Day 172: Board Games as Tools for Brainwashing (Part 3)

This post is a continuation from the previous posts:

Now we’re going to continue from the previous posts, in now walking Self Forgiveness on the relationship we’ve existed as that we’ve discovered through having a look at our relationship with/toward board games, in this bringing responsibility back to self at the individual level, as that is where all responsibility lies, and then we’ll walk Self Commitment Statements, to correct our relationship with board games to an equal and one standing to assist and support with no longer giving one’s ‘power’, as one’s self will and self direction, away to board games.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to forget that I was not born already playing board games or already liking board games, but that I had to be taught about them, and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to take for granted that 'board games are fun' or are 'normal' and thus to not question/investigate them, as to what they show about our accepted nature as humanity.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to, when where it comes up in a moment to play a board game, and I notice a character activating within myself according to the memories of past experiences with playing board games, to not question this, but to accept it as normal, within this not questioning how it is that I can go from one moment being here stable, to then suddenly my entire inner experience changing and being ‘taken over’ by the character which is activating, where I can see myself getting into a certain ‘mood’ and ‘stance’ within myself as to how I’m going to act/move/speak within playing the board game.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to in such moment not consider how when the character activate and take over, that I am no longer here simply as myself, playing the board game and interacting with those around me, or even aware at all of my physical environment/surroundings, as I’ve literally become the embodiment of this board game character which takes up all my focus and attention, which is now focused on playing the game and maintaining a certain presentation.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use board games as a distraction and form of ‘coping mechanism’ at family gatherings/occasions/holidays, as a distraction from my inner experience as how I was experiencing myself in the situation of being around other family members/the environment/situation, instead of investigating and questioning my inner reaction, but rather suppressing it, so I can continue ‘having a good time’.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to play long with the principles of the game as If I totally accept the principles the game is based upon, when really I am going along with it out of fear, of how others might react if I were to question it, that there might be conflict, that I’d be ‘spoiling the fun’.

To not want to ‘spoil the fun’ within this not realizing that if the fun can be ‘spoiled’ then it isn’t real fun anyway, as it’s not then simply enjoying myself as life here, but is a ‘fun’ that is dependent on certain conditions being just so, by maintaining a ‘presentation’ of ‘this is fun’ ‘I have no problem with this’. Within this, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that anything that apparently ‘can’t be questioned’ is immediately suspect, and this includes for example God’s Will, or LOVE, where these are not to be questioned but simply believed/participated in, for if they were to be questioned, they would not stand up to common sense, and be exposed as the source of extensive abuse and suffering, and those are the things we resist to question/investigate, because we know that then we will have to change as what we are participating in does not stand as common sense what is best for all, and thus obviously ought to be stopped as it cause harm and that is unacceptable.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see how who I am within my relationship toward board games is the same as our relationship as humanity to the ‘game’ of life, where the very same principles that I have accepted within board games are the same principles I have accepted to exist within the world at large.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that when I participate in the behavior of utilizing board games as a distraction from my experience, that I am in essence participating in the same behavior that we as humanity participate in as a whole, where we seek to avoid looking at/facing/investigating what is really going on within ourselves, utilizing various forms of distraction, and thus, within this, I am responsible for the existence of this point, which is manifested on the larger world scale as the various entertainment industries, and that the very size and amount of such industries really shows the extent to which we as humanity have avoided facing ourselves and reality, and spending much of our ‘spare time’ within entertainment as fantasy creations, rather than getting down to actual living in reality, settling for fantasies instead of if we face this reality and sort it out, creating a world that is fun to live in and where we can really move and express ourselves, within actual physical reality, instead of only living in a world of imagination, which is imaginary and not real in substance.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the same principles that form the design of the typical board game, as where there is a winner and the rest losers, where only one ‘benefits’ while the rest are left out, even though all participated in the game, is the same design as the current money system, and that since the money system is the system which provides us with the support to live, this means that those that are in the losing position are actually losing life, as they are being deprived of the very necessities to live, and thus such a system is unacceptable as it lead to such suffering and abuse, and thus should be corrected, through correcting Capitalism to stand on the principles which it was intended to but has not been held to, which is to effectively support everyone equally.

