Day 133: Validation Character: Consequence Dimension (Part 2)

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And now, we’re continuing from where we left of on Day 131, with walking Self Forgiveness statements on the Consequence Dimension.

Consequence Dimension: Self Forgiveness:
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to neglect my responsibility of effectively interacting with others here, within the realization that I am not alone here, that I do not exist all by myself, but through the combined effort of many beings, and thus as my life depends on other beings, and because there are many beings within my day to day reality that I interact with, my ability and my application within how I approach those interactions that I face, directly affect my world, my experience, as the relationships that I develop, which thus also affects my future.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to still live like I am still a child, within wanting to ‘just do what I want’, and not have any obligations/responsibilities, within this not realizing that to live in such a way is to actually sabotage myself and my life, as I manifest consequence by avoiding/neglecting my responsibilities and my relationships with others, and thus, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to sabotage myself and my life, by not taking my relationships and the relationships I form, seriously, within seeing, realizing and understanding the consequences I’m manifesting by placing my wants as ‘how I want to experience myself/don’t want to experience myself’ as my first and foremost consideration, instead of considering All Life here equally.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand how by participating in this character/personality and letting it get to the extreme of not wanting to go through with the interaction, that I’m placing myself in a position where if I still go through with the interaction, it is not effective as I am not actually here and present with the being, but am distracted within/by my own personal experience within allowing myself to go into and be ‘taken over’ by this character/personality.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that the thoughts/imagination/backchat/reactions/behaviors/fears I experience toward meeting/interacting with others is really my own creation, and nothing to do with other beings, and that this means that I can actually take directive control and stop all the dimensions of this character/personality as the thoughts/imagination/backchat/reactions/behaviors/fears, through assisting and supporting myself within the practical application of writing, self forgiveness, and corrective application, and simply be here interacting with other beings, as I realize that as I continue to no longer participate in the thoughts/imagination/backchat/reactions/behaviors/fears, they will eventually fade away as I no longer feed them/give them power, and that I will remain here, as breath, constant and stable.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand how by participating in/as this character/personality within ‘not wanting’ to interact with others, especially with those I haven’t met before/am meeting for the first time, that I am actually responsible for humanity existing as this same point where we have become more and more isolated from each other, resistant to communicating and interacting with one another, to the point where we’ll typically only interact with a very small circle of ‘family and friends’, and disregard/not take into consideration all the rest of the billions of beings existing here.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that a major aspect of why we for the most part only interact within a small circle of ‘friends/family’ and disregard all else/are wary of all else, is the result of not being able to trust one another due to the inequality of the current system, because we haven’t ensured that all are equally supported, and placed ourselves in competition with one another for our survival, and thus we can’t actually trust each other. I mean, in a lot of cases one really can’t even trust one’s ‘friends/family’, for that very same point. Have a look at the example of someone who wins the lottery, and then their friends/family suddenly become really ‘friendly’ or resort to whatever tactics they can come up with to try and get in on the winnings. This is really showing the extent of the obvious problem of inequality, where even friends and family can’t trust each other, because survival is the priority consideration, since you’re not guaranteed the support you require, which creates a lot of unfortunate situations where some have to steal just to survive, or where they steal in order to have as good a quality life as others have.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not create a society and economic system which assists and supports us to develop effective relationships with one another, where actual trust can exist, because we have proven that we are trustworthy, within proving that we are beings that Care, by ensuring that all are cared for. As, if every being here stand and live in consideration of all beings here, where we wouldn’t let one being starve or suffer unnecessarily when it can be prevented and stopped, where every being were aligned to the principle of what is best for all, then everyone would really be trustworthy.

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Day 132: Does Copyright Make Sense? Or Just Cents?

As I was reading an article from Economist’s Journey To Life: Day 127: Copyright Scam, an interesting point came up for consideration. The post is about Copyright, and specifically about a case where a man from Thailand had his friends and family send him text books from there, as he could sell them for more in the U.S. He was sued and lost, but is busy appealing the case before the Supreme Court.

The question before the courts is whether the copyright owner’s permission is required, to sell products within the U.S. that were purchased elsewhere. Theodore Olsen, the attorney representing the publisher, implied that this would help the global economy, as “The whole idea of copyright laws is to provide people with an incentive to create books, movies, or other works of art. If you take away that incentive, you’re not going to have creators out there doing things that give us pleasure or educate us.”

In the blog, a great point is made, pointing out that the point of copyright is to make a profit, and that is the same thing that the guy was doing by selling the text books. So here we see the double standard that is at play within the current system. Where the system is supposed to be about ‘anyone can succeed’, as if it’s a free-for-all, level-playing-field, where you can do what you can to make profits, but then there are rules that protect the profit making opportunities of some, while preventing others.

