Day 218: When Our Jobs Don't Pay, We Need A Living Income Guaranteed

Here's a great article that in a lot of ways sums up what is going on in our labor system for the millions who are working low-wage jobs that don't pay enough to properly live: SeaTac’s minimum wage workers might not get their raise after all

One of the arguments against raising the wage is the businesses that won't be able to afford it, or may have to lay off one or a few employees.

But really – should businesses that can't afford to pay a living wage even exist? Otherwise what we've got is slave labor. And that is where the LIG comes in that provides the support buffer so that if you're out of a job for even just a moment, you're covered, and covered Far Better than Most Low Wage employees today, who earn far below a living wage, because the LIG will cover all your costs of living, whereas low wage even does not do that.

So you can start to see how having a buffer of a basic income can actually really take the pressure off of all aspects of our labor system, which currently is literally a life or death game. And this would take the pressure off of those who would want to have a business, because if it doesn't work out, which the vast majority of businesses fail within the first year, then it's not a problem, you're not going to wind up on the street.

And, if you really want to do something whether it makes money or not, you could, and still have enough to live effectively.

This would obviously result in aligning more people with what they'd really like to be doing. You could really follow your passion and have choice to do what suits you. I mean, do we really want people doing things that they really don't want to be doing? What kind of service do we get from that? The worst quality. This is why we have so many malpractice lawsuits, because so many of our doctors are in it for the money, and not because it's what they'd really like to do.

There's argument that having a basic income though would be a disincentive to working. But we are viewing this from the eyes of what is already here. I mean, what would you call disincentive? Being severely underpaid to the point where you have to take multiple jobs and still can't pay all your bills? Being short staffed and overworked, where the service you provide is often the cheapest it can possibly be and cutting corners is a requirement of the job so there is really no satisfaction in the service you're providing, and often facing disgruntled customers who don't like the poor service for the price they're paying when it's not like you are doing it on purpose? Receiving little to no paid time off or benefits? Where the company for whom your labor is making profits for has no regard for you? Where's the incentive in that?

Obviously our current situation is the main reason why people don't want to work. It's not that they don't want to work – they don't want to work in such conditions. Who would? Maybe only someone who has it even worse. But then, it's still not what they would really want, just the better out of two shitty choices.

Is this really what we want our labor to be like? There's no actual reason or need for it to be this way, and there certainly is no benefit. Investigate LIG, so that we can sort this out before it's too late.

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Day 217: Seeing Ourselves: Taking It Personal is Making It Personal

So, in this post I'm continuing from the 'Seeing Ourselves' series, continuing from these previous posts:

Here I want to share about a specific point that we can start to focus on becoming aware of, a point that we typically don't yet see that we do. That is, taking things personally.

Did you know that when you take something personally, you are actually 'making it personal'? What?

Here I would refer you to the interviews from Eqafe from the Reptilians series:

I just recently listened to these interviews, and thought this would be a great point to bring up from this series, as this is a really prominent point that we are participating in but don't tend to see it. I know this because I have my own process to refer to, where I was completely oblivious to this myself. I mean, if you had told me some years ago that if I take something personally it is actually me making it personal, I just would have blinked at you in disbelief and just not understanding what the heck you're talking about.

But this is really something we do all the time. Reacting to things others say to us, and then having backchat pop up in our minds about what did that mean, why did they do that, etc. Perhaps the most extreme example of this would be the violence that sometimes occurs where a person attacks another because 'he looked at me funny'.

I'm sure you have had conversations in which you or someone talking to you is discussing some event that happened with another person and analyzing the other person's actions/words/behavior and placing an interpretation on what they meant by this or that. When really, if we look at it, do we actually have a complete understanding of that being's life, their personality, their entire mind, what their whole life has been like or even what their day has been like, to even have a clue what is really going on within how they are particularly expressing themselves in a particular moment in a certain way? No.

We can therefore be certain then that if we are coming to conclusions in our mind without understanding the totality of their being (which of course we don't) about why they apparently acted as they did, that interpretation obviously can't be trusted.

Have you ever been misinterpreted? Surely all of us have in some moment or another, one of those 'that's not what I meant' or 'I didn't mean it like that' moments. From there you can see how this works, which is one of the ways you can use identifying things when others do it, to identify it in yourself. You can see how someone took what you were saying/doing in some interpretation other than what you meant, and this can help you to see that, hmm maybe I do this too.

