Day 214: Do You Know What Are the Most Radioactive Places on Earth?

I was quite amazed reading this article "Ten Most Radioactive Places on EarthMapped Out [GRAPHIC]" and I suggest everyone to read this for your own education. I mean I just did not even know there was so much radiation pollution in the world, in my own country, in fact in my own state about 300 miles away from where I currently live – and probably most people don't know about all this either. Why don't we know these things? Why aren't we educated on this? On the state of our world? Why isn't this an important and fundamental part of our education? So that we can be aware of the state of our planet, so that we can make educated and informed decisions on what needs to be done and taken care of, what kind of jobs we need to do here, such as finding effective ways to clean up our world, and to prevent such pollution from happening anymore.

I mean we have millions looking for work, and clearly there's lots of work to be done, in just this one area of cleaning up pollution alone. This isn't even all the pollution out there. I attended a talk a couple years ago in college, where the speaker talked about chemical weapons that are still present in our environment today, left over from past wars, still wreaking havoc in our oceans and forests.

Not only are there millions looking for work, but there are probably just as many or even more who would prefer more meaningful employment, as we have millions employed in the increasingly more common low-pay retail and food service jobs plaguing the economy, who were either not able to afford a higher education to get into such jobs, or didn't have a good enough primary education to make it through college, or did get a higher education but still didn't get a better job because there just aren't enough. I, myself have worked in many of such type jobs for various companies, and I can't recall a single coworker who actually wanted to be doing that job, and many wanted to do something more meaningful and relevant.

We've got to get our priorities in line here. This pollution is consequential, not just for those nearest to it, but for all life here, after all, we live in a closed system. Even if you don't see the effects of the pollution in your immediate environment, it's not 'out there somewhere' where it has no effect. Just look at what has/is happening with the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima, where it is spreading around the world, contaminating the very ocean creatures that we eat.

It is nothing short of amazing how overall the human physical body has handled everything that's been 'thrown' at it, bombarded with all kinds of pollution from every facet of living, from the air we breath to the food we eat and the water we drink, and yet we're still here maintaining a reasonable level of functioning, for the most part. But the physical has its limits – how far can it go before it is too much and it's 'game over' for us? Do we really want it to end that way?

We've got to realize that we need to get ourselves out of this survival rat race so we can deal with these kinds of situations, because there really is a deadline, and we haven't even begun to explore the potential of what we could be and do here, in this physical reality. I mean, if we can still maintain this level of functionality even with everything we bombard the physical with, imagine what we could do/be if we weren't polluting ourselves at every turn? If we weren't all caught up in a day-in day-out work a meaningless job just to get by and survive, when even that will come to an end if we don't sort this out.

It is possible to change our living here and the way we run this reality, but we've got to step up and educate ourselves, and get involved, because no one's going to 'do it for us', that's more than obvious by now. No one's going to do it, but ourselves. I mean, who really wants to just keep going in the same routine, going nowhere but to our own consequence? Don't you want to empower yourself with how this world works, so you can see solutions to sort out this mess, so we can really start living once and for all? Investigate and support the Living Income Guaranteed, the proposal which will give us the support we need to be able to effectively function and participate in the world, and eventually to explore our true potential as humanity.

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