Day 94: I Can’t Afford It: Commitment Statements

I commit myself to stop all points where I take an experience personally where I form and participate in an internal experience within myself, as that removes me from reality and from doing anything about reality and traps me in a pointless internal experience, that ensures that I become so hopelessly lost in thoughts/feelings/emotions toward something that I do nothing at all in actual reality, except harm my physical body which suffers the consequence of participation in energy generation utilizing its physical resources, so that I can stick to the facts as what is taking place in actual reality and find solutions that actually will lead to a more effective reality that is best for all, which would be a reality where everyone has access to what they require to live effectively.

I commit myself to realizing that the concept/notion/idea that I have ‘failed as a person’ because I am not able to afford everything I require, is a concept proliferated so that I will go into blame toward myself for my situation, and never consider/realize/look at the system where I would see that it is actually designed to not support everyone, as capitalism requires that many fail in order for a few to make profit, and thus as long as I am participating in a personal experience, I am thus fallen in the trap of a personal experience, instead of accepting what is here, meaning to stop creating conflict within myself toward the situation the currently exists, and to consider what options are actually available to me, and what actions I can take, and then actually taking what actions I can that will lead to real change, so that I have transformed myself from doing that which leads to no change, to doing that which leads to change, and thus taken a pro-active stance within no longer taking it personally, but taking self response-ability and working toward a solution.

I commit myself to exposing/showing exactly what is going on in this world, as I realize that is the only and the best way that we can sort out this world as this mess that we’ve created/are creating, so that we can actually face what we’re allowing, to be able to get an understanding of the problems and how we create them, to then be able to find solutions and implement them, and then end the abuse that we were fearing to expose in the first place.

I commit myself to not waiting for some event/situation to take place in my direct world/reality before I will even consider the abuse that is taking place, but to take a pro-active stance to educate myself and get to know my world and reality and what exactly is going on so that I can ensure that we’re manifesting a reality that is the best possible for all life, which I cannot do if I do not understand how and what I/we as humanity create here.

I commit myself to showing that we do realize the abuse that we’re creating in the world and that it is our responsibility to stop it because we are the ones allowing it and it’s those of us that is supported by the system that must take action, as we’ve allowed the majority to become enslaved to such an extent that they are not even able to take action as they are too busy with merely trying to survive from one moment to the next.

I commit myself to living the example of not taking it personally according to an idea of ‘status’ or ‘self worth’ that is based on how much money one makes/has, as all are equal in worth as life, and none is more or less than another, as we are all equally here. Within this, I commit myself to exposing how within the current system everyone does not start out on a level playing field, nor is the field at any time level, and where if you are born in lack you are almost 100% guaranteed that you will never get much beyond where you already are, and thus where you’re born largely determine what opportunities/chance one has to have a dignified life where one has adequate access to one’s needs, and thus I commit myself to living as a being with real integrity, respect, and honor for life by doing whatever it takes to stop the system which abuse life for profit and establish a system in which all can have a dignified life.

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Day 93: I Can’t Afford It - Self Forgiveness

