Day 160: Is Ascension Actually the Earth Kicking Humans Out?

Is there a single human being here really deserving of ‘ascending’? Has any being stood up in this reality and done all and everything they could to have an actual real lasting impact in this world, and have not stopped doing so?

If there were people worth ascending, would we be still allowing people to starve? Would wars still be allowed to take place? Would we allow genocide, homelessness, poverty? Surely those worthy of ascending would have stood up to do whatever it takes in order to change this world/reality to one of benevolence toward life, where life is respected and cared for -not being raped and abused in every way possible for the sake of a few to profit, exorbitantly, beyond all possible worldly use, while billions suffer. Yeah, that’s the kind of people I’d let ascend…

Would the kind of beings that allow life to exist as it does, where we allow our own brother and sister earthlings to starve to death and just ignore it, justify it, accept it and go on with our lives like ‘oh well, that’s just the way it is and there’s nothing I can do about it’, sound like the kind of beings that are going to ascend to another dimension away from all the very atrocities that we’re accepting and allowing to take place here?

So perhaps Ascension is not becoming an energy/light body and shifting to some other dimension where everything is wonderful in an obviously ‘too good to be true’ way - but is actually the Earth booting out those who have decided they want to believe in a McDonald’s ‘quick-fix’ fairytale where we’ll be whisked away to so they can absolutely avoid having to actually do anything, having to change yourself or your life in any way and give up your relative comfort, to actually make a difference in this world. According to some ascension websites, we’ve actually already been ascending, so that’s right, it’s so easy, you didn’t even know you were doing it, you just lay back and let the ascension happen, don’t worry, you don’t have to lift a finger, and everything is going to get all better.

One site describes it as “… Think of it as blinking. Have you ever blinked and the room seems brighter all of a sudden? This happens all the time in your meditation. … So it is more like a blink. … it is as if all at once there is a clean up crew. And what is swept away, my beloved one, is the remnants of the fear, of the hatred, of the darkness.”

Is it possible to change without any outward sign whatever? Because for such a massive change of ourselves from beings who exist primarily as/within fear in everything we do, and living hatred toward each other within our secret minds where we hide the truth of us from each other, surely there would be some outward sign and change in reality to indicate such a drastic change. See, what’s not realized is this world is the result of who we are. The world is the our manifestation of what each one of us live as, and what we accept and allow to go on in this world, therefore it is not possible for us to actually change, and yet there be no change in reality. Here is an obvious example – if you took away all humans from the earth, essentially remove human beings from the equation here, what would change?

Everything. There would be no economy, none of the systems we have in place, which shows, that those systems are us, as they would not exist without us. And therefore, how the systems exist, operate and function, is the direct result of how we let them and how we create them to be through either our participation, or our acceptance. Thus, if we were to change to beings that no longer fear, that no longer hate, there would obviously be a noticeable change in reality, so if it is being claimed that we’re changing, yet there is no outward sign, then it is not really happening, and anyway you find to convince yourself or let yourself be convinced that change is happening when there is no actual result in the physical reality, is self delusion, to not face the reality of ourselves here and what we’re creating, to not have to take responsibility and actually change.

Thus anyone claiming that ascension is already happening and beings are already changing, while there has been no change to the physical reality, and in fact things have only gotten worse, indicates a sever lack of understanding in how this reality operates, how we manifest this reality as the consequence of who we are and how we create. Thus to claim such an idea of ascension with such a gross misunderstanding of reality, proves no one is qualified to actually make such statements and instantly discredits those talking about ascension showing there is no merit in what they say.

Earth is the test, to see if you will become a self honest being that cares for life. If you will realize yourself as creator, and realize that actual self change is what’s necessary to manifest a world that is a heaven on Earth, if you will stand up for a system of Equality where Life is supported within an Equal Money System. Earth is the eye of the needle, which we must walk through to prove we are beings deserving of a heaven on earth, by actually creating it ourselves. Don’t waste this Gift of Earth as your Opportunity to face self in Self Honesty and realize yourself and your capacity as a creator here, to actually manifest a world that is Best for Life in all ways.  

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    1. Anonymous1:39 AM

      Why do you assume people live in fear?

    2. I’ve written a post in response to your question - Day 163: How Does Humanity Exist as FEAR? - to assist with identifying the fears that humanity exist as. You might be fascinated to see just how much fear permeates practically every aspect of human life, as the evidence is all right here under our noses.