Day 113: Validation Character: Imagination Dimension: Commitment Statements

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Here I’m now continuing from the last post in which I walked Self Forgiveness for the Validation Character, with now walking the Commitment Statements for the Validation Character, where I explained in the previous post that this is to - assist and support myself in preparing myself for when facing a moment where I notice this character activate in the Imagination Dimension, to have laid forth a corrective application to walk in that moment, and so assist and support myself to stand up and change in that moment.

Imagination Dimension: Self Commitment Statements
I commit myself to when I notice myself going into the Imagination Dimension of the Validation Character when facing meeting/interacting with someone, I stop and breathe, and do not allow myself to go into/participate in imagining/playing out scenes in my mind where I imagine how things ‘might go’ if the person ‘doesn’t like me’ and that I will experience myself negatively if that is the case, where I’ll imagine them being ‘mean’ or ‘nasty’ to me and me taking it personally within reacting negatively within myself.

I commit myself to when and as I see myself going into imagination, to stop, breathe, ground myself here in reality, within the realization of the consequences of participating in my imagination is to remove me from reality, so that I miss out on life and meeting/interacting with others as myself, and so sabotaging my relationships to/with others in my world/environment.

I commit myself to no longer fall for imagination as the scenes I play out in my mind as I realize they are not real and are only there to convince myself to go into this character so that I will participate in energetic experiences within myself as positive and negative feeling/emotion experiences in order to generate energy to feed the mind, and thus I commit myself to stop feeding the mind through/within participation in imagination, so that I can live for real in living here as myself and not as a character with predesigned/predetermined behaviors of self limitation.

I commit myself to when and as I notice the imagination dimension activating, to immediately realize that I face a decision where I will either compromise myself by allowing myself to go into my imagination and allow myself to believe in the scenarios/playouts I see within my mind, or I can stop, and stand up and remain here as myself and not go into imagination, and so no longer accept and allow myself to compromise myself and my relationships by sabotaging myself within my own mind.

I commit myself to realize that when I allow myself to go into my imagination, that I am actually practicing a form of mind control on myself, manipulating myself with pictures/scenes in my mind that I made up, to convince myself to allow myself to become a character, and essentially give up on myself as myself here as a real being, to rather be/become/live as a character which is not life, as it exist as preprogrammed information stored within my mind, as specific patterns of thoughts/feelings/emotions/mannerisms/tonalities/backchat/internal conversations/imaginations where I then live as those behaviors and so give up directive control of myself over to my mind, and thus allow myself to be/become mind controlled, by my own mind, which is like, really bizarre.

Thus, I commit myself to uncovering all the ways in which I utilize/participate in/allow imagination as a tool to keep myself enslaved and never changed, never expanding, so that I can end the cycle of self-enslavement, and to rather expand myself to find out what is even possible for me to be/become, which I’ve never allowed myself to do, because I’d given in to the mind, and thus I commit myself to get to know my mind in every way, so that I no longer stand separate from it where it can control/influence/direct me, and so take back my self direction, and really live here.

We’ll continue in the next post in walking the Backchat Dimension of the Validation Character.

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