Day 163: How Does Humanity Exist as FEAR?

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In this post I’m going to address a comment I received to a previous blog post, Day 160: Is Ascension Really the Earth Kicking Humans Out? Suggest to read that blog post for perspective on the comment, which was this question: 

“Why do you assume people live in fear?”

This questions is an indication of the extent to which we as humanity have become ignorant of ourselves and what drives the very decisions we make. As, our entire existence revolves around fear, and yet we can be almost completely unaware of that, because we've never really investigated ourselves and what goes on in our minds, and what is the nature of thoughts, to be able to identify what is really going on within ourselves. It's not something we are taught to do, and thus there is no real practical ability developed to work with ourselves and the experiences that come up within ourselves, or even to recognize and identify what is going on. Thus we're largely at the whim of what we experience, and take much of it for granted. 

So in this post we’ll start with identifying some of the many fears that humanity live as. There are also some perspective on how we live as fear in the following post I wrote, Day 161: In Capitalism Everyone is a Beggar.

How do we as humanity live in/exist as fear? Here’s some of the common fears we as humans experience to various extremes: 

Note: Not everyone will necessarily have each and every one of these fears, and the degree to which an individual experiences it will differ, according to one’s particular personality and how one’s mind consciousness system is structured. For perspective as to why that is so here is an interview available from Eqafe on that subject: Why Fear Feels Different to Different People

Fear of aging/getting old
Fear of death/dying
Fear of losing hair/going bald
Fear of losing job
Fear of not being able to pay bills
Fear of losing a relationship
Fear of being dumped
Fear of being fat
Fear of failing a test
Fear of driving
Fear of the dark
Fear of being robbed
Fear of having a heart attack
Fear of speaking in public
Fear of being poor
Fear of starving
Fear of getting sick
Fear of being injured
Fear of being embarrassed
Fear of losing your memory
Fear of people not liking you
Fear of heights
Fear of flying
Fear of being alone
Fear of commitment
Fear of clowns
Fear of dogs
Fear of going to the dentist
Fear of god
Fear of being punished
Fear of talking to girls
Fear of being a parent
Fear of judgment
Fear of germs
Fear of water
Fear of crowds
Fear of missing out
Fear of monsters
Fear of marriage
Fear of not knowing
Fear of not being good enough
Fear of the unknown
Fear of aliens
Fear of bugs
Fear of failing
Fear of falling
Fear of the end of the world
Fear of judgment day
Fear of control
Fear of government
Fear of school
Fear of displeasing others
Fear of losing teeth
Fear of not getting enough sleep
Fear of being poor
Fear of being nauseous
Fear of getting a stomach ache
Fear of getting a sore throat
Fear of being raped
Fear of not existing after death
Fear of conflict/confrontation
Fear of being yelled at
Fear of depression
Fear of loneliness
Fear of dying alone
Fear of being in a war zone
Fear of not having enough money to retire
Fear of not finding a job/ Fear of unemployment
Fear of insults
Fear of being humiliated
Fear of one’s secret thoughts being discovered
Fear of secret habits being exposed, like porn addiction
Fear of sexual rejection
Fear of being bad at sex
Fear of friends/family members dying
Fear of pets dying
Fear of not being loved
Fear of being misunderstood
Fear of not being accepted
Fear of losing
Fear of being proven wrong
Fear of making a mistake
Fear of getting something stuck in your eye
Fear of being ugly
Fear of being burned
Fear of losing a limb
Fear of going blind
Fear of having cancer
Fear of smoking
Fear of having a stroke

