Day 169: Christmas Day: Where is our Savior?

Featured Artwork by Anna Brix Thomsen

For unto us a savior is born. And yet, where is this savior. You hear/see this phrase at this time of year, as Christmas is supposedly the celebration of the birth of this savior. And yet, there is no evidence of this savior anywhere. The only ‘savior’ that exists in the current system, is Money. Money is what save you from Death, from starving, with money you can buy the life you want to have, have access to proper healthcare and education. Without Money, you have nothing, and you die. Thus Money has become god in this world.

And so, Christmas has really become a celebration of Money, where it all actually revolves money, as money is required to be able to celebrate Christmas, to buy the decorations, and gifts, and decorations for the gifts, and food to feast, and to travel and get together with friends and family. It all takes money, and thus if you have no Money you have no Christmas. A man on the side of the road had a sign that read ‘Please help - my grandchildren need a Christmas’. And he’s asking for money, obviously, because that’s what you need to do anything in this world. Not just to celebrate but even just to live and exist.

Yet we tell children that Santa is going to bring presents to everyone in the world, when we know that this is in fact not so. When we know that there are children for whom Christmas just doesn’t even exist, as they have no Money, and that there will be no Santa Claus come to give them anything. Yet will tell our children this, why? So that we can avoid any responsibility. So that we can pretend that everything is fine, so we can continue just the way things are, because we’re ok, and we don’t want that to change, because we fear we might end up on the losing end as well.

But just so to really solidify the deception, we’ll say that Santa only brings presents to those who are nice, and not to those who are naughty, so therefore, all the poor and suffering just weren’t nice enough, they have been naughty somehow, and thus they don’t deserve any presents and it’s their fault they are starving to death. If they had been nice good people they would be fine. This is the message we tell the children despite the fact that those who are suffering are simply given no Money within the system and are in no way supported in the way that the elites are who are able to celebrate Christmas. We’ve thus proven that Santa in fact DOES give presents to those who are NOT NICE.

The consequence of this is passing on from one generation to the next this acceptance and allowance of the suffering in the world. Now is this really in the spirit of Christmas? Christmas is supposed to be the time of spreading ‘joy and cheer’, yet what we’re actually spreading is excuse and justification for allowing the suffering to continue in the world.

What we actually do at Christmas time is increase the slavery that we’re already allowing within the current system, where so much more work is done to push out all the various products one can buy within the celebrating of Christmas. And thus Christmas is really the opposite of the joyous and holy occasion it’s meant to be, as presented within various religions.

Featured Artwork by Damian Ledesma
If Christmas really had anything to do with Jesus it would be aligned with Jesus’ message of love thy neighbor as thyself, and we would not allow a single being to starve any day of the year, by ensuring our system is effectively supporting everyone, and not capitalizing on the enslavement of many, in the name of Jesus.

What do we have to say to every child that will die today? What would you say to them? Would you tell them that on this day unto them a savior was born? When there is no one saving them from the condition they are forced into from birth?

Would you tell them the story of Santa, and that he’s going to come and bring them presents? And that if he doesn’t, it’s because they were bad? Would you tell them this to their face? So why say it behind their backs?

The greatest Christmas gift we could ever give would be to give ourselves the gift of Life, by actually caring for life instead of living for Money, and actually being genuine beings that do not celebrate while inducing mass slavery and suffering on the majority, pretending that everyone gets presents as long as they’re good, when we know it’s a lie, a lie that is allowing children to starve to death on Christmas day.

The True Christmas spirit would be to take action to prevent the suffering taking place in the world. If Santa was a being the truly cared, he would implement an Equal Money System, so that no one goes without in the first place, where Life is a gift in itself, where everything you need is already gifted to you as a guaranteed right, and not be restricted according to how much Money you do or don’t have, and where whether or not you have money decide whether you live or die.

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