Day 164: How to Predict the End of The World and, Consequently, How to Stop It

There’s a lot of hype going around about the End of the World and that it’s maybe going to happen on December 21, which is less than 5 days away. Is the world going to end on December 21? No. There is absolutely no scientific evidence that would indicate the world is going to end in any of the numerous ways that is being predicted that it could happen.

Therefore, those that still want to believe that the world is going to end on December 21, have to make a choice to believe in it, despite the fact that science shows nothing is going to happen. And that’s the thing with consciousness, the con of consciousness, you can make up any fantasy you want and believe in it, and that’s your free will. That is really all that free will is, is the choice to either stick to reality, or live according to a fantasy reality you made up in your mind. Why we would even want a choice between that is really bizarre.

You’ve got one theory that says it’s going to be sun storms that do us in. Another that says a planet is going to smash into us, or a comet will hit us. Or there’s going to be lots of earthquakes. Or an alien invasion. None of which is there any valid scientific evidence for. What this is evidence for, is how we have done a very bad job at educating ourselves effectively as to how this physical reality operates, that we can actually entertain such wild predictions. Which is also indicated by the way we are currently using the earth’s resources in a way that is unsustainable, and thus busy leading to our own unpleasant demise. Not something we’d be allowing to happen if we properly understood the importance of how the physical reality operates and our dependence on it, and that our current actions are in fact harming and destroying it.

Predicting the end of the world is really simple, anyone can do it by looking at what our actions are collectively, meaning, what are we as humanity as a whole busy doing, and what will happen if we continue with what we’re doing. Is what we're doing leading to a world that is best for all life, or leading to the destruction of all life?

Thus it’s simple and easy to deduce when living in a space/time reality where you have cause/effect’ where actions have specific outflows/consequences which if done consistently accumulate over time, and you can thus look at the actions being done on a consistent basis, the consequences it produce, and how that will accumulate, and you can predict what is going to happen. Thus when you, for example, look at the rate which we are consuming resources and changing the substance of the earth into that which is unusable or harmful to life, it is easy to predict we are on the direct path to our destruction. Since it is us that is performing the actions that lead to us, obviously in simplicity what would be required is to stop those actions through which we are destroying ourselves, and instead only take actions that are supportive to life, as a whole. Here’s a vlog about that:

The End of the World has been predicted so many times, and obviously, hasn’t ever once come true. In fact, here’s a list from Wikipedia that lists all the end of the world predictions so far:

It’s becoming so common, since it’s so good for business, maybe we should make Armageddon another consumerism-based holiday like Christmas or Halloween or Thanksgiving, and just celebrate it every year, in fact we can celebrate it at the END of the year, oh wait, we’ve already got a holiday then, scratch that. Guess that’s why it has to always be on some odd date.

For any real, significant change to happen to this world, on December 21 or any day, what would need to End is the current economic system, and have implemented an Equal Money System, through which we can correct our relationship to this physical reality, within our understanding of how it operates and functions, by ensuring that all have access to the most up to date education, and that the education we provide to ourselves is the best it can be by being accurate, practical and relevant to reality, where science is used to the benefit of life, and how best to care for our planet, so that all life may thrive in harmony, and not be harmed for the sake of money.  

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