Day 111: Validation Character: Imagination Dimension

So, I’m continuing to deconstruct the character of Waiting for Validation, and now I’m going to look at the imagination Dimension. So, what I notice is, when I am about to meet/interact with someone, I’ll go into my imagination about how the meeting/interaction might go, and I’ll either go into a positive/hopeful imagination, or a negative/fearful imagination . In the positive imagination, I’d imagine that the person is going to like me, and we’ll have a good/pleasant/positive interaction, and I will experience myself comfortably and at ease. In the negative imagination, I’ll imagine that the person will not like me, and will react ‘negatively’ toward me, and that the interaction will not go well, with the other person perhaps being ‘mean’ to me, or being uncomfortable with me.

When I imagine them as reacting to me negatively, then I experience the ‘Force’ within me as resistance where I don’t want to face this interaction, then I might start to imagine avoiding the interaction altogether where I’ll imagine finding some excuse/reason to not have to go through with the interaction and will imagine myself as feeling relieved and experiencing myself positively for no longer having to go through with the interaction.

When I imagine them as reacting to me positively, then I form an expectation and hope in my mind where I set myself up to have my expectations ‘crushed’, which will further feed the resistance to interacting with/meeting others. Where the more I give in to and feed this resistance, the stronger the ‘Force’ gets and the harder it is to continue, and the more I feel like I want to give up. 

So, the mind utilize both these positive and negative imagination points to control my behavior, in this case to convince me to essentially give up on myself interacting with others, by utilizing energetic experiences as a ‘Force’ from within that will steer me away from doing that which will expand me into/as my world, such as effectively interacting with people, and thus being effective at my job, and to keep me from the opportunity to get to know the other beings here in my world, and from being here as myself without reactions/thoughts/emotions/feelings/backchat/imaginations distracting me from what is here.

In the next post, we’ll walk the Self Forgiveness and Commitment Statements for the Imagination Dimension of the Waiting for Validation Character.
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