind work – is that everything that could have been a way to expand ourselves, has within the mind been reversed into a way to limit ourselves. And this is so for what we call Responsibility. Which when you break it down, is – Response Ability. So it’s the ability to respond in a situation/to a situation. But we don’t normally see it that way do we? Responsibility is often given a negative association, where it is seen as ‘obligation’ or ‘duty’ like something you are apparently supposed to do or must do – I mean, how I learned responsibility was essentially like ‘doing your chores’, which you ‘have to do’ because ‘it’s expected of you’ by an ‘authority’ such as a parent, or else you will be punished if you don’t.

For a detailed look at how words are programmed into us by parents as children with energy which then corrupt the meaning and thus the living of the word, suggest listen to the Parenting series of interviews available on Eqafe: Parenting - Perfecting the Human Race

Now, this is not a particularly self empowering definition of Responsibility and no one like to be or feel ‘forced’ to do anything, and so this ‘version’ of ‘Responsibility’ is usually met with resistance. And so this then becomes one’s stance toward anything perceived as a responsibility as something that one has to/must do or else. And so, we form a pattern of seeking to avoid any and all responsibility in our lives, because we want to be ‘free’ to choose what we want to do and not be forced to do things. So within this, we form an overall detrimental relationship to Responsibility, and where a lack of responsibilities is seen as a positive thing. Imagine for instance – summer vacation – school is out, no more responsibilities for the moment – you are Absolutely Free, to do Absolutely Nothing.

Whoops. Is that what we really wanted? To avoid doing things? Is that really an engaging way to exist that is worthwhile? Does it lead to a more expansive and fulfilling life? Or one that is increasingly more and more limited where one’s world seem to get smaller and smaller and smaller? Is that really the path we want to go down? Or is it the one we choose because we didn’t see there was an alternative? Which was to – take Responsibility.

Because what was missed within this, is what Responsibility does in fact entail, what it really means, and how it is actually our greatest power. Because, you can’t control anything that you separate yourself from. When you give up your responsibility in any aspect of your life, and rather take on a stance of avoiding responsibility, you make yourself a powerless ‘victim’ if you will, of your world/environment. Essentially saying, ‘world - do what you will to me, I wash my hands of any responsibility’. As if somehow this is what we want, as if being powerless is somehow going to benefit me in any way whatsoever? How can that be? If I rather take responsibility for/wherever I can, I place myself in a position to be able to do something about my world/reality/the situation.

Basically, in a nutshell, you go from avoiding/giving up the ability to do anything in your life/world/relationships/scenarios, and rather shift your focus to what you Can do. And thus, you are always looking for what you can do to take action, to make a change, to have an impact, to correct situations that come up, which is the ultimate self empowerment. Because you are going from – I’ll just do nothing and let everything happen to me for better or, more often, worse – to – how/where/what am I able to do because I’m not willing to wait around for things to somehow change without me having to do anything, because, it’s not going to happen.

And we can see this stance on the large scale in the world, where we have on a collective level, accepted ourselves to exist in a system where we are taken advantage of in every possible way, where every possible kind of abuse is allowed in the world, for the sake of profits, instead of focusing on what we actually can do to change the situation.

And further, to really understand Responsibility, it must be realized our connectedness to all that exist here, how we are not separate from any of the various forms and beings that exist in this world that make up our reality and the very planet which we live and exist on as an individual human being. And that it is this world and all the other beings in it that make our life even possible.

Responsibility thus takes on a new definition within the realization that this world is our home and that we depend on it, and it is up to us to take care of it, as that is the same of taking care of ourself. If you have a look around, no one else is here to take care of our world except us, there are no aliens, angels, gods, or whatever that is taking care of anything. Because as you can see everything is really running amok, because we are running amok, and not realizing that harm we are doing to ourselves, because we haven’t yet realized our Responsibility. Which is our ability to change ourselves and this reality, into one that support Life, instead of destroy it.

I urge that every definition, of every word that you live, must be considered within that realization of our connectedness, and how everything we say/do has an effect on this reality and thus, we are response-able – we have the Ability to Respond as proven by the fact that our words and deeds affect reality, as this world is made up of each and every individuals’ collective words and actions.

To get involved with the thousands of others who have also realized their individual responsibility to care for the world that cares for us – join and support Equal Money and investigate Equal Money Capitalism as the transition from what is here as Capitalism into a system that reflects our understanding of our responsibility to care for Life.
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