Day 167: Habitable World Discovered Right Under Our Noses!

Habitable world discovered orbiting 'Sun's twin' just 12 light years away
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Guess we better find a new planet quick, cause rapidly we’re destroying this one! What does this show? That we know we’re screwing things up here, why else are we looking for a new planet to inhabit?? We can all live in abundance here on earth if we weren’t being so terribly stupid with how we manage and utilize earth’s resources. You really wouldn’t guess that we’d been living here for thousands of years, judging by how poorly we take care of our planet, as if we are completely oblivious to how to properly care for our planet and ecosystem. We teach about it in schools, if only briefly, how important it is, how we need it to live, and that it is a delicate balance that needs to be maintained, and yet… how are we treating it?

Like we have a death-wish.

Fascinating though, that it is not a primary point in education. Most of education revolves around giving children ‘skills’ that apply to the jobs that exist within the current capitalist system, and nothing to do with physical life here on earth. No wonder the physical is almost entirely disregarded. For perspectives on the problems with the current education system and how we can correct this, see the Education page of the Equal Money Wiki.

Here’s also a documentary that describes in detail the current situation with the education system - The War on Kids. And here’s one that takes a look specifically at the higher education system - College Conspiracy.

What happens when we’ve disturbed our environment to the point it can no longer sustain life effectively? What happens for example when we’ve ruined all the arable land on the earth and can’t grow any more food? Within the current system we grow an excess of food that ends up being thrown away, all in the name of profit, where we produce enough to feed 13 billion when there are only 7 billion of us, and on top of that, we don’t distribute it effectively to everyone and so have billions lacking proper nutrition and suffering consequences. We’re not actually growing food to sustain ourselves, but are growing it to sustain profits, which is really strange. It is only so long we can continue on this path, before we have a grave problem.

Suggest to read the entry on Food Production on the Equal Money Wiki, especially the section ‘Removal of Abuse Caused by Capitalism’ to get perspective on the state of our Food system and how we can correct it.

Suggest also to watch the documentary Dying In Abundance for an in-depth look into how and why so many are starving in a world of plenty.

And the Home documentary for an in-depth look at how we’re abusing the environment. 

Here’s a documentary to watch that addresses our abuse of water: FLOW - For Love Of Water

So, it’s no wonder we’re looking for another planet, because we are making a mess out of this one. Yet, what no one seems to be considering is, even if we could ‘move to another planet’, that if we screwed this one up, we’re not going to do any better with another one, we’ll just produce the same result. If we can’t figure out how to live in harmony and balance with this planet, we’re not going to be able to do it on another. So obviously, we’ve got to sort this one out before even considering moving to another, and simply consuming it to its destruction as well, if we haven’t sorted out our parasitic nature. Because that is how we currently live, sucking at this earth in disregard of nature’s specific processes and the balance of the ecosystem. Here we have the definition of a parasite: 


  1. An organism that lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host's expense.
  2. derogatory. A person who habitually relies on or exploits others and gives nothing in return.

Quite an apt description of how we are treating the earth, biting the hand that feeds us, which is going to bite us in the ass, so to speak. Why are we busy wasting time searching for ‘a planet that can sustain life’ - we already have one. In fact, Humans should BANNED from any new planets, until we’ve effectively corrected our relationship with the one we’ve already got, as we’ve proven thus far that what we do with planets is destroy them. And realistically, we are not going to make it to any other planet, before we destroy this one, at the current rate we’re abusing this planet.

Is it even considered just what it would entail to actually try to move to and adapt to another planet? We’d have to find a planet that is almost an exact match, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to survive there, because our physical is formed in alignment with this planet and the specific conditions here.

Thus, better sort this planet out, because this is where we are, and we’re not going anywhere. There is no way out. So, better stop dreaming about some planet out there somewhere that you’re never going to go to, when all you’re doing is wasting the time we have here, and there is time to sort it out, but not forever, and then it will be too late. Really, what better have you got planned? Slaving away to capitalism for someone else’s profit to live a life of luxury at other’s expense to hold on to your relative comfort until that’s gone and it’s too late and we’re all really screwed?

Fascinating how we search for ‘life’ on other planets, while totally disregarding the life that is here. We have become desensitized to our reality, because we’ve let life become such a drudgery, that we seek any distraction from here, when the solution is right here, is to stop taking this world and ourselves for granted, as if this is the way things are and there’s nothing we can do about it. We are the ones creating it this way, creating life to be such a chore, when life can actually be fun.

Support an Equal Money System as once a new economic system is in place, which will allow us the freedom to actually take care of this planet effectively, we can get the ball rolling, and start to have some real fun in finally taking proper care of and really getting to explore this giant ball that is our home, a habitable planet that we happen to already be on, and don’t have to search for in the vast reaches of outer space, which we’ll never get to anyway, certainly not if we don’t take care of this planet that is right under our noses.

In the following post, we’ll walk Self Forgiveness in relation to the points brought up here, to further deconstruct this pattern, so that we as humanity can realize what we’re doing here, and the capability we have to really make something of life, and make it fun.  

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