Day 116: Validation Character: Backchat Dimension: Self Commitment Statements

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Continuing with the Backchat Dimension of the Validation Character in walking Self Commitment Statements:

I commit myself to when faced with an opportunity to expand myself in this world within interacting with/meeting others, and I notice myself participating within a relationship toward meeting others within imagination and backchat, I breath and stop participation in the imagination and backchat, and bring myself back here, as I realize that if I continue participating in the imagination and backchat that I am accepting and allowing this pattern to continue to exist within me, and me to live as it, and essentially keeping myself stuck within this pattern, and not actually living.

I commit myself to when facing a moment of self movement and I become aware that I am having a conversation in my mind that is based in energy experiences and only serves the purpose of feeding the mind within energetic experiences, to take a breath and stop participation as I realize that if I continue in that internal conversation/backchat, that I am making the deliberate decision to continue accepting and allowing myself to live out energetic patterns, being taken for a ride by internal experiences in separation from/of myself, and not actually living.

I commit myself to stop fueling energetic experiences within myself by participating in backchat internal conversation as I realize that by participating in these internal conversations is where I allow myself to ‘be talked into’ becoming/activating/living as certain behaviors/characters where I sabotage myself and my living here, and allow myself to limit myself instead of expanding myself within my world and reality.

I commit myself to when/as I notice myself participating in backchat, assist and support myself by breathing and bringing myself back to reality and grounding myself here, where I realize I must actually move myself out of the energetic experience and into physical reality, bringing myself back here to/within the moment in interacting/meeting another being. 

In the following post, we’ll take a look at the Reaction Dimension of the Validation Character.

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