Featured Artwork by Matti Freeman

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to make ‘not being able to afford something’ into a personal experience, wherein I’d experience anxiety at the thought of having to explain that I cannot afford something, instead of simply communicating the point that I cannot afford it, without any energy behind it, just as a simple statement of the facts.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think/perceive that I’m doing/have done something wrong within not being able to pay, or that I have failed as a person to do what one is expected/supposed to do which is to earn a sufficient living within the system, and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to take it personally as a reflection on myself of my self worth/value/effectiveness as a human being in this reality, not realizing/seeing/understanding that the current system does not allow everyone to earn a sufficient living, and thus to blame myself as an individual is ignoring the fact that it is each individual collectively that has/is agreeing upon the current system to not effectively support everyone, and thus it is not to ‘get lost’ within taking it personal and creating and going into a personal experience about it, but to rather come to understand how it is I am responsible for accepting and allowing the current system to exist as it does, and to find and implement solutions, such as exposing the ineffectiveness of the current system and the consequences of accepting and allowing it, so that all can see the common sense in rather implementing a system which supports everyone, as the Equal Money System does, so that we can stop manifesting these consequences and life can actually be able to be enjoyed by all, with none left deliberately unsupported to suffer for the sake of a few to make a profit off of the rest.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear/resist exposing what is actually going on within the world, within the system we’re currently accepting and allowing, as it’s been humanity giving in to that fear/resistance that has kept us from really facing what it is we’re actually busy allowing, and to then take action to change our reality to one that is actually beneficial to life, rather than destroying life for profit and greed toward the end of destroying ourselves and our entire home here as earth, the animals, nature.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to only wait for some situation to arise where for example someone can’t afford the necessary healthcare, before I even consider or think about the suffering that’s going on in this world, because it’s not happening to me, and thus I can ignore it, and then when the situation is over, to go back to my life of comfort, making excuses in my mind as to why I need not concern myself with the plight of this world, as if the world is something separate from me, and not considering that I am actually responsible for the suffering taking place, as I am benefitting from the current system, while accepting the fact that it’s not supporting everyone, and thus it’s my responsibility to stand up and say this is unacceptable, within the realization that I would not want to be one of those who are suffering while others are living comfortably and accepting my suffering, when we could actually all be supported equally so that no suffering happens. 

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear and resist creating ‘awkward’ situations, where reality is exposed, not realizing that that experience of awkwardness, is because we realize that we are actually responsible for the suffering that’s taking place while we do nothing about it, and thus why we feel suddenly anxious/nervous, because the truth of ourselves is being exposed and can no longer be denied, of what we’re allowing to take place in the world.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist as a society in which we make it personal, where we act as though if you haven’t ‘made it’ and ‘found your own way’ in the system, that this is because you have failed as a person, deliberately ignoring the blatant fact that not all start in the same conditions, that what situation you are born into practically determines what kind of a life you will have or won’t have, in terms of how supported you’ll be and whether you’ll have a dignified life or not, and deliberately ignoring that all have an equal right to a dignified life, and thus we should have a system that reflect that, and gives all a dignified life, which would reflect that we are actually beings of integrity, respect and honor toward ourselves and each other as life.

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Day 92: Sorry I Can’t Afford It