I commit myself to use board games as self assistance to become aware of myself as the relationships I exist as within myself, by when about to or during playing a board game, to notice and investigate what comes up within me, as the thoughts feelings, emotions, back/internal conversations that come up, and where if I am not in an environment that is suitable for investigating myself right in that moment, then I flag point and take note of the points that come up for myself to investigate when I have an appropriate moment later on, where I can really look at the points that came up and take the time to write it out and apply the corrective application of self forgiveness and self corrective statements.

I commit myself to when and as I see memories come up when the subject of board games is brought up, to flag point them for investigation, as these memories show me the clues as to how/where/when/why I created this character, according to previous experiences where I went into reactions/feelings/emotions and integrated them as a behavioral pattern that I then live out as a preprogrammed automated system.

I commit myself to when and as I see myself about to/going into a ‘board game character’, to stop, breathe and ground myself here in physical reality, and to assist and support myself to not go into this character, and remain here stable as myself, as I realize that by going into this character, I am not actually here living, but for the moment become the embodiment of the board game character, where I then am essentially possessed by this character where all my behavior, mannerisms, tonalities, movements, the words I speak, are all from within/as this character, and not as myself simply here with nothing moving inside me, able to express myself in the moment.

I commit myself to doing what it takes to correcting the system of Capitalism to function according to the principles that it is supposed to, within supporting humanity effectively, so that we can sort out this reality finally and ensure that all life is cared for, so that we can actually have some real fun here in reality, and not be tempted to seek out forms of entertainment as distractions from our responsibilities here, while so many suffer as a result of neglecting our responsibility, and thus I commit myself to holding Capitalism to its own principles and its claims that it is an effective system, so that it actually will be an effective system, and not simply accept it the way it is, out of fearing conflict/change, as the price of avoiding our responsibility is paid in human lives a price that no one would volunteer to pay.

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    Day 171: Board Games as Tool for Brainwashing (Part 2)

    In this post we’re going to now continue with taking a look at the topic of board games. In the previous post, we touched on how board games relate to the world system, in terms of the basic principles involved, namely the primary concept that most games are based on where only one player is a winner the rest are losers, or you have a 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place sort of hierarchy, where still only one is at the ‘top’ position, and everyone else is at varying levels below that. Which is basically representative of a ‘class system’ where you have those at the very ‘top’ in the ‘highest’ position, and everyone in varying degrees below that, like we currently have with the general ‘classes’ of the elite, a very small amount of people who are the ‘winners’ that are ‘at the top’ and have the most luxurious lifestyle, and then you have those who are in a ‘middle class’ position who have most of their basic needs met and are living in relative comfort, and then those in poverty who do not have their needs met.

    Within this, it’s not to say that board games are the cause of our nature in accepting the current system to be of inequality, but simply that we’ve utilized them as a tool to assist in the acceptance of inequality as a normal thing. Thus it’s not to stop playing board games, as that will not change our acceptance of inequality, we as individuals have to come to the realization for ourselves, that inequality is not effective as it creates conflict, consequence, disharmony. It is always ourselves that have decided what we will support or not, board games have only serves as a prop that we utilized as a platform in which to present inequality as normal, as if we accept it on a small scale within ourself, is to accept it on the large scale within the world as a whole.

    Thus it’s to transform ourselves within what is here, like for example board games, from a starting point of simply going along with and accepting what is presented within board games, and to question and consider what it is that our board games show about ourselves, and through this actually get to know ourselves as who we really are and how we’ve been existing.