What you can do in a moment when you have identified that you are reacting to something as if it is personal, or you can even do this with looking back at past moments/memories where you have reacted to someone personally, is you can 'take a step back' and look at the person's expression, and look at your initial interpretation, and consider, is there any other possible explanation for how they were expressing themselves in that moment? And here you can also reference yourself, by looking at have you ever expressed yourself in a similar way, and if so, why? What was going on within you at that time that your expression came out the way it did?

Through applying these points you really get to see how we often are reacting to nothing but our own mind's interpretations, and how this causes so much conflict in our relationships, because we're actually turning our relationships into virtual wars with each other, by always being in a defensive stance in assuming that others are always attacking us. This ties in to the point of how we see each other as enemies which I've shared about in previous posts.

Of course there could be situations where someone is trying to make it personal to you, but even then it is because of there own stuff going on within them, and reacting to it isn't going to help the situation. In fact, by not reacting, you can see what is actually the best course of action in such moments, instead of going into a reaction which could aggravate the situation and cause more consequences.

Another result of applying this is that you gain a more stable foundation of self trust with yourself as you start to sort out reality from the fiction you create in your mind, and really I don't now what is more valuable than an effective relationship with yourself, as every relationship stems from that primary relationship.

I definitely suggest if you can to invest in the Reptilians interviews mentioned above. These interviews provide assistance and support with how to see when we're taking things personally by detailing the physical changes/symptoms that we'll experience when we go into that reaction of defense.

You can start anytime to become more aware of this point in your daily life and relationships, and take an active role in growing your awareness, and preventing much consequence in your life and relationships, and even get to know other beings for who they really are, instead of the interpretations in our mind.
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Day 216: And On This Day A Savior Was Born?

“And On This Day A Savior Was Born”

I saw this posted on the sign of a church. It's there because it's Christmas time, which is meant to be a celebration the birth of Jesus. At first glance, it sounds nice. But, isn't it odd that we're celebrating the birth of Jesus one day out of the whole year? And why would we celebrate the birth... instead of the actual life/living, the words, the principles, the actions, of the one who we are claiming to be our 'savior'?

How strange that there was a man who went so far to show us the key to our 'salvation', and that today what remains is a one-day celebration that has become far more about buying stuff and supporting the addiction to consumption than anything else. I mean, if you don't see this, really you just have to look at your main thoughts and actions around this time, and it's mostly about what to get for whom, and it becomes a conversation point, “Have you finished all your shopping?”, and sharing our experiences with shopping and traffic and long lines and hectic mobs fighting over products. I mean, where is there any discussion of Jesus of the principles he lived? Nowhere. It's all about sales, 'Black Friday' and 'Grey Thursday'. They're like holidays for Shopping.

How strange that we would have a man who lived and showed us how to save ourselves, and yet we aren't busy living our very salvation. Why are we once a year celebrating the man, when it's the principles that he lived which are what mattered. It wasn't that he was 'Jesus' and it doesn't matter what color or ethnicity he may have been, it's really inconsequential, it was what he lived and showed us about ourselves that mattered.

So this shows, the serious pattern of self sabotage that we're in, where we've got solutions all around us, and yet just aren't living them. For some reason, we're still going about with our heads in the sand, never questioning what is really going on here, never questioning how it is that we apparently had a 'savior' and yet we face all the same problems we've ever had, and worse. That's because no one can save you from yourself. No one can save us from ourselves, but ourselves. We are the very key to our own salvation, to sorting out our world and reality, and yet we ignore that and continue in the same patterns of consequence and abuse.

We had a living example that came and went and walked a life to show us what is possible, and we ended up warping the whole thing into something completely backwards from the original point. The principles that Jesus stood for as 'Love thy neighbor' / 'Do unto others and you'd have done unto you' should be celebrated, because they are in fact the key to our salvation. But instead we've gotten entirely side-tracked into this year-after-year rigamarole of shop shop shop which has become so forced and obligatory. Instead of taking the very solution as the principle of Equality, and actually living it, so that we can become the living solution, and sort out life here, before we become our own Demise, as we're busy doing now.

Isn't it a new level of irony when we're celebrating a 'savior' while busy with our own destruction in the making? How bizarre is that?