I was at the dentist today and having an evaluation done to see what work I require and to set up a plan for the work I’d need done. In the case of one tooth, it may require a root canal which can usually run around $1500, which I can’t afford. In this kind of a situation, where I’m not able to afford what is the best course of action, I would usually start to go into a form of anxiety at the thought of having to explain that I can’t do what is suggested because I don’t have the money.
Wherein, I don’t want to be the ‘bearer of bad news’ so to speak, and have to ‘ruin’ the situation, by now creating the ‘problem’ of not being able to do the prescribed course of action, and thus now have made things ‘more difficult’ in having to find some other solution/course of action that is the best I can do for what I can afford. And like I have ‘ruined the pleasant moment’ where everything is going along all nicely, but then due to me not having the money to afford it, now the situation is no fun, because I’m drawing attention to the fuck-up of the current economic system which has real actual physical consequences as in this example not being able to get the needed healthcare, which will have consequences in that my teeth will not last as long and I might suffer more discomfort and pain, than if I was able to get the proper treatment.
Thus in the moment where it has to be exposed that I cannot afford what is obviously necessary physical care to prevent suffering and assist and support my physical body to function properly and effectively, it brings out and exposes the harm and suffering we’re allowing to exist in this world on an even more extensive and massive scale, than not being able to get proper dental care, but where many do not even get enough food to eat to survive and die a slow painful death, or rather ‘live-through’ a slow painful death of starvation as their physical body shuts down slowly but surely. And, where many get diseases and illnesses that are treatable, but have no access to treatment and thus suffer and die, totally unnecessarily.
So in these kinds of moments, I’d go into a personal reaction, wherein I’d take it personally as a judgment on myself for not being able to afford the proper course of action, and thus blame myself for ‘making things more complicated’ and ‘ruining the moment’/being a ‘downer’, wherein it’s like everything was going on so nicely, and now I have ruined the moment, and created an awkward situation, within this not realizing that this mentality is preprogrammed brainwashing to get you to blame yourself for not being able to afford something, instead of taking a look at the actual economic system where you’d find that it’s actually built into the system that most can’t afford one’s basic needs, so that instead of considering how to change the system, you’ll rather focus on a personal experience, and internalize the experience, thus leaving the system intact and unthreatened.
This kind of ‘morality’ as a sort of personal pride/worth based on one’s income/financial situation was deliberately created for this very reason, so that we’ll never stand up to change the actual system through which the inequality is being created in the first place, so as to not disturb the ability of those at ‘the top’ to make profits. So that, we’ll go into a reaction of anxiety and embarrassment, instead of questioning, why does this situation even exist in the first place? So that we’ll blame ourselves, for not ‘working hard enough’, to be able to make enough money to effectively support ourselves, and that we’ve failed, not considering/realizing that not all get equal support. There are those who come into this life with all the support one could get, and those are the ones who are going to get the best positions within the system, as they have had a ‘leg-up’ from the very beginning. And, of course, there are those tiny tiny few who struggle and struggle and make it into a ‘higher’ position, and then they are used as examples to apparently ‘prove’ that any could actually make it, because they came from so little, while ignoring the obvious common sense that not everyone could ‘make it’ and be at ‘the top’ in the current design of the system, I mean, could everyone be the president of a company? No, because there’d be no workers doing the other aspects of the labor.
So the system is really deliberately set up to not support everyone and to create those in poverty, as not everyone has the possibility of getting into an effective position of support, as not all positions are given equal support and thus there is a limited number of such positions. And, there is extensive requirements that one must have met or must go through to get into such a position, which means you need to have had access to things like ‘advanced’ training/education, must have access to such opportunities through which you can ‘make your way to the top’, and you obviously must have your basic needs met. The majority do not ever get/have such opportunities, as the system isn’t set up to support everyone, in providing a proper education to all, proper nutrition and healthcare, and all that one requires to thrive and grow into an effective individual.
So, as we allow the current system to exist as it does, we’re allowing all the suffering and abuse that is being caused in each and every moment that we do not stand up for change. This is just one tiny example I’ve given, which has a very big impact in my life, and is just a glimpse of what is taking place to millions of beings in this world, many going through much worse. And this just shows that we do know what is going on, but have been accepting it, so now it’s time to reverse our acceptance of a system of inequality and abuse, into acceptance of nothing less but a system which supports life in every way.
Self Forgiveness to follow in the next post.
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Day 91: No More Disappointment – Commitment Statements

I commit myself to realize that the Disappointment character is a character that I created within me which utilize the resources of my human physical body and turn it into energy that I then experience, and where the creation of that energy depletes and diminishes my human physical body, and thus to participate in any character is to do harm to my physical human body, and thus why I commit myself to investigating myself from top to bottom til I root-out each and every character I’ve existed as, so that I can stop the participation in characters and live here as myself as the physical, constant and stable, and not depleting and harming myself through participation in energetic experiences which is not really living.

I commit myself to realizing that I am the cause/creator of the experience of disappointment, and thus when I experience disappointment, to realize that I am creating it, and thus that I am the solution to it, and that I must simply reverse the decision to participate in this character, into the decision not to, within the realization that when I choose to participate in this character that I am enslaving myself to an experience of energy and not allowing myself to be free from energetic experiences to really live and express myself as who I really am here as the breath, as the physical, not thoughts/emotions/feelings which are just energetic experiences depleting the physical resources of my body and causing it to deteriorate, so when I participate in energetic experiences I am actually busy killing myself slowly but surely to where I will eventually meet a gruesome end, so rather not walk that path, and thus I commit myself to realizing and reminding myself of the consequences at stake when and as I see myself participating in/about to participate in an energetic experience, to give myself the opportunity to stop, and reverse the dedication that I’ve been living to having and existing as energetic experiences and characters, into commitment to stop the mind to live as a real being here, where I am silent and dark within, where I can from that darkness and silence, truly express.
I commit myself to when and as I see myself going into/about to go into the character of Disappointment, to stop, breathe, and look at how I am disappointing myself, in where/how I have let myself down, within manifesting this experience of disappointment, so that I can see where it is that I require to stand and take self responsibility to expand and direct myself in a way that’s best for life.
I commit myself to reversing my trust that I have placed within the experience of the character of disappointment, wherein I’ve come to trust that I will go into and experience and participate in this character, and thus to instead place that same trust in that I will not participate in this character, for it is the trust that I place in that I will live as this character that ‘keeps me’ living as this character, over and over and over again and never changed, and so it is to simply take the trust I am already living, and simply now reverse it to living instead of enslavement, so that I can expand and grow to my full potential as a being that is actually present and aware and that can have an actual impact on the world/reality.