    Another point we can see reflected of ourselves within board games, is how the primary design is each individual being is out for themselves, or the game is played in teams, where each team is out for itself, and players are thus divided up into opposing parts. Which is precisely how we exist currently, where it is every man for himself, there is no overall point of support, where we are altogether working to ensure all are taken care of effectively as one as a whole as all of humanity, but we are divided into countries, gangs, families, circles of friends, clubs, interest groups, religions, where we do not all stand together, but stand separated within our separate ‘teams’ where we only consider those few who are a part of our daily world, and our consideration does not extend beyond that.

    And even within that, we primarily only consider ourself, and everything we look at in this world is from within/as a perspective of ourselves as an individual separate from everything else/everyone, where we’re always looking out for what is best for me, without considering the whole of exist, and the effect I have on existence, and whether what I want for myself is going to cause harm and disharmony for others. We don’t see ourself as a part of the whole, we don’t see that we are in fact part of the whole, and there is no way to not be part of the whole, as if you’re here you are here, and what you do/say/live is going to have an effect here.

    A great interview series to listen to in relation to this is the Soul of Money series on Eqafe, which walks through in amazing detail how our current system functions and provides fascinating perspectives into how it is we as humanity have been functioning and existing in separation when we are actually all here, and what the consequences of living in such a way has been, so a must hear set of interviews that give one vast insight into the workings of this reality.

    What’s interesting to consider is what if we had games where the starting point is where everyone is on the same team and functions as a whole, where everyone is working together for the same goal. So it’s not that we must then ‘throw away’ the games we have, but we can utilize them in the process of self transformation, to explore and get to know who we are within them. Where, for example, you can utilize playing board games as a point for self investigation, where you can see what kind of reactions/experiences come up within and while playing board games, to get to see how/where self has taken on and lived points of separation within/as oneself.

    I would at this point, recommend that one take the Desteni I Process Lite course, if you haven’t already, which is a free course, to get a fundamental understanding of what are thoughts/reactions/feelings/emotions and develop the ability to effectively work with them and direct one’s experience, as this will provide a well-rounded point of reference for when one is then participating in self investigation so that self has a starting point for what to do with the information that one will find out about oneself, in terms of how to then effectively align one’s living to that which is supportive of self and life.

    In the post to come, we’ll walk Self Forgiveness on the points discussed in this and the previous post, to assist with taking self responsibility for what we have discovered of ourselves and how we exist through taking a look at the manifestation of board games and what this has shown about ourselves, as what we’ve accepted and allowed to exist in this world, because we’ve accepted and allowed it within ourselves, thus taking it to an individual level of self correction, and not, for example, ‘blaming board games’, as they are just a reflection of who we are as our accepted nature.  

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    Day 170: Board Games as Tools for Brainwashing

    Who played board games over the holiday? I did. I’m sure a lot of people did, were you one of them? It’s quite a tradition when your family gets together for the holiday, looking for something fun and entertaining to pass the time. And we always look toward what we already know. Let’s see, what do I know of that would be fun to do? And we peruse our memory for options. And board games popped up, as we likely spent some hours in our childhood playing a variety of the board games that were available.

    It was while playing one of these games, that I remembered how I used to experience myself during what was like a ‘family ritual’ sort of thing, as it was ‘more’ than just simply playing a game, as it’s like you bring all the memories of previous games with you, and how you experienced yourself then, and what happened, did you win, did you lose, did it heated, was there competition and insults thrown ‘in jest’, etc. I would have all kinds of experiences within myself in relation to what would happen in the game. Was I ‘winning’? Was I losing? Did another person just make a move against me to put themselves in a better position? Was it just going bad one turn after another and now it’s like there is no hope for me to win?

    And I’d experience all kinds of emotions towards these experiences. I’d feel good if I was winning, bad if I was losing, angry and hurt at another who has ‘taken advantage’ of me in order to help themselves, depressed and apathetic if I was doing bad one turn after another. Confused as to why we as family members, who are ‘supposed to be on the same side’, because it’s how families are presented by/within society, as like, the one’s who’ve got your back, the one’s who you can count on, you can trust, will be there for you through thick and thin, and on and on with the clichés about family, and yet, here they are not supporting me, by trying to beat me, and I found this very conflicting. But everyone acts as is it normal, because it was what they learned as children, and now I was learning it, and then I would pass it on to the next generation.