We've got to be our own savior, by changing ourselves, because it's really just us that's the problem. We've got to sort out our nature and realize we've got to work together to live here. We've got to take back our self worth and stop excluding ourselves from the life we should all have by virtue of being here and breathing, which is a life of dignity, which we can give to ourselves through implementing the Living Income Guaranteed proposal to snap us out of the cycle of enslavement to money as a first step in the direction of our own salvation, in our own hands. How many more Christmases, how many more empty celebrations do we have left, before it's too late?

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Day 215: Happy Who-lidays? The Santa Story Complicit in the Abuse of the World

Here we are coming up on yet another Christmas holiday and something quite profound has just struck me in regards to this generational tradition. Now, I was recently watching a video about fast food, in which it was mentioned that Ronald McDonald is most recognized by children second only to Santa Claus. I believe it was in this video here: The Dark Side of Fast Food: Why Does It Make You Sick / Fat / Tired / Taste So Good (2001) which was very eye-opening and informative on the fast food industry and it's impacts and so I suggest to watch it, however in this blog we're talking about Santa Claus, and this interesting fact, that Santa Claus is the most recognizable fictional character by children.

What this shows is just how pervasive the Santa Claus story is. Meaning, that many, many, many of us are raised with this story. The story of Santa Claus and how on he manages to deliver presents to all children. Well, just those who have been nice, and not those who have been 'naughty'. What shocked me about this is that in a world where billions are living in poverty and most assuredly do not get any kinds of presents at any time of the year, let alone have their basic needs met, what are we doing giving children the extremely false idea that apparently everyone is going to be taken care of, and if you aren't, it's because you were naughty.

I remember myself as a child, thinking, 'man that is so cool' because it makes sense that everybody should be enjoying themselves and be taken care of. But, the reality is anything but that. And more and more of us are feeling that reality as it becomes harder and harder to make a living and pay all the bills, let alone have enough for gifts.

It truly is an elitist holiday, as only those who are lucky enough to have 'extra money' can participate, and those who don't are just out of luck, and have to watch everyone else being jolly and giving gifts, while feeling bad that they can't give the gift they'd like to, because that is a big part of what Christmas has become, proving to our family how much we love them by buying them stuff. And this is no joke, we will experience these things, I know because I went through it myself in a rough year where I had no money for gifts and I felt horrified because I couldn't participate in the gift giving like everyone else, and I dreaded what others would think of me when I would receive a gift from them but they would get none from me in return. I feared that they would be disappointed, like they missed out on an opportunity to have received a free thing, because really that is what Christmas has become about. And that they would think less of me because they had given me a gift but got nothing in return, and I mean, we will think/say these things. And all of this is really petty when we look at what is really going on in the world.

There is almost no consideration for the consequences of this holiday, of all the slave labor that goes into massive amounts of products produce just to hopefully be bought as Christmas gifts. And where a lot of the gifts that are given are immediately thrown away because they weren't wanted. Or all the pets given as gifts that end up becoming strays or in shelters, have a look at these articles: No Christmas Puppies, Please! and Many pets given as Christmas gifts end up in shelters, animal advocates say, which shows how an idyllic picture in mind “of floppy-eared puppies peering innocently out of a colorful gift box” meets up with reality, and the cute puppy ends up in a shelter, where many pets are euthanized due to lack of space.

So if the picture of cute puppies in our mind helps us to ignore and not consider the reality of what having a pet and being responsible for another living being entail, then what affect does giving children the impression that we all get presents every year as long as we're 'nice' have, in a world with massive global poverty?

How sinister is it actually to tell such a story, when the reality is that there are children who won't even have anything to eat on Christmas day, there are thousands of children who will in fact die on Christmas day, and if we really cared at Christmas, we would want to know whether all children got a present, whether all children were able to be in a 'Christmas spirit' and enjoying themselves. Wouldn't we be outraged to discover that on Christmas Day, the day in which all children are supposed to get presents, that children who have never done anything to deserve it, are busy starving to death? Wouldn't we care that reality goes entirely against the beautiful, nice picture we're trying to paint? Could we really stomach it, to go on and pretend all this Holiday Cheer and niceness, while allowing such atrocity to be the real reality?

