Day 87: You Have The Right To Suffer?

Here’s an example of how we're disregarding common sense and allowing beings to needlessly suffer:

Tears of desperate locked-in syndrome sufferer Tony Nicklinson as High Court rules he CAN'T ask a doctor to end his life
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Here this man’s physical human body is severely compromised, to the point where he can only move his head and eyes, and he would like to have the right to choose when he’d like to die, so that he can ensure that he doesn’t have to carry on this way indefinitely, in such an extremely limited capacity, where he cannot effectively function in this reality.

The courts said if he decides he wants to die, his only option is to starve to death. So here we’ve placed a being in a position where he must either suffer until he dies of ‘natural causes’ or he can suffer through the long and horrific process of starving to death. Obviously neither of these is a solution, or the kind of choices that anyone would ever want to face.

Why do we not simply do what is common sense and allow beings in this kind of situation to be able to make the choice as to when/where/how to die. We have all the capabilities to do this. We do this for animals such as cats, dogs and horses. When it comes to animals, we see the common sense when their physical is so compromised, and assist them to prevent needless suffering, when they don’t even have the ability to ask for it.

This is no really different than the thousands we let starve to death each day. It could easily be prevented by having an economic system in which everyone has access to their needs. So it’s time we look at what we’re actually able to do here, and do it. Stop hoping that these kind of problems are going to sort themselves out somehow, someday. And realize that we have the ability to stop the suffering now, and obviously no reason to simply allow the suffering to continue.

We’re allowing thousands to die every day undignified and horrifically painful deaths every day. This should simply not be allowed, especially when we have every ability to stop it. No one would want to find themselves in either situation, of being trapped in severely damaged physical form with the only way out to starve yourself to death, or in the position of those who simply don’t get their needs, as they don’t have money and simply aren’t able to get what they need and so starve to death. What kind of a race allows this to happen to ourselves? This shows just how little we really care for ourselves. I mean, what we allow for others is what we allow for ourself, and thus we should stand up for and create this world in a way that we would really actually like, where we as humanity are actually able to live according to common sense, and aren’t accepting and allowing a system which gets in the way of that. Our system should be one that assists and supports us in living effectively, in ensuring that all have dignified lives and deaths, and that no needless suffering that takes place. That is actual real caring. Not even one being should be allowed to starve.

Support the system being designed by those who decide to care enough to take action and make change happen – Equal Money – open to all to participate in the formation of its policies, to ensure that every aspect is covered in how to have a system that effectively will support us to all live and thrive equally, with no one ‘left out’ to suffer, voiceless.

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