I commit myself to getting to know exactly how I’ve designed myself as the mind, piece by piece, layer by layer, so that I can take myself back from everywhere I’ve given up my self direction to my mind as how I’ve programmed myself to react to even just a single image in my mind where I become totally possessed just by accepting and believing in a single thought as if it is myself and who I am, as that is not living but walking dead, as repeating the memories of the past which are dead and gone and living the same patterns over and over, instead of living for real in each and every moment a new moment, a new breath.

I commit myself to realizing that when I go into the Disappointment character, that I’m actually placing myself as a victim to reality, because I’ve in some way ‘given up’ on myself, where instead of directing myself and my reality, I isolate and cut myself off from reality by going into the entire experience associated with the Disappointment character, as the specific backchat/internal conversations/emotion/feeling reactions that come up, thus instead of being here and fully participating in my world and reality, I am going into an experience within myself, which indicates that I have accepted to rather be in my mind that to be here, and thus I must be manifesting my own disappointment, because I’ve dis-Appointed myself as one who can actually be here and participate in reality, and thus I commit myself to investigate and identify every way in which I have dis-Appointed myself, and re-Appoint myself as the Solution, by not accepting myself to ‘leave reality’ by going into my mind, but to remain here in each and every moment and trust myself to face reality no matter what.

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Day 90: Self Forgiveness on the Disappointment Character

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist as the Disappointment Character, where I let myself be taken over completely by/into this character design that consists of an entire suite of specific thoughts, feelings, emotions, backchat, mannerisms, tonalities, internal conversations, behaviors, that I then become and live as, and thus am not here as myself, simply living here as breath and able to express myself, because I’m now trapped within an energetic possession where then all I think/do/say/act/feel is the preprogrammed reactions/behaviors of the character.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that when I am faced with a reality that did not meet my expectations, and then experience disappointment, that I am the cause of that disappointment, because I am the one that created the expectation, and held on to the expectation, and decided that if I did not get my expectation, that I would go into an energetic experience as a reaction and thus become my own enslaver by enslaving myself within the character design play-out that I allowed to be activated and that I allowed myself to participate in. And thus, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that nothing and no one is ever the cause of my disappointment except myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that my disappointment is actually disappointment with myself and thus I should look at what it is that I am disappointed with myself, to find where I have ‘let myself down’, so that I can take self responsibility for myself to stop disappointing myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become accustomed to the entire experience of going into/becoming/being possessed by this character, such that it feels ‘normal’ and ‘right’ and that I feel like I don’t want to stop, because It’s what I’ve become used to and thus within this, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to form a relationship/dependency to/toward a character, and to trust this feeling, and not realize that this is the perfect enslavement of myself so that I’ll never realize myself and my potential and stand up and make a difference in this world, but will remain possessed within a prescribed, predesigned character that is not life/living as instead of being here and participating in the world/reality, I’m busy within my mind as a character living according to the perceptions of my mind which aren’t real, and thus I’m not real.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to allow a single picture in my mind to trigger/activate an entire take-over/possession of myself, and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to design myself as my mind in such a way that this is even possible, and that I did not realize what I was doing as I was creating and programming myself as a character/characters.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that I go into the Disappointment character as a form of ‘Giving Up’, wherein I’ve accepted myself as a ‘victim’ to reality, where because things didn’t turn out as I’d expected, now I just ‘give up’ on reality, and then experience myself as not wanting to participate in reality, and thus when I experience the disappointment character, it’s to look at what have I ‘given up’ on, meaning where have I given up my self direction, my self responsibility, my self expression, and given in to reasons and justifications as to why I can’t participate now, because I was ready to only participate in one version of reality, the one I wanted/expected, within this, not considering how extensively I’ve limited myself by completely compromising my ability to act/live/speak/express/move in any moment no matter what happens. And thus, within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that I experience disappointment because I have given up on myself, and on my life, by compromising my self expression, my self direction, my self responsibility, my ability to live in the moment as myself and not as trapped and possessed within an energetic possession of my own creation.

