Day 165: School shootings like Sandy Hook in Connecticut should be PREVENTED

So we’ve had this recent school shooting take place, it is all over the news. The president was teary eyed about it, and yet for all our attention over 20 children and six adults who were senselessly killed, thousands of children and adults are killed every day, and it is not all over the news, and the president is not shedding tears about it. To cry over 20 children, while ignoring thousands of others being killed, is really quite insane, and thus it’s no surprise that we would produce such a being that would go and gun down school children. I mean, how could this boy be so detached from reality, to enact such an atrocity on fellow humans? Well, we are doing it on a mass scale, allowing beings to suffer needlessly, and completely ignoring it. Now that is what you’d call ‘detached’. And psychotic actually.

It is quite gruesome when any child is killed for no reason. School shootings like this and the some 70 other school shootings that have taken place since 1994, should raise a red flag, that something is very wrong here, that such a thing even happens. This is a really stark event that should serve as a wakeup call, to reevaluate ourselves and our approach to life. But mostly what we do is simply mourn for a moment, and then go on about our lives, without changing anything, without considering how is it that we created this to happen? How is it that we as a society have produced such a person who would end up doing such a thing? Someone who has no regard for life?

Well, when we look at for the most part how we’ve been conducting ourselves here on earth, we collectively disregard life as a whole to an extreme extent. We allow thousands to die gruesome deaths every day and it doesn’t even make the news. We are destroying our ecosystem, wiping out entire species of life here, with little to no regard, and no action to actually stop what we’re doing. We’re consuming oil like there is no limit to it, indicating a gross ignorance of how our physical ecosystem functions and its fundamental makeup and design. We’re living to work our lives away in order to make money to provide for a dignified living yet mostly just scraping by, because we haven’t made our basic necessities a basic right, and thus disregarding our own lives. Putting our bodies through all kinds of abuse trying to keep up with the fast pace of the rat race.

Suggest to listen to the interview series:  The Spirituality of the Snail – Part 1 to get some fascinating perspective on the pace at which we humans are on the move, compared to the pace at which the snail moves, and just what it is we miss out on by not giving ourselves the time to really be here with the physical reality.

Do the emotional reactions that we have for 20 children being killed, do anything to change the situation, and prevent more school shootings from happening? Obviously not, as there are simply more and more and worse school shootings. If we actually cared, we would prevent this from happening. We would say ‘this is totally unacceptable, let’s sort this out immediately before it happens again and more suffer.’ Because we know if we do not stop the cause of the problem, it will just keep happening, yet we’ve ignored this fact for a very long time, and thus why all the problems we’ve ever had, still exist to this day and are worse than ever. Go ahead and feel sad about it if you want to, but when are you going to get around to doing something about it?

This situation is an example of how we are only reacting to the consequences we create, and never bother with actual prevention as solutions. And so we are all responsible for the deaths of those who were gunned down. Because we just let things happen, and then say ‘oh how terrible’, and then continue as before, as if we don’t really care at all. We just express some emotions and feelings for a moment, and that’s it. Thus showing the uselessness of emotions and feelings. They don’t accomplish anything. They can’t. They’re just energetic experiences we have inside ourselves, obviously that’s not going to have any effect on physical reality.

So what do we need to do to prevent this from happening? What actions can we take to stop this from happing? First we have to look at why/how does this happen, and ask who does a person have to be, in order to do something like this? How can one have such a disregard for life? We have no regard for life as a whole. We don’t take the actions to take proper care of our world and all the beings in it, we allow life to be taken advantage of and abused for profit in every way possible within the current economic system. So, we require to value life, and have an economic system that is in alignment with valuing life, as the Equal Money System. Thus we need effective education on the equality of life and why not to shoot other people. And proper support for those diagnosed with things like as Asperger’s or Autism. And obviously this support to be available to every individual, and not only those that can afford it.

The Equal Money System is based on the principle of Prevention is the Best Cure, so that we finally can end the problems we face in the world so they are no longer simply being pushed aside while they get bigger and bigger and ignoring the suffering that going on as a result. Within the Equal Money System, we will finally address head on the problems existing in the world, as there is simply no reason not to, so that we can sort out this world and stop the unnecessary suffering, stop living as slaves to the economic system where we serve the system but have a system that supports us, as that’s what an economic system is supposed to do. 

The policies that have been developed so far, which the Equal Money System will function according to can be seen on the Equal Money website, which is an open platform where you can place your vote on the policies and add any comments/suggestions. And you can read further in depth explanations on the Equal Money Wiki. Suggest to read particularly the policies on Education and Healthcare, as they relate quite specifically to the two points I’ve mentioned here as to how to prevent the disregard for life, on order to prevent atrocities like school shootings.

A new policy has just recently been added which is Stewardship, which also relates to this point. It states:

Within an Equal Money system it will be recognized that Humans are a part of the Ecosystem they live in. The word 'eco' stands for 'home' - and thus, each human will be responsible for maintaining the Balance and Harmony within their home, within their Ecosystem. This involves the Monitoring of the Well-Being of the Plants and Animals within one's Environment and to Intervene when Disharmony occurs as a result of Human Impact, so that a new Equilibrium can be established.

Go to the website and vote on this new policy, and educate yourself on the new system that cares for life, so we can prevent further tragedies, and live in a world where life is fun for children and all life, not a warzone.

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