    Every time we’d go to play a game, all those previous/past experiences/memories would come up, it’s like they’re ‘all here with you’, and activates a specific ‘board game’ character that activates when the moment someone suggests the game and speaks its name out loud is like the trigger, and the memories would come flooding up as the game is brought out and we’re setting it up and passing out the pieces. And I can see there are even be character variations according to what particular game is being played, all depending on past experiences/memories, all originating from the earliest experiences/times I played the game. Like the first game is where the main character gets formed which will then come up for each following game, and then get added onto/shaped further as one has more and more experiences with that game.

    I remember this actually quite clearly, with the game Monopoly for example, as that was one of the first games that I played with family on a family vacation/holiday situation. What this shows is that we were not born knowing how to play a board game. And we were not born with a specific relationship toward playing board games. This is developed through experience. For example, I didn’t ‘know’ what was fun about board games until it was shown and told to me. I was told the point of playing is to win, and I asked why? ‘Because it’s fun to win’. Oh, ok.. As children we are like sponges, trusting the adults around us and just absorbing what is told to us, and taking it for granted that it must be correct, and not questioning anything that doesn’t seem to make sense out of fear, due to previous experiences of questioning things that did not go well, because adults have a tendency to react in all sorts of ways when being asked questions about things that don’t make sense, because in that moment, they’re faced with the truth of themselves, and that they are living something that does not make sense that they were too scared to question as well.

    So I ‘learned’ that it’s fun to ‘win’. And I also learned that according to the design of most board games, winning means everyone else ‘losing’. Everyone else has to ‘suffer’ so to speak, for only one being to ‘win’ and have the positive experience. And this is just like how it is in the current system, where 99% of the population does the majority of all the work, so that a 1% can live in luxury. Thus you have most people in the negative/having a negative experience, and only a very, very tiny few in the most positive experience. Just like ‘in the negative’ as a reference to debt, because in the current system money is what gives you a positive life, and where most are in the negative as debt, while only a very few are ‘in the positive’, as having enough money to be financially secure and can buy a life of luxury.

    So at a time when I was young and not yet exposed to our economic system, as my world was as yet mostly comprised of my family and going to school, and I was not yet a ‘part of the system’ as going out there and ‘fending for myself’ within finding a job placement within the system, board games served as an introduction to how our current system works. So that when I do get ‘out there’ into the system, I’ve already accepted the basic principles it’s founded on, as I’m already familiar with the concepts, which I learned from playing board games, that are based on the same model, of being in competition with each other, and where there can only be a few ‘winners’ while most will have to be ‘losers’, and that that’s the way it is, and that it’s ‘fun’.

    Thus, board games are a great way of introducing concepts to children, who are at a stage where they are still yet learning about the world and reality, and how it functions, so once they get into the system, it’s like they are already used to it, and have already accepted it as ‘normal’ and ‘the way it is’.

    Within the next post, we’ll continue to open up this point of board games as tools for brainwashing ourselves as children to accept the current system, and eventually take a look at how playing board games can actually be reversed into tools for expanding one’s awareness of oneself, and one’s reality.

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    Day 169: Christmas Day: Where is our Savior?

    Featured Artwork by Anna Brix Thomsen

    For unto us a savior is born. And yet, where is this savior. You hear/see this phrase at this time of year, as Christmas is supposedly the celebration of the birth of this savior. And yet, there is no evidence of this savior anywhere. The only ‘savior’ that exists in the current system, is Money. Money is what save you from Death, from starving, with money you can buy the life you want to have, have access to proper healthcare and education. Without Money, you have nothing, and you die. Thus Money has become god in this world.