A point within this that is really important to consider is - what does it really mean if we require the incentive of profits and control over profits, in order to make us create things? It means that we’re really doing it for the money, and not purely for the expression of it, because it’s what we’d actually like to do and it’s an actual expression of ourselves. Especially because, we know, that we live in a system where you require money to live. So for many, in fact for most, it is a case of life-and-death survival where if you don’t make enough income, you will not be able to afford effective life-support in the system. So, when considering that, it’s easy to see how one would want to latch on to the idea of copyright, as ‘if I can make something and sell it and copyright it, then I am guaranteed money which means my life security is guaranteed, and I’ll be able to have an enjoyable life here and not one of suffering and lack. So essentially this means, that because money has been tied directly to our survival, and that we are not provided with enough money to live with, necessitates that we must find ways to get money, by doing jobs and creating things. So, essentially we’ve enslaved ourselves, where if you don’t find a way to make money you’re toast.

And within that, we don’t support everyone with effective ways to make money, and that’s why people look to ideas like this, of buying something cheaper in one place and selling it for more in another. That is actually the foundation that capitalism is founded on, it happens daily in the stock exchange, buying and selling, buying and selling, buying cheap, selling high.

What this case over copyright shows, is how our entire living in this world is one based on fear, because if you said, hey let’s take away copyright, there would be the reaction of ‘but that’s taking away a possible opportunity for me to be secured some profits if I make something’ and thus it comes down to a point of ‘my survival isn’t guaranteed’, and thus why we go for things and laws that look like it might provide us the opportunity to protect some profit for ourselves.

But within this, what hasn’t been considered, is changing the very starting point foundation of our system – to where survival is not withheld to force work out of the human, which churns out things like those movies that you can tell right away were made just to make some money and not because they are any kind of quality expressive work, and would never have been made if it wasn’t for that they could make money from it. Yet it’s this idea that without the incentive of ‘having to make money or else you can’t afford to live properly’ that no one would do/produce anything, that inhibits us from seeing, realizing and understanding that this is no way to live, that most of the entire population does not appreciate or like in any way, having to work just to survive.

Not only that, it cannot be claimed that the human would not produce/create anything, because money has not always existed, so how did we ever start creating things, if we weren’t getting paid? Yes that’s right, we weren’t getting paid and we still created things for our pleasure – music, art, etc. We in fact still do many things to this day without getting paid, even as difficult as that is, when most people have to spend so much time working to survive. Without the survival point driving people, not so much to create art and music and books, but working in dead-end retail jobs for bare minimum pay, and that is just in the elite countries, which is a small portion of the world’s entire population. The rest of the population endure even harsher conditions just trying to survive. Now, just imagine how much art, music and things to enjoy that all those people could be producing, if not caught up in the slavery system.

The best ‘incentive’ for humanity to create real ‘works of art’ as real self-expression, would be to provide for every single individual the utmost opportunity to live and thrive, as then humanity can actually begin to relax, and the expression can really start flowing. And the art that would come out of that, will not be made for money or survival, but as a real movement of self to create something, and share it with the world.
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Day 131: Validation Character: Consequence Dimension (Part 1)

by Marlen Vargas Del Razo
194. Let the Mask Fall! « MarlenLife's Blog

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So far we’ve walked the Dimensions of Thought, Imagination, Backchat, Reaction, Physical/Behavior, and Fear, and now we’re walking the final Dimension – the Consequence Dimension, in taking a look at what are the consequences that I create through/by living as/within this character and all its Dimensions.

Consequence Dimension: Writing:
I see, realize and understand that when I accept and allow myself to participate in/live as this character I manifest the consequence of not being here and taking care of my responsibilities that I’m faced with, as actually interacting with others here, within the understanding and realization that I am not alone here, but exist here with many beings, and that I would not in fact exist here, if it wasn’t for the sum effort of many many beings other than myself, as all the things such as food, a home, clothing, education, all that I utilize within/for my survival/living here, I did not provide myself by myself, but are available to me from the combined labor of many other beings also existing in this world as me, and as such, I see that the result of us giving in to resistances and to not interact and communicate with one another has resulted in the consequence of no one really knowing anyone, and we become further and further separated from each other, where we just stick to our ‘close circles’ of those we call ‘family and friends’ and ignore all others, within a justification of ‘I can only care/worry about so many’, within this not considering/realizing that if we actually took all and everyone into consideration equally, and manifested a world where all are effectively cared for, no matter where you are, then there would be no need to ‘worry’ about anyone at all, as we’ve ensured that all are being cared for.

I see, realize and understand that when I accept and allow myself to go into my Mind, and not be Here, as myself, silent within, while interacting here with others, then I am living that example to all others, to continue participating in/as one’s Mind and accepting and allowing self to create consequence here, and thus am responsible for how this is a major behaviour that we as humanity are living as, where we are not considering the importance of effectively interacting with each other here, and the opportunity we have to get to know other beings as ourselves.

I see, realize and understand that communicating with others effectively is a key important skill to have as it’s through our communications/interactions/relationships that we live and interact in this world, and through which we make decisions on how we’re going to live, and what we’re going to accept and allow.