Could you tell the story of Santa Claus to a starving child who is living in abject poverty? Could you tell them a fat man is going to come and give them a present? Would you tell a homeless child on the street that if they are nice Santa will visit their cardboard box? Obviously not, because they are going to see the reality pretty quick. So why do we tell any children this lie at all? Especially when it's the children who are in positions of support who can then grow up thinking that life is good to you if you are good, and if you're poor you must have done something wrong, you must have been 'naughty' or you are 'just lazy'. Who grow up to be the adults who could actually make a difference in this world, whereas those in poverty are stuck in poverty.

What we are teaching our children is to believe in a fairytale nice story and ignore reality, but what this leads to is the problems in our reality are ever increasing, and eventually no one would be able to hide from it in a nice fantasy.

And all this may sound bleak, and that is because the situation is bleak indeed, and yet, all we need to do, it is so simple really, is to face the problems, and sort them out. And then we can live in a world where Christmas is not in reality a dirty lie, a world where all children really are supported, where you really are gifted with a life worth living, where Holiday Cheer is not something that's forced out of habit and fear of not conforming. I mean, it's like we fear more to be different and do something different from the crowd and what everyone else is doing, that we would participate in what we really can't pretend anymore to be a 'positive' thing, as it's become all about consumerism and is one of the most stressful times of the year.

You don't have to be a part of the deception. One by one we can set ourselves free by living the example that you don't have to go along with this mass illusion, and become an individual that shows that it really is ok to stick to reality, it really is ok to not have to exchange gifts and find a gift for everyone, it really is ok to let go of a fairytale, so that we can get down to earth and focus on making reality what it should be: A Joy for All Any Time of the Year.

The Living Income Guaranteed is THE Gift to give ourselves, as an act of real caring, to show that we are beings that don't just believe in fantasy utopian stories, but actually care to make reality match up to the principles we pay lip service to, and make sure that no child has to suffer at Christmas time again, to put in place the support that would make sure that all children actually could have a Merry Christmas.

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Day 214: Do You Know What Are the Most Radioactive Places on Earth?

I was quite amazed reading this article "Ten Most Radioactive Places on EarthMapped Out [GRAPHIC]" and I suggest everyone to read this for your own education. I mean I just did not even know there was so much radiation pollution in the world, in my own country, in fact in my own state about 300 miles away from where I currently live – and probably most people don't know about all this either. Why don't we know these things? Why aren't we educated on this? On the state of our world? Why isn't this an important and fundamental part of our education? So that we can be aware of the state of our planet, so that we can make educated and informed decisions on what needs to be done and taken care of, what kind of jobs we need to do here, such as finding effective ways to clean up our world, and to prevent such pollution from happening anymore.

I mean we have millions looking for work, and clearly there's lots of work to be done, in just this one area of cleaning up pollution alone. This isn't even all the pollution out there. I attended a talk a couple years ago in college, where the speaker talked about chemical weapons that are still present in our environment today, left over from past wars, still wreaking havoc in our oceans and forests.

Not only are there millions looking for work, but there are probably just as many or even more who would prefer more meaningful employment, as we have millions employed in the increasingly more common low-pay retail and food service jobs plaguing the economy, who were either not able to afford a higher education to get into such jobs, or didn't have a good enough primary education to make it through college, or did get a higher education but still didn't get a better job because there just aren't enough. I, myself have worked in many of such type jobs for various companies, and I can't recall a single coworker who actually wanted to be doing that job, and many wanted to do something more meaningful and relevant.

We've got to get our priorities in line here. This pollution is consequential, not just for those nearest to it, but for all life here, after all, we live in a closed system. Even if you don't see the effects of the pollution in your immediate environment, it's not 'out there somewhere' where it has no effect. Just look at what has/is happening with the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima, where it is spreading around the world, contaminating the very ocean creatures that we eat.

It is nothing short of amazing how overall the human physical body has handled everything that's been 'thrown' at it, bombarded with all kinds of pollution from every facet of living, from the air we breath to the food we eat and the water we drink, and yet we're still here maintaining a reasonable level of functioning, for the most part. But the physical has its limits – how far can it go before it is too much and it's 'game over' for us? Do we really want it to end that way?

We've got to realize that we need to get ourselves out of this survival rat race so we can deal with these kinds of situations, because there really is a deadline, and we haven't even begun to explore the potential of what we could be and do here, in this physical reality. I mean, if we can still maintain this level of functionality even with everything we bombard the physical with, imagine what we could do/be if we weren't polluting ourselves at every turn? If we weren't all caught up in a day-in day-out work a meaningless job just to get by and survive, when even that will come to an end if we don't sort this out.