    And so, Christmas has really become a celebration of Money, where it all actually revolves money, as money is required to be able to celebrate Christmas, to buy the decorations, and gifts, and decorations for the gifts, and food to feast, and to travel and get together with friends and family. It all takes money, and thus if you have no Money you have no Christmas. A man on the side of the road had a sign that read ‘Please help - my grandchildren need a Christmas’. And he’s asking for money, obviously, because that’s what you need to do anything in this world. Not just to celebrate but even just to live and exist.

    Yet we tell children that Santa is going to bring presents to everyone in the world, when we know that this is in fact not so. When we know that there are children for whom Christmas just doesn’t even exist, as they have no Money, and that there will be no Santa Claus come to give them anything. Yet will tell our children this, why? So that we can avoid any responsibility. So that we can pretend that everything is fine, so we can continue just the way things are, because we’re ok, and we don’t want that to change, because we fear we might end up on the losing end as well.

    But just so to really solidify the deception, we’ll say that Santa only brings presents to those who are nice, and not to those who are naughty, so therefore, all the poor and suffering just weren’t nice enough, they have been naughty somehow, and thus they don’t deserve any presents and it’s their fault they are starving to death. If they had been nice good people they would be fine. This is the message we tell the children despite the fact that those who are suffering are simply given no Money within the system and are in no way supported in the way that the elites are who are able to celebrate Christmas. We’ve thus proven that Santa in fact DOES give presents to those who are NOT NICE.

    The consequence of this is passing on from one generation to the next this acceptance and allowance of the suffering in the world. Now is this really in the spirit of Christmas? Christmas is supposed to be the time of spreading ‘joy and cheer’, yet what we’re actually spreading is excuse and justification for allowing the suffering to continue in the world.

    What we actually do at Christmas time is increase the slavery that we’re already allowing within the current system, where so much more work is done to push out all the various products one can buy within the celebrating of Christmas. And thus Christmas is really the opposite of the joyous and holy occasion it’s meant to be, as presented within various religions.

    Featured Artwork by Damian Ledesma
    If Christmas really had anything to do with Jesus it would be aligned with Jesus’ message of love thy neighbor as thyself, and we would not allow a single being to starve any day of the year, by ensuring our system is effectively supporting everyone, and not capitalizing on the enslavement of many, in the name of Jesus.

    What do we have to say to every child that will die today? What would you say to them? Would you tell them that on this day unto them a savior was born? When there is no one saving them from the condition they are forced into from birth?

    Would you tell them the story of Santa, and that he’s going to come and bring them presents? And that if he doesn’t, it’s because they were bad? Would you tell them this to their face? So why say it behind their backs?

    The greatest Christmas gift we could ever give would be to give ourselves the gift of Life, by actually caring for life instead of living for Money, and actually being genuine beings that do not celebrate while inducing mass slavery and suffering on the majority, pretending that everyone gets presents as long as they’re good, when we know it’s a lie, a lie that is allowing children to starve to death on Christmas day.

    The True Christmas spirit would be to take action to prevent the suffering taking place in the world. If Santa was a being the truly cared, he would implement an Equal Money System, so that no one goes without in the first place, where Life is a gift in itself, where everything you need is already gifted to you as a guaranteed right, and not be restricted according to how much Money you do or don’t have, and where whether or not you have money decide whether you live or die.

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    Day 168: Self Forgiveness for Missing the Planet Under Our Nose

    I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to be so unaware of my world and reality to not realize that while I am fantasizing on finding a planet in outer space that can sustain life, to miss the fact that I am actually already living on a massive planet within outer space that can sustain life and is busy doing so.

    I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to not question why I am interested in searching for/finding another planet, why I would want to find another planet to live on, when I already live on a planet that is sustaining me.

    I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the reason I want/desire to ‘go to another planet’ is because I think/hope/desire that somehow it will be ‘better’ there than it is here, and thus the reason I desire to go to another planet is actually because I am disappointed with the life we have created here on this planet for ourselves, and thus I am actually just wanting to escape the reality of here, which is the reality of ourselves.

