Day 166: Are Guns 'the Only Way to Stop a Bad Guy?'

Guns should not exist. The fact that guns and any weapon to use against each other, exists and are actually used against one another, indicates a grave problem, and serious psychological disorder, as humanity has not grasped the simple principle of not harming each other and rather coexisting with each other in cooperation and harmony. We live in a world of plenty, yet do not give equally to all, and then we get guns to protect what we have from those who don’t have, as if that is some kind of solution, when all it leads to is – more shooting. That is what we are guaranteed to get with guns, obviously, it’s what they’re designed to do. They are not going to bring equality, they are not going to ensure proper resource distribution to all, proper mental and health care to all, all they are going to do is be used to shoot things, or you could hit things with them too. Quite limited in terms of its application within this world/reality, in terms of being beneficial in any way whatsoever, in light of the problems we face in this world and actually solving them.

There is no valid reason do defend the existence of guns, which I will explain how that is so. One of the prominent arguments used to justify guns is statement ‘The only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with gun’. It’s got a catchy ring to it, it ‘sounds clever’, and that’s enough for anyone that is wanting to protect their ability to own guns. But what it shows is a gross lack of understanding of how of how we create this world and reality. And it shows that one that would prescribe to such a statement is ready to arm themselves and give themselves the capability to shoot others, without having done practical investigation into whether that is really an effective solution to the problem.

Should we be allowed to carry guns, if we have not first checked Every Possibility to make Absolutely Certain that guns are in fact a solution? A gun is designed to shoot, and that’s it. Thus, deciding that guns are the only option, is like completely giving up and going to the worst possible option, without first testing every other possible option first until an actual solution is found, but rather taking for granted that the problem can’t actually be solved for good, and this is the only apparent solution. Thus what hasn’t been realized is to support guns as a solution, is to accept that crime exists, is to accept that ‘bad guys’ exist, and is to accept all the atrocities committed by guns, and all the consequences that have come from the existence of guns. Without even double checking to see if there is possibly another way, that would actually result in SOLVING the Problem. And how can we tell that we have not checked every possible solution? Because there is an actual solution, that would stop ‘bad guys’ and it’s not guns, and some basic practical common sense investigation into the situation, shows this.

What’s not seen, realized and understood is that we actually create the ‘bad guy’ in the first place, it’s taken for granted that they ‘just exist’ and thus it not considered that we can actually stop creating ‘bad guys’. Therefore, having a gun is not ‘the only thing that will stop a bad guy’ – and in fact, won’t actually ‘stop’ ‘bad guys’ at all, in terms of ending them for good, because we are creating ‘bad guys’ in the first place, and a ‘gun’ is not going to do anything to stop that, it doesn’t address the point of creation. So we are going to keep creating more and more ‘bad guys’ and thus perpetually ‘needing’ guns. Which works out really great for those that profit off of the gun business. Which have found every possible way to justify the existence and use of guns, because it leads to a lot of profits, and thus selling out life to make a buck.

So what is fascinating is that the support of ‘guns as a solution’, is actually the most ineffective ‘solution’ possible – since guns will in no way actually prevent ‘bad guys’ from existing, thus the problem will continue on and on. On top of that, guns don’t always work as a solution, many end up harmed or killed anyway, and many do not have the capacity to use a gun for protection, so it’s not a solution everyone can apply. Such dangerous situations need to not exist in the first place. Like for example with young children, we’re accepting a world where crime exist while we’ve got children with little to no way to defend themselves, when in a world where there is no crime, there will be no threat to children. Hmm…what’s the better option there? I will tell you just to be sure you get it, it’s the option where there is no crime in the first place, and children are not brought into a world that is a warzone.

How do we do this? By straightening out our economic system, which creates inequality which is the primary reason for crime, the majority of crime is theft, which is due to beings not having enough to have a dignified life, while others do, and when you have those with less in a world with those who have more, crime is going to happen. It’s like a very simple basic math equation. Thus a dignified life must be guaranteed to all, as obviously we create massive consequence when we allow beings to be born in situations of lack where they do not get the most effective support in terms of one’s basic needs to be able to develop and function properly, and proper education on how to exist in this world in harmony with other beings. This is being established within the development of the Equal Money System, which is an economic system based on the understanding that Prevention is the only real solution to the problems we face in the world. Come to the Equal Money website where you can vote on and discuss policies, and the Equal Money Wiki and forum for even more information and to participate in discussions.

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