Day 131: Validation Character: Consequence Dimension (Part 1)

by Marlen Vargas Del Razo
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So far we’ve walked the Dimensions of Thought, Imagination, Backchat, Reaction, Physical/Behavior, and Fear, and now we’re walking the final Dimension – the Consequence Dimension, in taking a look at what are the consequences that I create through/by living as/within this character and all its Dimensions.

Consequence Dimension: Writing:
I see, realize and understand that when I accept and allow myself to participate in/live as this character I manifest the consequence of not being here and taking care of my responsibilities that I’m faced with, as actually interacting with others here, within the understanding and realization that I am not alone here, but exist here with many beings, and that I would not in fact exist here, if it wasn’t for the sum effort of many many beings other than myself, as all the things such as food, a home, clothing, education, all that I utilize within/for my survival/living here, I did not provide myself by myself, but are available to me from the combined labor of many other beings also existing in this world as me, and as such, I see that the result of us giving in to resistances and to not interact and communicate with one another has resulted in the consequence of no one really knowing anyone, and we become further and further separated from each other, where we just stick to our ‘close circles’ of those we call ‘family and friends’ and ignore all others, within a justification of ‘I can only care/worry about so many’, within this not considering/realizing that if we actually took all and everyone into consideration equally, and manifested a world where all are effectively cared for, no matter where you are, then there would be no need to ‘worry’ about anyone at all, as we’ve ensured that all are being cared for.

I see, realize and understand that when I accept and allow myself to go into my Mind, and not be Here, as myself, silent within, while interacting here with others, then I am living that example to all others, to continue participating in/as one’s Mind and accepting and allowing self to create consequence here, and thus am responsible for how this is a major behaviour that we as humanity are living as, where we are not considering the importance of effectively interacting with each other here, and the opportunity we have to get to know other beings as ourselves.

I see, realize and understand that communicating with others effectively is a key important skill to have as it’s through our communications/interactions/relationships that we live and interact in this world, and through which we make decisions on how we’re going to live, and what we’re going to accept and allow.

I see, realize and understand that by me ‘invalidating myself’ and placing it ‘in the other’s hands’, so to speak, in waiting to see if they decide to like me/not like me, where I try to determine by their reactions whether they like me/don’t like me, and where the whole focus becomes whether this person likes/approves of me or not and what I must do to get their approval, so that I can have a positive experience, and not the ‘negative’ experience of someone ‘not liking me’, that I am in no way actually aware of what is really going on around me as my environment as all that is here with me, or aware of the other being that I’m speaking/interacting with, but am totally consumed with this Mental Game of get the other person to act like they like me, so that I can have a positive experience. Within this, reflecting how we as humanity have been/are existing as this point, of seeking out ‘positive experiences’ and trying to avoid ‘negative experiences’, not realizing that the positive/negative reactions we have toward things, is created within/through our Mind Participation, and thus not actually real, and so allowing ourselves to be directed by Mind created Energy-Experiences, the consequence of which we can see everywhere in the world.

In the next post, we’ll continue with the Consequence Dimension.
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