    I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not question the reality of being able to actually go to another planet, as to whether that would be even possible, and that this lack of questioning indicates that I don’t actually want to go to another planet, but am just wanting to believe in a fantasy that will never be fulfilled, just to distract me from reality here.

    I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to not realize that if we can’t take care of this planet we will just do the same to another, and end up in exactly the same position, that is if we could even somehow move to another planet, and thus if the human has any respect for life, we would not allow ourselves to cause such hell to yet another planet, just the same as we should really question why we keep bringing children into this world, as each new life we birth here is born into hell that we’ve created.

    I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to exist as a society where there is so little consideration for the physical reality because we have become the mind to such extent that we have so little awareness or regard for the physical that we abuse it in every way possible, and then instead of realizing what we are doing, and then standing up to change ourselves and our behavior into that which is best for life, we rather daydream and fantasize about going to other planets, that we will never actually go to, not even realizing the potential we have here to create a world where life can be lived to the fullest, and that if we do not do it here, we will do it nowhere.

    I commit myself to question that which draws my attention away from reality here, such as fantasies about going to other planets, and realize that such a fantasy is never going to come true, and is only keeping me from taking action to make this world the world that I am seeking for and not realizing that it is right here under my nose, that there is nothing wrong or disappointing with this world, but it is me as humanity that is disappointing ourselves by disregarding life in the physical and living only for the mind and the system, through which we are destroying our world here, the only habitable planet we actually have.

    I commit myself to finally educate myself, and all of humanity as myself, in how to take care of this the planet, and all the life that is here, including nature, the animals, the humans, and to show how the current way we are living is ruining this planet and all life on it, and that it is in fact possible to live another way, and change our approach to life to support of life rather than abuse of life, and within this to show that it is in fact much more work to be abusive than it is when we work together in harmony, instead of harming each other for money.

    And thus, I commit myself to establishing an Equal Money System, as the outer manifestation of my respect for all life here, in the life that it gives me, within realizing that to give life is to receive life in turn, and to take from life is to have your life taken from you, and thus it’s to give as you’d like to receive, in order to manifest a world that is best for all, that we would not wish/hope/dream/desire to escape from, when it’s really only ourselves we want to escape from, and thus when we change ourselves to beings that live as what we can stand to be for eternity, we'll no longer desire to escape ourselves, and can simply be here and really for once, live.
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    Day 167: Habitable World Discovered Right Under Our Noses!

    Habitable world discovered orbiting 'Sun's twin' just 12 light years away
    Full article here:

    Guess we better find a new planet quick, cause rapidly we’re destroying this one! What does this show? That we know we’re screwing things up here, why else are we looking for a new planet to inhabit?? We can all live in abundance here on earth if we weren’t being so terribly stupid with how we manage and utilize earth’s resources. You really wouldn’t guess that we’d been living here for thousands of years, judging by how poorly we take care of our planet, as if we are completely oblivious to how to properly care for our planet and ecosystem. We teach about it in schools, if only briefly, how important it is, how we need it to live, and that it is a delicate balance that needs to be maintained, and yet… how are we treating it?

    Like we have a death-wish.

    Fascinating though, that it is not a primary point in education. Most of education revolves around giving children ‘skills’ that apply to the jobs that exist within the current capitalist system, and nothing to do with physical life here on earth. No wonder the physical is almost entirely disregarded. For perspectives on the problems with the current education system and how we can correct this, see the Education page of the Equal Money Wiki.

    Here’s also a documentary that describes in detail the current situation with the education system - The War on Kids. And here’s one that takes a look specifically at the higher education system - College Conspiracy.

    What happens when we’ve disturbed our environment to the point it can no longer sustain life effectively? What happens for example when we’ve ruined all the arable land on the earth and can’t grow any more food? Within the current system we grow an excess of food that ends up being thrown away, all in the name of profit, where we produce enough to feed 13 billion when there are only 7 billion of us, and on top of that, we don’t distribute it effectively to everyone and so have billions lacking proper nutrition and suffering consequences. We’re not actually growing food to sustain ourselves, but are growing it to sustain profits, which is really strange. It is only so long we can continue on this path, before we have a grave problem.