Self Corrective Application on the Disappointment Character to follow in the next post..

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Day 89: The “I’m So Disappointed” Character

You know that feeling/experience of disappointment, like ‘ugh’, when something doesn’t go as you’d hoped/expected. And your shoulders sink down, and you become all ‘mopey’ and ‘sullen’, where your face kind of droops and you slouch, and you suddenly feel tired, and frustrated, like you’ve lost something that you had expected you were going to get, or that you had really wanted, or been looking forward to. Yes, that’s the Disappointment Character.

Activated by a single thought, where you picture how things ‘should’ have gone, or you wanted them to go, according to your hopes/expectations, and where you see that as ‘positive’, and then you compare that to what has actually transpired in reality, which is not what you’d expected, and so that becomes ‘negative’ and from these negative/positive associations, we determine how we’re going to feel inside, as negative or positive. In the case of the Disappointment Character, you have decided to feel negative about what has happened/taken place in reality. And this was done by comparing reality, to a picture in your mind.

So from one picture, flashing in your mind, has suddenly determined your entire experience of yourself, and has initiated a complete ‘take-over’, as you literally become this character of Disappointment, in its entirety, where now every thought/feeling/emotion/action you take/words you speak, is from within/as this ‘character of Disappointment’. So, in the moment that the picture flashed in our mind of what we would have liked/expected to happen and we saw ourselves experiencing ourself positively within that picture, and then we compared that picture to reality and since reality wasn’t as we’d wanted/expected, we decided that we must experience ourself negatively then, as now we’re ‘missing out’ on the positive experience we ‘would’ve had’, if things had gone how we’d wanted/expected. 

As the disappointment character, we become/experience feeling depressed and withdraw from the world/our reality, withdraw our participation, as we sink into the experience of this character, as if now we want to avoid reality and the negative experience ‘it’s causing’ within us, yet not realizing that we’re actually the one creating the negative experience within ourself. When faced with a reality that didn’t meet our expectations, it’s like we go into a reaction of ‘I didn’t get what I want’, which was to experience ourself positively, and then go into the reaction of feeling down and depressed, and since we’re actually the one creating/accepting/allowing/giving permission to this experience of negativity within ourself, we’re actually the one that’s manifesting exactly what it is we didn’t want – a negative experience. 

Within this character, one will participate in various backchat, like ‘I really wanted such-n-such’ / ‘I was really hoping for this/that’ / ‘this is such a let-down’ / ‘I’m so disappointed’ / ‘why did things have to happen this way?’ / ‘why couldn’t things have gone how I wanted?’ / ‘if only things could have gone like this/that’, where through these internal backchat conversations, we’re literally talking ourself into the experience of/relating to this character.

Thus participating in the character of Disappointment is actually deliberate self manipulation, where we inflict such an experience on ourselves, while disregarding the consequences to our physical, and to our very lives, as we’re literally programming ourselves with habits/behaviors of self limitation, programming it into the very physical as who we are, and how we’ll experience ourself over and over again, any time we’re faced with the situation where reality hasn’t gone according to our wants/desires/expectations. Thus, all we’re doing is developing reactions with ourself towards such scenario, which is in no way practical or assisting us in living our lives in a beneficial way. In the post to come, I’ll continue with the deconstruction of this character through walking Self Forgiveness on the Disappointment Character.

We can actually use this disappointment character to assist and support ourselves to see exactly where/to what we’ve ‘given permission’ to things/situations/events outside of ourself to determine how we’ll experience ourself, and thus through self forgiveness and practical application, assist and support ourselves by to no longer participate in the character of Disappointment, by looking at what was it that we wanted/were expecting that we thought would make ourself experience ourself positively, to see where we’ve separated ourself from ourself, in where we’ve allowed certain events/situations to determine how we’re going to experience ourself, instead of standing stable within ourself, constant as who we are, able/free to express ourself as who we really are in any moment, in any situation/event. So through one’s process of deconstructing this character, you can take back your self direction to no longer be controlled/directed by what happens/what doesn’t happen in your reality. More to come in the post to follow..

