Day 80: The “There’s Nothing Wrong with Eating Chocolate” Character

Chocolate is a food, but we’ve created a relationship toward it in separation and judgment, where we learned that there is something ‘wrong’ or something ‘naughty’ about eating chocolate, because that’s how it was presented to us by our parents and other examples in our lives, where it was presented as something ‘special’, like a ‘naughty pleasure’, like for instance in the movie “Chocolat” which is set in the past before chocolate was such a commonplace thing, and this couple opens up a chocolate shop in a small town, and it’s presented as this sensuous erotic pleasure, and the townspeople react in fear and judgment and think that the chocolate is evil and that it’s sinful to eat it. This is the relationship that we still exist as toward chocolate today. You can just watch a commercial on television for chocolate and it’s presented as something to ‘indulge oneself’ with, like a ‘guilty pleasure’, and chocolate is often loaded with sugar, so that you’ll get addicted to the sugar, and then it’s not about the chocolate at all, but about getting that sugar fix that your body has gotten used to.

This character came up as a defense mechanism in a situation in order to distract me from looking at my relationship toward, in this case, chocolate. So I can see there is an underlying main character at play here, which comes up where I perceive a relationship I am living as is being threatened, in this case my relationship toward chocolate, where in a moment that I perceived another as judging chocolate as something ‘wrong/bad’ to eat, I went into this defense character of ‘There’s Nothing Wrong with That’, the purpose of which is to simply distract me from looking at what my actual relationship is that I’m living toward ‘that’, by perceiving the other as the one judging it, and thus focusing on the other instead of self. So, that is another character we’ll take on to come, and here we’ll walk this relationship to chocolate, to clear that up for myself, so that I can live how I’d really actually like to live, in this case in my relationship toward chocolate, which is to live the common sense that chocolate is a food that supports my body when eating in a balanced way and not abused through eating as the mind.

So within turning this perception of another back round to myself to see how/where I may have lived as this relationship of judgment toward chocolate, what I realized is that I’ve actually been living the judgment of ‘chocolate is bad’ within myself, my words, and my actions, by feeling like/fearing that I am doing something wrong, or that I am going to be judged for eating chocolate. And that within that, what was actually behind the fear of judgment was that I haven’t been sticking to common sense in eating chocolate in a way that is supportive to my physical and not abusive, where I’ve allowed myself to eat chocolate that has a lot of sugar in it which when I consume a lot puts a lot of stress on my body, because I ‘wanted to eat chocolate’, where within this, I had to ignore the fact that what I was really eating was very sugary chocolate that is not going to support my body if I eat as much as I’d like, and thus I allowed myself to justify/make excuses to eat more than I should, wherein the thought as a picture of me eating more chocolate and enjoying it would come up, and even though I realized that I shouldn’t have any more, I’d convince myself through participating in backchat of ‘but I really would like to be eating chocolate right now’ and then allowed myself to give in, even though I ‘knew better’ that I am putting too much sugar in my body and there will be consequence.

Thus, I have not been living the fact that chocolate is a food, and have been participating in and creating our relationship of judgment and separation toward chocolate, as I have participated in/accepted and allowed that judgment and separation to exist within myself, and to live it in my words/actions. 

So, me seeing this judgment in another, and asking within myself ‘why don’t you see it’s just a food’ is really me asking myself that very question. And this is how, that which we see in another person is giving us a perfect opportunity to see how/where self has/is participating in/living as the same thing, and thus giving self the key to finding the exact way that one is responsible for creating what is here, so that one can directly stop the behavior that cause the separation through correcting the relationships one live as, so one can live here free of judgment by finding all the ways that self has separated oneself from what is here through relationships of judgment and assisting and supporting self to no longer live as those relationships in one’s daily life, in each and every moment. And when each and every individual has done this, walked this process of clearing one’s relationships to what is here, then judgment and separation will no longer exist and neither will the consequences that come from us as humanity living such relationships.

Thus, this experience gave me the opportunity to see the relationship I’ve been living toward chocolate, so I can correct my relationship toward chocolate to one where I live the common sense that chocolate is a food that can support my body, when eaten in a balanced way, and not harm myself as my physical by eating from the mind, within beliefs/ideas that one is somehow ‘gettingmore as a ‘positive experience’ from the food than simply adequate nutrition for one’s human physical body. Suggest to watch the documentaries The Century of the Self and Psywar to see how advertising has been utilized as a form of brainwashing where we’re taught to think that things can ‘do more’ for us than the simple practical use, this was done in order to be able to convince us to buy more than we actually need, which has led to extensive consequences as can be seen by the damage being done to our home the earth due to our overconsumption, in the ‘pursuit of happiness’ through buying stuff. Wherein, we think we can get ‘positive experiences’ from the things we buy, not realizing that we are the creators of the positive feelings within ourself. 

In the next post I’ll walk the Self Forgiveness in deconstructing the “There’s Nothing Wrong with Eating Chocolate” Character.

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