I see, realize and understand that by me ‘invalidating myself’ and placing it ‘in the other’s hands’, so to speak, in waiting to see if they decide to like me/not like me, where I try to determine by their reactions whether they like me/don’t like me, and where the whole focus becomes whether this person likes/approves of me or not and what I must do to get their approval, so that I can have a positive experience, and not the ‘negative’ experience of someone ‘not liking me’, that I am in no way actually aware of what is really going on around me as my environment as all that is here with me, or aware of the other being that I’m speaking/interacting with, but am totally consumed with this Mental Game of get the other person to act like they like me, so that I can have a positive experience. Within this, reflecting how we as humanity have been/are existing as this point, of seeking out ‘positive experiences’ and trying to avoid ‘negative experiences’, not realizing that the positive/negative reactions we have toward things, is created within/through our Mind Participation, and thus not actually real, and so allowing ourselves to be directed by Mind created Energy-Experiences, the consequence of which we can see everywhere in the world.

In the next post, we’ll continue with the Consequence Dimension.
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Day 130: Validation Character: Fear Dimension (Part 4)

Investigate Equal Money

This post is a continuation to:
Day 129: Validation Character: Fear Dimension (Part 3)

In this post, we’re continuing from where we left off in the last post, with now walking Self Commitment Statements in relation to the Self Forgiveness specifically on the Fear Dimension that I wrote out in the previous two posts.

Fear Dimension: Self-Commitment Statements:
I commit myself to assisting and supporting myself to see that I can no longer accept and allow myself to give in to these points of temptation and to put my Wants before my Responsibilities, as this not only creates consequence in my world/reality, but in the entire/greater world/reality as the example that I am living within putting my Wants before my Responsibilities, is saying to all to go ahead and do the same, and ignore the consequence we’re creating for ourselves and all of life. And so I commit myself to showing how putting our Wants before our Responsibilities is creating the consequence in this world that we are facing and that by ensuring that I tend to my responsibilities First, and then to my preferences, is what will manifest a world that is without unnecessary consequence.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to no longer accept the fear of ‘missing out’ to drive me and determine my actions and what it is that I do/don’t do in this world/reality, specifically in steering me away from taking care of my practical responsibilities, as I see, realize and understand that I am in fact not ‘missing out’ on anything that is real or relevant to my situation/reality that I’m facing at the moment, but that I am in fact missing out on life, by giving up on opportunities to be here and move myself in self-direction and self-will to do what is required to be done here to clean up the mess we’ve made as the responsibilities that we’ve disregarded for so long, because we’ve put our Wants before our Responsibilities.

I commit myself to stop as if I am still a child where I have no responsibilities or considerations and only seek my own entertainment, to stop essentially throwing tantrums within myself toward what is here as my responsibilities, and thus I commit myself to stop participating in alternate realities in my mind as ‘positive experiences’ which are really just illusions in my mind, and not relevant to actual reality as what I face here in the moment, and that the positive experience I’m desiring/wanting/following can’t actually be real if it is in separation from reality and making sure that we clean up our mess here in reality, and thus where such positivity is actually coming at the cost of life as I busy myself with seeking positive experiences instead of tending to my responsibilities here.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to prioritize my responsibilities and preferences and putting my responsibilities first before my preferences, and taking care of what is here before me to be done, to get down to real living, and not just living chasing some ‘positive fantasies’ in my mind that seek to distract me from my responsibilities at hand, further postponing and creating consequence, as I see, realize and understand that it’s time for me to take on my responsibilities, and for all of humanity to stop participating in this Consumerism Brainwashing of only considering ‘what I Want’ and ignoring our Responsibility, so that we can rather align ourselves to living in a way that we do not allow a Personality/Character to get in the way of our Practical Responsibilities here, and so get in the way of ourselves Really Living and Expressing ourselves here, and creating a world where all life a fulfilled and dignified Life, where life is Cared for as we Care for our Responsibilities.

As I see, realize and understand that when we are standing here as Beings that Take Care and tend to that which is Important and do not postpone but get to it Immediately, that we then prevent unnecessary consequence from manifesting, as what has essentially happened and been happening as we’ve been living as chasing Positivity in the Mind, and never considering the deliberate Consequences we’re manifesting here as a result of not being here in each moment and living fully, but being in our Mind following images and energy-experiences.

And thus, I commit myself to focus on the Responsibilities at hand, which is firstly to sort myself out and all the ways that I live as self interest, and align myself with the principles of what is best for all, and to stand as an example in how to manifest the best possible world which is far beyond what we are living as now, and supporting the development and implementation of an Equal Money System, through which we’ll change the world on the greater scale through implementing a system where the starting point is Consideration and Care for All Life, to establish a ‘Positive’ Experience on Earth In Fact as an actual Reality, as manifesting Heaven on Earth, and get out of the ‘Positive’ Fantasy in one’s Mind based on Energetic-Experiences, so that we stop seeking ‘happy’ experiences at the expense of Life, but rather manifest a Reality where Life is Fun in Fact for all beings.
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