Day 212: The Living Income Guaranteed Would Increase Minimum Wage for All Workers

So there is quite some movement lately going on in the U.S. in regards to raising the minimum wage to a 'living wage'. Thousands of low-paid fast food and retail workers have been walking out of their jobs calling for an increase to the minimum wage.

In this video from RT "Fast Food Fight: Thousands of low-paid workers take to US streets", a sign is held up which reads: “Worker's Rights are Human Rights” - and that's a very good point. Because the right to a decent living should be a guarantee for all human beings. It's basic human rights to have your needs met. It is not something that is just about or for 'workers' but for all human beings.

It really doesn't make sense to work away most of your life and yet not even make enough to have a decent living, or to have time to enjoy it.

On top of that, in this day and age with the technology we have, it doesn't require as much labor as we're putting in, to cover everyone's needs. Because, have a look, most of the labor we do, most of the jobs that are existing, aren't even related to needs. A vast majority of jobs are service jobs, which is essentially getting someone else to do something for you. Like cook a meal, or clean your house, or help you pick out a new outfit.

Here is a chart from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showing annual labor force statistics around the world from 1970-2012, where you can see that the service industry ( the dark pink) has always been the largest type of employment and has been steadily increasing, compared to industry (light blue) and agriculture (dark blue).

With the technology we have, much of human labor that is done in manufacturing isn't necessary to be done by human labor, it just is because it's cheaper for companies than investing in expensive machinery, and people are desperate to be employed to make what money they can to try to survive and eke out an existence.

I suggest to watch the documentary “Will Work for Free” as it shows quite clearly the potential of what we're facing in terms of technology replacing human labor, which shouldn't actually be a problem, but should be something we utilize to make life easier and more enjoyable for all of us here. But we've got to first sort out the point of support for all beings regardless of whether you're employed or how much you're employed. There needs to be a minimum level of support that is equal to a decent living otherwise we have problems, such as massive poverty and suffering, like we already have because of this very point. You need a job to survive, and there simply aren't enough for everyone, nor do the vast majority of the jobs that do exist, pay enough to actually live effectively.

The Living Income Guaranteed is the solution to this, as it provides that basic support for all individuals no matter what, and calls for a minimum wage for those who work that is double the amount of the basic Living Income. So that no matter what situation you are in, employed, unemployed or underemployed, you would have support for all your basic needs. And if you work, you would receive at least double that, so that you can afford some luxury in your life, as proper compensation for your time and labor. Because it does not make mathematical sense to be working day in and day out, and still be living in poverty, while your labor provides massive profits going somewhere else.

We need this kind of solution and sooner than later, because this is becoming a bigger and bigger issue that is going to more and more pressure on individuals and businesses, which can be avoided by working out this solution for support together and make as smooth transition as possible, into a country where life is actually valued and not taken advantage of for the sake of profits. Change isn't going to come by putting pressure on businesses, since they go by what the laws dictate, and that's why we have to take political action, not rebellious action, if we want to see real results. Let your politicians know that you support a Living Income.
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