Day 88: None Shall Suffer

Featured Artwork by Ann Van Den Broeck

For context read my previous post Day 87: You Have The Right To Suffer?

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist as a society where we’re not focusing our efforts on ways of ending and preventing suffering, but allowing ourselves to be caught up and ‘trapped’ within a system, that exists because of our own acceptance and allowance in the first place, and thus we’re actually trapping ourselves in order to not face our responsibility here, which we fear.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that it is us accepting and allowing ourselves to be trapped within our own system that we should actually be concerned about, not making a new system where we’ll be able to effectively take on the problems we face as that is what will lead to actual freedom and self expansion.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to, when reading stories in the news of someone suffering, and when it is from preventable causes, to not consider how such suffering could easily have been prevented, and thus I have a responsibility to show how this is the case, so that we realize we can actually do it, and that as long as we are not, we are 100% complicit in allowing the situation that lead to the suffering.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear death so extensively that I would act through/within/as this fear and force a being to continue suffering because I fear my own death and thus will not let them die.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to accept a system in which we cannot do what is most practical common sense because of our fear of the possible consequences, when we’re ignoring the consequences we’ve already manifested.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to accept a society in which starvation is accepted and allowed, where despite the fact that we’re aware that so many are starving, action is not taken on a global scale by everyone, proving that the human has been extensively brainwashed, to allow starvation to even exist, when it is obvious common sense that no one actually benefit from another starving in a real way, but in the current system we allow a few to ‘benefit’ as making profit from the destitution of others.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not stand equal to death/disability/genetics, within approaching these points without fear and in consideration of what is best for all life, and within this, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not create a system in which we’re able to most effectively address these points, utilizing our capabilities and technologies to support and find the best solutions for those who are/become disabled, in preventing disabilities through access to proper healthcare for everyone, and proper education in how to care for one’s physical so as to not develop conditions such as a stroke.

I commit myself to focusing my efforts on ways of ending and preventing suffering and not accepting myself as ‘trapped’ within the current system, by taking self responsibility to educate myself on how the system operates, so I can effectively become equal to the system as it, and change it from within/as it as a reflection of myself as my dedication to find and implement solutions, within the realization that the system is the reflection of our own very acceptances and allowances, and thus it’s up to each of us to stand up from within this ‘mess’ we’ve created, to uncreate it and stop the suffering we’re causing.

I commit myself to making a new system where we’ll be able to effectively take on the problems we face, and to stop all fears related to doing so, within the realization that that is what will lead to actual freedom and self expansion, and that to participate in the fears, is to ensure that I remain trapped and limited.

I commit myself to, when reading stories in the news of someone suffering, to consider if the suffering is preventable, and how it could have been/be prevented, and then to show how It could be prevented, so that we can get busy with solutions and stop unnecessary suffering.

I commit myself to find/identify all the ways within myself that I exist in fear of death, to stop existing and living as fear toward death, so that I can ensure that I will not manipulate others/my environment from the starting point of this fear, and ensure that I do not cause suffering to others because of my own accepted and allowed possession of myself with the fear of death.

I commit myself to showing how the consequences we’re creating now are absolutely unacceptable, and that they can be stopped, and that no ‘possible consequence’ of changing is ever a valid justification to not change/consider solutions, because we already have ‘manifested consequences’ that are already here, that we’ve already created, and so we’ve already done what it is that we’re fearing we might do within creating consequences, and thus the next step now is to get to know these consequences and how we create them so we can stop, and find and implement actual solutions.

I commit myself to show that there is no reason to let anyone starve, and that anyone that accept things the way they are, realizing that others are starving, are thus responsible for those that starve in accepting their condition when it does not have to exist, and all can be supported.

I commit myself to stopping all fears toward death/disability/genetics, so that I can investigate these points in common sense practicality and see what is best for all to be done, and within this I commit myself to support the establishment of a new economic system so that we as humanity as a whole can effectively face the suffering in the world we creating, and find and implement solutions, and prevent and end most of the current kinds of suffering taking place, and make this world a place where all beings thrive and none suffer.