Day 85: Commitment Statements on the “There’s Nothing Wrong with That” Character

Featured Art by Matti Freeman 

I commit myself to be/become aware of when I go into/utilize a character as a defense mechanism to avoid investigating myself and the relationships I’m living as toward a particular form/manifestation/circumstance/situation/event/scenario/being, so that I can stop sabotaging myself within avoiding myself and instead face myself and get to know myself and be/become a real self-willed, self-directed individual.
I commit myself to realizing that all judgment is actually self judgment, is actually me participating in judgment within/as myself, and as I cannot stop or do anything about judgment that another may be participating in, then obviously the only way/place in which I can take self responsibility to make a change/stop/end judgment, is within myself, in changing myself and stopping the judgment within myself. Within this, I commit myself to realize that if I have not first stopped judgment within myself, then I can in no way be absolutely certain that I am seeing judgment in another, as I have not even first got effective in identifying it within myself to the point where no judgment remains.
I commit myself to not consider that I’ll deliberately create perceptions of others/my reality, in order to experience myself a certain way and to determine how I’ll respond/who I’ll be/how I’ll act toward others/my reality, and thus within this, using perception as a tool with which to manipulate myself, so that I will act a certain way/feel a certain way, where I am in other words, ‘seeing what I want to see’, in order to justify certain actions/behaviors/characters that I’ll play out, in the belief that that is who/how I want to be, as it’s how I’ve learned to be and accept myself as.
I commit myself to realizing that the relationships I’ve formed toward what is here in separation and judgment of what is here, are not who I am, as who I am is not relationships of stored information, but who I am is here as life, and thus I commit myself to investigate and identify all the relationships I exist as that I’ve allowed to exist within me, to become aware of the consequences of such relationships, and to stop living as these relationships, so that I can actually live here as myself as life, as breath that is simply here and silent within, not moved by anything in separation of/from myself, but moving myself in consideration of all life/existence.
I commit myself to be/become aware of everything I am creating within/through my participation, in order to ensure that I am not forming characters and behaviors to be automated in separation of myself, but to be aware of exactly how I create myself and what I create myself as so that I create myself in such a way that I live as/according to what is best for all life in each and every moment, in each and every decision I make, and thus change myself and my application from deliberately avoiding myself, to deliberately facing myself to get to know myself completely, so that there can be no parts of me that act in separation from myself that have ‘control’ of me behavior and influence me to make decisions that are not best for all life.
I commit myself to realizing that self investigation and taking self responsibility are the keys to expanding myself into my true potential and really being able to be/become a force in this world that can make a difference, and thus I commit myself to investigating myself and taking self responsibility to so that I can expand myself and in so doing, expand all of existence, one and equal, through standing as an example to others of how they can assist and support themselves to expand as well.
I commit myself to realizing that characters are made-up, and thus can’t possibly be who I really am, as the character is able to be deleted/disappear, and yet I am still here, thus showing that the character is simply a personality suit that we put on for a moment, and can take it off and switch it for another, proving that who we are is not characters, and that we thus do not have to live as the characters we’ve been living as without question, and thus we can take self responsibility to ensure that the characters we live as is that which stand for a better life for all life equally.
I commit myself to stop the harm I cause to my human physical body by participating in this character where I experience within/as my physical body tension and stiffening, and to realize that if/when I experience these physical reactions within my body, indicates that I am not here as myself, but am participating in the mind in separation of myself, and thus I stop, breathe, and bring myself ‘back here’, back to reality as myself as the physical flesh that is here simply living and breathing and not in my mind as judgments/perceptions/beliefs/emotions/feelings/thoughts that take a toll on the physical when we participate in such experiences.
I commit myself to clearing up all the relationships I exist as, to ensure that who I am as who I live as, is relevant to actual reality, and that I’m not ‘removing myself’ from reality through creating alternate realities in my mind, and then acting/living according to those alternate realities, so that I can ensure that who I am is relevant to actual reality, and that I’m not simply believing whatever the mind presents, and then staying within this bubble of perception and ultimately limitation, but rather to assist and support myself to get to know myself and my world as this physical reality, so that I can expand to my utmost ability here in actual reality.

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