    Suggest to read the entry on Food Production on the Equal Money Wiki, especially the section ‘Removal of Abuse Caused by Capitalism’ to get perspective on the state of our Food system and how we can correct it.

    Suggest also to watch the documentary Dying In Abundance for an in-depth look into how and why so many are starving in a world of plenty.

    And the Home documentary for an in-depth look at how we’re abusing the environment. 

    Here’s a documentary to watch that addresses our abuse of water: FLOW - For Love Of Water

    So, it’s no wonder we’re looking for another planet, because we are making a mess out of this one. Yet, what no one seems to be considering is, even if we could ‘move to another planet’, that if we screwed this one up, we’re not going to do any better with another one, we’ll just produce the same result. If we can’t figure out how to live in harmony and balance with this planet, we’re not going to be able to do it on another. So obviously, we’ve got to sort this one out before even considering moving to another, and simply consuming it to its destruction as well, if we haven’t sorted out our parasitic nature. Because that is how we currently live, sucking at this earth in disregard of nature’s specific processes and the balance of the ecosystem. Here we have the definition of a parasite: 


    1. An organism that lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host's expense.
    2. derogatory. A person who habitually relies on or exploits others and gives nothing in return.

    Quite an apt description of how we are treating the earth, biting the hand that feeds us, which is going to bite us in the ass, so to speak. Why are we busy wasting time searching for ‘a planet that can sustain life’ - we already have one. In fact, Humans should BANNED from any new planets, until we’ve effectively corrected our relationship with the one we’ve already got, as we’ve proven thus far that what we do with planets is destroy them. And realistically, we are not going to make it to any other planet, before we destroy this one, at the current rate we’re abusing this planet.

    Is it even considered just what it would entail to actually try to move to and adapt to another planet? We’d have to find a planet that is almost an exact match, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to survive there, because our physical is formed in alignment with this planet and the specific conditions here.

    Thus, better sort this planet out, because this is where we are, and we’re not going anywhere. There is no way out. So, better stop dreaming about some planet out there somewhere that you’re never going to go to, when all you’re doing is wasting the time we have here, and there is time to sort it out, but not forever, and then it will be too late. Really, what better have you got planned? Slaving away to capitalism for someone else’s profit to live a life of luxury at other’s expense to hold on to your relative comfort until that’s gone and it’s too late and we’re all really screwed?

    Fascinating how we search for ‘life’ on other planets, while totally disregarding the life that is here. We have become desensitized to our reality, because we’ve let life become such a drudgery, that we seek any distraction from here, when the solution is right here, is to stop taking this world and ourselves for granted, as if this is the way things are and there’s nothing we can do about it. We are the ones creating it this way, creating life to be such a chore, when life can actually be fun.

    Support an Equal Money System as once a new economic system is in place, which will allow us the freedom to actually take care of this planet effectively, we can get the ball rolling, and start to have some real fun in finally taking proper care of and really getting to explore this giant ball that is our home, a habitable planet that we happen to already be on, and don’t have to search for in the vast reaches of outer space, which we’ll never get to anyway, certainly not if we don’t take care of this planet that is right under our noses.

    In the following post, we’ll walk Self Forgiveness in relation to the points brought up here, to further deconstruct this pattern, so that we as humanity can realize what we’re doing here, and the capability we have to really make something of life, and make it fun.  

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    Guns should not exist. The fact that guns and any weapon to use against each other, exists and are actually used against one another, indicates a grave problem, and serious psychological disorder, as humanity has not grasped the simple principle of not harming each other and rather coexisting with each other in cooperation and harmony. We live in a world of plenty, yet do not give equally to all, and then we get guns to protect what we have from those who don’t have, as if that is some kind of solution, when all it leads to is – more shooting. That is what we are guaranteed to get with guns, obviously, it’s what they’re designed to do. They are not going to bring equality, they are not going to ensure proper resource distribution to all, proper mental and health care to all, all they are going to do is be used to shoot things, or you could hit things with them too. Quite limited in terms of its application within this world/reality, in terms of being beneficial in any way whatsoever, in light of the problems we face in this world and actually solving them.