Fear of allergies
Fear of high blood pressure
Fear of being murdered
Fear of having bad credit
Fear of being in debt
Fear of foreclosure
Fear of losing one’s pension
Fear of losing one’s home/ Fear of being homeless
Fear of food poisoning
Fear of being sober
Fear of one’s car breaking down
Fear of being lied to
Fear of being scammed/ripped off
Fear of being taken advantage of
Fear of asthma
Fear of not being able to breath
Fear of getting Alzheimer’s
Fear of going bald
Fear of being out of style
Fear of being seen as stupid/sounding stupid
Fear of going bankrupt
Fear of answering the phone
Fear of what others think of you
Fear of brain damage
Fear that your life has no meaning
Fear of never becoming successful
Fear of being stuck in a dead end job
Fear of not going to college
Fear of failing out of college
Fear of not being able to your pay loans
Fear of going insane
Fear of not exercising
Fear of being too skinny
Fear of being shot
Fear of being bitten by a dog
Fear of running out of gas
Fear of not being able to provide for one’s children
Fear god doesn’t exist
Fear god does exist
Fear that you’re going to hell
Fear of going to jail
Fear of side effects of medication
Fear of surgery going wrong
Fear of drunk drivers
Fear of being caught driving drunk
Fear of not having the perfect body
Fear of being seen as negative
Fear of being a party pooper
Fear of farting in public/being caught farting
Fear of being heard using the toilet
Fear of losing your keys
Fear of being late for work
Fear of sleeping in late
Fear of going to the dentist
Fear of pain
Fear of eating junk food/not eating healthy
Fear of getting in an accident
Fear of being pulled over by cop
Fear of one’s marriage failing
Fear of losing custody of one’s kids
Fear of going deaf
Fear of not being able to speak
Fear of being paralyzed
Fear of being dependent
Fear of being accused of something you didn’t do
Fear that you won’t like the meal you ordered
Fear of overeating
Fear of becoming obese
Fear of crying in front of others/being seen crying
Fear of paying too much
Fear of having your money stolen
Fear of not being able to walk
Fear of being confined to a wheelchair
Fear of never having sex
Fear of dying a virgin
Fear of having food on your face
Fear of not having any talent
Fear of not having any skills
Fear of being seen naked
Fear of forgetting
Fear of running out of time
Fear of having nightmares
Fear of one’s children being harmed
Fear of smelling bad
Fear of choking
Fear of your possessions being stolen
Fear of your house burning down
If you identify any more fears, write them down and add them in a comment.

An interesting thing, is you can actually look at each of these fears, and see how these have been/are capitalized upon within the current system, where businesses and industries appeal specifically to these fears that humanity exists as, in order to sell more products/services to make a profit.

And also conversely you can look at the industries/services that exist and particularly how they advertise, to see what fears we exist as, that they play off of, or attempt to. You can actually drive down a business street and look at the products and services offered, and how they are advertised, and this will indicate many of the common fears humanity exists as. Like a locksmith, or security systems. That would appeal to the fear of having your possessions stolen/being robbed. Why do we fear that? Because it could happen, and we aren’t taking action to prevent theft, but only deal with it after the situation in which someone would want to or feel the need to steal something has already been created, we never address the underlying root cause of the problem which is that not everyone has equal access to what’s here, and thus some want what others have, or can’t afford what they need and thus have only the option of stealing it, and thus those of us that have what others don’t, we must use locks to keep things from being stolen.

Or like a beauty salon or plastic surgeon, which appeals to several fears, like fear of aging, fear of being seen as ugly/unattractive, fear of not attracting a partner, fear of being judged by others, to name a few.

Or a church, appeals to the fear of going to hell, being judged, being punished by god.

If you watch TV, commercials also will show examples of what we fear, and TV shows and movies. Like shows with superheroes, for example, show us what we fear that we wanted to be protected from, like crime and violence, and there we give in to an idea that an individual with fantastical powers can save us, because that way we don’t have to take action ourselves, and why would we not want to do that? Fear. Fear of change, fear of losing my comfortable lifestyle.

And of course one can investigate one’s own relationship to fear, as the fears that one experiences within one’s day to day living. Suggest to read and follow the Journey to Life blogs, where many are deconstructing the patterns we've existed as, as humanity, such as fear, that keep us and the world in the cycles of abuse that we've always existed as, so that we can walk ourselves through the transformation from beings of limitation and self interest, to beings that care for all life equally, so that we manifest the best world possible.

As it is currently, we exist primarily as a reaction to what we've created and create, since we don't have an effective understanding of how it is we've created what's here, as we've done it in ignorance of the consequence. We have law enforcement and prisons to deal with crimes after they are committed. We have hospitals to care for the sick and wounded after they have become sick and wounded. We have charities to give aid to starving and poor, after they are already starving and poor. Becuase we haven't understood how we're creating, we've been perpetually stuck cleaning up the mess after it's too late. And thus it's through this process of getting to know ourselves and how we create what's here, as there is no one else doing it but us humans, that opens up the opportunity to change ourselves, our actions, and our approach to living in this world, and to therefore stop creating these situations in the first place, as Prevention is the Best Cure.

Suggest to enroll in the free course, the Desteni I Process Lite, where you'll get to understand oneself in self-honesty, develop the ability to identify and work with thoughts, feelings and emotions, such as fear, and how to direct one's reactions. Through this, getting to understand how it is as individuals we create our reality, so that we can create in awareness a world that is best for all life, instead of creating in ignorance which lead to the consequence we face in the world today.

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