Day 162: Compassion In War: Artificial Intelligence Drones vs Humans

On the radio the topic of using artificial intelligence driven drones versus actual humans, was being discussed. What was interesting, was one individual was making the point that in battle, in the field, the drones are not able to show compassion, the way that a human could.
Yet it’s the humans that programmed the drones in the first place, and it’s the humans that use them, and thus, whatever the drones do, it’s humans that are responsible. It’s humans that are responsible for having wars in the first place, how is that compassionate, and not in fact the total opposite of compassion?

Compassion would imply caring for everyone equally, as in Jesus’ message of ‘love they neighbor as thyself’. Compassion would mean that we don’t have an economic system that creates poverty and allows beings to starve and be disregarded. Compassion would not be having Holiday celebrations based on consumerism while most of the world suffers. If human beings were really beings of compassion, wouldn’t we implement a system which supports everyone equally, and thus end all War, because there is no reason for it.

The reason we go to war is really just to fight over profit for those who profit from war-related businesses. We’re told that we must do it for all kinds of apparently noble reasons, like to ‘spread democracy in the world’ or to stop revolutions that are apparently a threat to the people of a country. Yet most of this information is out-rightly fabricated as just an excuse to drum up support for wars. For self education on this point watch the documentary series: The Power Principle.

Why do we even have soldiers to fight in wars? How’s it possible to have people whose job it is to actually fight and participate in wars? Well, why do most people join? The actual root reason? Because of the financial stability and benefits such a job offers, compared to the majority of other jobs out there which don’t compare. Well, that is quite a fetching deal, in a system where your survival is not guaranteed, and you’ve got to find a job that will pay enough or you will be living under a bridge. Because the basic necessities that everyone needs, aren’t guaranteed, aren’t made to be a basic right. Gaddafi made housing a basic right in Libya, along with many other benefits to the people of the country, and he was killed for the sake of profits. Killed by troops that are hired to do jobs to make a living.

No one really wants to fight and kill others, unless they’ve been brainwashed with excuses and justifications that make it seem ‘right’ and ‘justified’, and the ‘idea of a soldier’ as a positive thing as presented in stories, video games, news, movies, as ‘patriotic’ or ‘badass’, and not shown the actual reality of what is going on, that most of the fighting is unprovoked, or the provocation was deliberately created, to provide the justification to invade another country. But there is never any lasting benefit to fighting, as when we harm others, we make them enemies, and cannot be surprised to be harmed in turn. Thus to harm others is to harm ourselves, by creating relationships of separation and hate. Those that have played the influential roles in instigating wars, did not care about that, did not care about the consequences, they cared only about profit for themselves, thus they’ve used every psychological tactic and every form of media to convince everyone else that we must go to war and attack others, which you will see in detail in the Power Principle documentary, so they can be very very wealthy, while individuals are going through horrific experiences of killing and being killed, all for no other reason than to line the pockets of those pulling the strings.

Since the primary reason one joins the military is to have financial stability, in an Equal Money System where each and every individual’s survival and quality of life is guaranteed, you wouldn’t be able to pay anyone to fight. Who would want to go through war if they didn’t have to, save the few who have a psychological disorder that have formed an addiction to it like one does to a drug to get a high. Yeah, no one.

Thus real Compassion has to be lived by humans, which would be to have a system that supports everyone. There is no compassion in a world where participating in a war is one of the better ways to provide for oneself and one’s family. That’s actually sadistic. So it’s not the drones compassion we need to be concerned about, since we’re the ones that build and program them and utilize them in harming one another. Why don’t we just build drones for the drones to attack, and not kill anyone at all. No, but seriously, killing people is just as pointless as that. It doesn’t solve anything, as is OBVIOUS because we STILL have WAR, in fact more than ever. Everyone knows fighting is no solution, thus it’s time to live that realization, and implement Equal Money, where the only drones that might be created would be ones that are of actual benefit to life. It’s time to stop using the resources that’s here to destroy ourselves, and stand up for no less than the best life possible for All Life. Real Compassion is the Prevention of War and the atrocities that result from it in the first place, as once the harm is done, it's done.

Equal Money
Prevention is the Best Cure.

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