    There is no valid reason do defend the existence of guns, which I will explain how that is so. One of the prominent arguments used to justify guns is statement ‘The only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with gun’. It’s got a catchy ring to it, it ‘sounds clever’, and that’s enough for anyone that is wanting to protect their ability to own guns. But what it shows is a gross lack of understanding of how of how we create this world and reality. And it shows that one that would prescribe to such a statement is ready to arm themselves and give themselves the capability to shoot others, without having done practical investigation into whether that is really an effective solution to the problem.

    Should we be allowed to carry guns, if we have not first checked Every Possibility to make Absolutely Certain that guns are in fact a solution? A gun is designed to shoot, and that’s it. Thus, deciding that guns are the only option, is like completely giving up and going to the worst possible option, without first testing every other possible option first until an actual solution is found, but rather taking for granted that the problem can’t actually be solved for good, and this is the only apparent solution. Thus what hasn’t been realized is to support guns as a solution, is to accept that crime exists, is to accept that ‘bad guys’ exist, and is to accept all the atrocities committed by guns, and all the consequences that have come from the existence of guns. Without even double checking to see if there is possibly another way, that would actually result in SOLVING the Problem. And how can we tell that we have not checked every possible solution? Because there is an actual solution, that would stop ‘bad guys’ and it’s not guns, and some basic practical common sense investigation into the situation, shows this.

    What’s not seen, realized and understood is that we actually create the ‘bad guy’ in the first place, it’s taken for granted that they ‘just exist’ and thus it not considered that we can actually stop creating ‘bad guys’. Therefore, having a gun is not ‘the only thing that will stop a bad guy’ – and in fact, won’t actually ‘stop’ ‘bad guys’ at all, in terms of ending them for good, because we are creating ‘bad guys’ in the first place, and a ‘gun’ is not going to do anything to stop that, it doesn’t address the point of creation. So we are going to keep creating more and more ‘bad guys’ and thus perpetually ‘needing’ guns. Which works out really great for those that profit off of the gun business. Which have found every possible way to justify the existence and use of guns, because it leads to a lot of profits, and thus selling out life to make a buck.

    So what is fascinating is that the support of ‘guns as a solution’, is actually the most ineffective ‘solution’ possible – since guns will in no way actually prevent ‘bad guys’ from existing, thus the problem will continue on and on. On top of that, guns don’t always work as a solution, many end up harmed or killed anyway, and many do not have the capacity to use a gun for protection, so it’s not a solution everyone can apply. Such dangerous situations need to not exist in the first place. Like for example with young children, we’re accepting a world where crime exist while we’ve got children with little to no way to defend themselves, when in a world where there is no crime, there will be no threat to children. Hmm…what’s the better option there? I will tell you just to be sure you get it, it’s the option where there is no crime in the first place, and children are not brought into a world that is a warzone.

    How do we do this? By straightening out our economic system, which creates inequality which is the primary reason for crime, the majority of crime is theft, which is due to beings not having enough to have a dignified life, while others do, and when you have those with less in a world with those who have more, crime is going to happen. It’s like a very simple basic math equation. Thus a dignified life must be guaranteed to all, as obviously we create massive consequence when we allow beings to be born in situations of lack where they do not get the most effective support in terms of one’s basic needs to be able to develop and function properly, and proper education on how to exist in this world in harmony with other beings. This is being established within the development of the Equal Money System, which is an economic system based on the understanding that Prevention is the only real solution to the problems we face in the world. Come to the Equal Money website where you can vote on and discuss policies, and the Equal Money Wiki and forum for even more information and to participate in discussions.

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