Day 79: Commitment Statements on the “I Can Do It” Character

I commit myself to when a picture comes up where I would activate the ‘I Can Do It’ character, to stop and realize it is only a picture and that there will be consequences if I allow this character to activate and I participate in/as it, because I’m then participating in a picture and not actual reality.
I commit myself to stop living as illusions as the pictures I see in my mind, so that I can be a real being that lives in real reality, and not just as a picture in my mind that isn’t real.

I commit myself to actual self change, which must be walked in actual reality, and no longer wasting my time trying to change the pictures in my mind, as the pictures aren’t real, and thus I’m only trying to change what is an illusion in the first place, and thus I commit myself to see, in all ways, what I’m actually living as, so that I can change myself in reality, as that is the only change that is real, is that which is lived.

I commit myself to become aware of what triggers the activation of this character as the thought/picture of me failing, and to realize that creating/participating in a character is not the solution to deal with the picture that comes up in my mind, but that the solution is to not believe the picture in my mind, and realize that it is only a picture and not real. And within this, I commit myself to develop the ability to see/recognize the moment before I am about to activate this character, so that I can stop and not participate in/become/live as this character, but remain here as myself, not possessed by a reaction character as a personality suit that I will then become as who I am as certain mannerisms and internal conversation, and emotion and feeling reactions, none of which is self-directed, but happens to me, through my own accepted design as the patterns I’ve accepted and allowed myself to exist as within my mind consciousness system.

I commit myself to when and as I see myself going into/participating in backchat according to the character of ‘I Can do this’, to stop, and realize that I am attempting to manipulate myself through talking myself into certain beliefs/patterns of behavior.

I commit myself to show how just how we’re controlled by our own minds that we’ve separated ourselves from, as how we’ll become completely possessed by character take-overs to the extent that we practically do not even exist here but are only existing as and ‘giving life’ to characters, that are only ever nothing more than illusions, and that we’ve accepted ourselves as these characters so much that the take-over is nearly instantaneous and when it happens it will direct all our internal conversation, our thoughts/feelings/emotions, what we say, how we move, how we act, how we feel physically, such that we’ll no longer be here as ourself as a self willed self directed individual, but will be completely consumed by this character reaction to a certain situation/trigger/event, that that’s all we’ll exist as, which is really extensive mind-control going on.

I commit myself to focusing on reality as who I am and who we really are in reality and what our actual effect on reality is, and to sort out what is reality and what is just a picture and thus not real, so that I can get down to understanding myself and myself as humanity and this existence and how we create what is here, so that I will then be able to create in awareness and create a world that is best for all life, where all can live a dignified life, and none are made to needlessly suffer.

I commit myself to sort out all the ways in which I live as the fear of survival, so that I can stop existing as and being controlled and directed by patterns of fear, and actually find out what it means to really live, to really be here and be an active and aware part and participant in this world, and to actually move myself in consideration of all that is here and how this reality currently functions and operates, so that I can ensure that I move myself in such a way that the part that I play is one that can stand for eternity, as a being that lives in consideration of all life as equal to and as myself, to ensure that who I am as a creator is benevolent and that I actually care as a living expression of who I am.

I commit myself to see through the bullshit of the justification to participate in a character, and realize that it is never of any benefit to participate in and as a character, as when I live as a character, I am not living as myself, and thus as a character, I sabotage myself and diminish myself, and thus I commit myself to realize that it is my actions and who I am as/within the physical that is who I really am, and thus any part of me that I give away to an imaginary character is not real. Within this, I commit myself to bring all parts of myself that I’ve given away to characters, back to myself, to re-amalgamate that which I’ve separated myself from to live as the whole being that I actually am here.

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