It is possible to change our living here and the way we run this reality, but we've got to step up and educate ourselves, and get involved, because no one's going to 'do it for us', that's more than obvious by now. No one's going to do it, but ourselves. I mean, who really wants to just keep going in the same routine, going nowhere but to our own consequence? Don't you want to empower yourself with how this world works, so you can see solutions to sort out this mess, so we can really start living once and for all? Investigate and support the Living Income Guaranteed, the proposal which will give us the support we need to be able to effectively function and participate in the world, and eventually to explore our true potential as humanity.

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Day 213: The Truth about 'Free Range' and Politics

So I was reading this post here by Fidelis: Free Range" chicken not actually free range where it's pointed out that having the 'Free Range' label on your carton of eggs is essentially meaningless, because there is no set definition for what 'free range' actually means. But we will tend to 'fill in the blank' with what we think of when we hear 'free range' which is something like chickens running free in a pasture and having a nice life while laying nice eggs for us. But it has shown to not be the case, where you can see a picture of some 'free range' chickens in his blog, it is obviously nothing like that picture that comes up in your mind of chickens running free, happy and healthy.

What this shows is that we really need to specify these things, to make it explicit, so that there can be no cognitive disinformation taking advantage of our tendency to make assumptions. We need to make it clear what we'll accept and allow as a part of our reality and living. And within this, that everyone should be involved in this, in setting the standards essentially, of how we want this reality to be.

Because everywhere you look, it's a lack of standards that is allowing for many abusive things to exist in this world. Because we haven't stood up for what we accept and allow. For the most part, most of us take no action whatsoever in our political system. It's not something we learn about or how to participate in in our school system. Politics is presented as something boring and tedious and complicated, something that nobody wants to be involved in, especially in this day and age where attention spans are almost non-existent and our political system is insanely bogged down by bureaucracy and, well, 'politics'.

'Politics' which really should mean simply administration of a society but has come to mean “the practice and theory of influencing other people on a civic or individual level. More narrowly, it refers to achieving and exercising positions of governance(from wikipedia) Essentially where it's become using tactics to influence and control society, instead of pure and simple administration.

And why would anyone want to get involved in it, when it isn't about actual administration, but more about flinging opinions and competing for interests at the expense or disregard of others? We've got quite a nasty spiteful thing going on with our two party system. I'm sure that has a lot to do with why so many 'hate politics' and don't want anything to do with it.

It is really strange though how we have come to generally view politics as the last thing we'd want anything to do with, when it's politics that shapes our very reality and world that we live in, which for the most part is not cool. The vast majority of humanity slaving away for no reason other than to make a very small amount of people unnecessarily wealthy. I guess it's because we have accepted ourselves as just not a part of that process, I mean, as children you generally don't have a say in anything, you're not allowed to make decisions, the parent is the one in control, in power, and so you learn to be subservient, and accepting of the idea that you just don't make the decisions.

But it's really just through our collective acceptance of this, that we're so 'powerless' within the system. That, and the fact that we are bombarded with all kinds of misinformation that makes it incredibly difficult to make heads or tails of just how to do things in this reality. But it's really not as difficult as it seems, if we stick to the basic principle of always working to benefit all life rather than harm it. It really is that simple, and from there decision making becomes a lot easier. For example, we all know basic things like our food shouldn't contain toxins, and that the functioning and quality of our ecosystem is necessary for our survival and quality of living. I mean, that's why we're buying 'free range' isn't it?

So it's time we start realizing that we do have power, and stand up for what matters in this reality, and use politics as the tool to literally shape our lives as we'd really like them to be, and sort out the issues in our reality that are making living a struggle and a hassle or even downright torture for the vast majority of the earth's population. We can sort this out, and it starts with each one of us, no longer giving in to the thoughts, beliefs and opinions that tell us that for some reason we don't want to utilize our power to create a world worth living in, where life can be a joy for everyone, where life is supported and we can really explore our true potential here in this physical reality.

The first step within this is to set the standard of our own Human Right to life support which is outlined within the Living Income Guaranteed proposal, to change the point of life from a struggle in a life and death gauntlet for survival, to support all of us so we can start to focus instead on the problems at hand instead of merely our own day to day survival.
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