Day 83: The “There’s Nothing Wrong with That” Character

Now taking a look at the “There’s Nothing Wrong with That” Character, this character was developed and created in order to avoid looking at myself and investigating myself and the relationships I’m living as, because within this character the focus becomes on what another is apparently participating in as a judgment to/toward something. So the focus then becomes pointing the finger at someone else, and avoiding self investigation in the meantime.

So what happens is, in a moment where I perceive another is judging something or myself for doing/participating in something or some aspect of what I’m living as, the ‘there’s nothing wrong with that’ character becomes activated to apparently refute what the ‘other’ is apparently participating in as a judgment toward something, and within this I am not considering whether I am participating in that judgment within myself.

The fear that activates this character is the fear that I may lose whatever relationship I am holding onto and am protecting within avoiding looking at it. This character would activate so fast that I would not even realize that I was avoiding looking at something within myself, as one generally learns to avoid looking at and investigating oneself, as is obvious within the fact that no one practically has a clue to how they operate and how their mind operate, despite that they’ve been here all along and participating in their mind for practically one’s whole life.

Thus this character is just one of many that we’ve developed and that I developed within myself that functions in the process of separating ourself from ourself to avoid self responsibility by apparently not being aware of ourselves and what we’re actually deliberately participating in within ourselves.

So within the moment before this character becomes activated, the mind brings up a thought/perception/picture that something I like/want/desire is being threatened to be taken away from me, and within that fear of loss, I created this character to spring forth to the ‘rescue’, by taking the attention away from myself and placing it somewhere else, thereby ensuring that such relationship of dependency will remain within me untouched and that I will remain enslaved to the dependency relationship with the want/need/desire.

When I allow this character to take over, I experience a tension in my physical body, like my body pulls into itself and stiffens, as if preparing for an attack, and sometimes I’ll experience a rush of adrenaline and a flutter in the solar plexus. I will feel like I need to defend the point of ‘there’s nothing wrong with such-n-such’, when I am the one perceiving an attack in the first place, and I have taken something someone has said and added my own perception to it. And if that person is participating in judging something, me reacting to it as/within a character only validates the judgment, as I am participating in the same judgment within myself, as I have not investigated myself first and cleared myself of any judgments/relationships, and thus why I have reacted within/as this character.

Self Forgiveness and Commitment Statements on the “There’s Nothing Wrong with That” character to follow.

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