Day 211: Why Would We Want to Learn From each Other?

Now we're going to continue from the previous post, with looking at why it is that we would want to utilize the tool of 'seeing ourselves in others', why is this such an important tool and what do we do with points once we've found them in ourselves?

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So, here I'm going to get into first the 'why' this tool is so important, and why we would want to totally take advantage of it, because it is in fact a major key to Self Change, something that is so often seen as practically impossible to do. This perception is largely a result of that fact that we have such difficulty in really seeing ourselves, in the first place. Because how can you change that which you don't understand how it works? You really can't. You would even believe that it's impossible, because there just doesn't seem to be any way to change what is largely a mystery. I mean, for the most part, we really have no clue why we do what we do or think what we think, we're just acting out of habit.

Therefore, we have to get to understand ourselves and see ourselves in Self Honesty – that means, who we really are in each and every moment, who am I and what am I living? What is my actual nature? How long would it take for us to really see ourselves if we were alone? If we didn't have 'everyone else' around us to serve as mirrors to who we really are?

I mean, that is really what we should have been doing all along, is learning from each other. Learning what our impact is on others. Learning what appropriate behavior is toward each other and toward ourselves. Utilizing the examples we're living for each other to see the consequences of certain behaviors, actions and choices, to learn what works and what doesn't. What's cool and what's not in terms of living here in this physical reality and coexisting with each other, and all other life here.

Since we're all existing in separate physical forms, how would you know the consequence of your actions without having other beings to interact with to see the consequences of another's actions on you, so that you could learn first hand. So here we are on Earth to learn about consequence and how to live. After all this time being here, it's probably about time we started actually doing that, because, strangely we have been doing anything but.

We've become beings of blame who avoid responsibility in practically every way possible, that it's manifested into our world systems at large as well. For example, if you look at what government is functioning as, it's like we as a whole have tried to put all responsibility on the government to solve problems and made decisions, instead of what the government would be if we were all responsible beings, which would be serving to simply administrate the laws and functions we've decided on, not actually creating policies and changing laws, where essentially the government has been given the power to make decisions instead of all the people together.

We've become beings whose nature is so consequential that we can barely have lasting effective relationships and we become further and further more isolated from each other. Every possible malady we could have is ever increasing, from psychological disorders to diseases, and our participation in the world and community is often nil. We try to live our lives according to the system that is already laid out whether it's really working for us or not, and as a result most of us have to live difficult lives working most of the time to make ends meet.

So, obviously we've got a lot to change in ourselves, to change our nature and stop creating such consequences for ourselves, so we can sort out this reality and our living here and actually have an enjoyable living. We have everything we physically need to do so, so it's only now ourselves that's getting in the way.

And who we are affects us not only on a global/world scale, but on a very direct personal level, within our relationships and our day to day living. For most of us our lives and our relationships are not what we'd like them to be, for one reason or another, or many. So often we are so busy blaming others and everyone else for our experiences, we tend to neglect ever looking at ourself to find our responsibility and thus our power to change ourself, and from there change our world. Thus when we finally have a tool with which to begin to investigate ourselves, we open ourselves up to whole new possibilities to change our lives and living to what we would actually like. Because in getting to know ourselves, we unravel the mystery to how we create consequence in our lives and world, and through understanding, we gain the power to change ourselves, and thus change our lives.

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