Day 114: Validation Character: Backchat Dimension

Now we’ll continue walking the deconstruction of the Validation Character in taking a look at the Backchat Dimension. For context on the Backchat Dimension read the following posts from the Heaven’s Journey to Life that provides a detailed walk-through of the Backchat Dimension:
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So to recap what we’ve covered thus far within the Validation Character, where first there is the initial thought, as a picture of a person I’m about to meet ‘not liking me’/reacting to me ‘negatively’, which also inevitably creates the positive side of them ‘liking me’, then I’ll go into the Imagination Dimension of imagining how they are going to thus treat me negatively, like being ‘mean’ or ‘nasty’ to me where I’ll play out various scenes in my mind of ‘how the encounter/interaction might go’. Then this is where the Backchat Dimension activate.

So, in having a look at what internal backchat conversation will emerge within me at this point, it is usually something like: “I really hope they are not going to react to me negatively/dislike me” / “I really wish I didn’t have to face this person right now” / If only there was some way I don’t have to go through with this” / “Maybe the other person won’t show up and I won’t have to go through with this”/ “Maybe I could come up with some excuse to not have to meet this person” / “It would be so great if I didn’t have to face this person” / “I am really not feeling up to it right now”

So here you can see how through this internal conversation what I’m doing is talking myself into not going through with what it is before me to do, which is meeting/interacting with another, to within this conversation generate resistance toward following through and instead looking for some way/reason/excuse to avoid the situation entirely, where I would thus compromise myself and my ability to effectively interact with others, and so sabotage myself in all areas of my life, as I require to interact with others as I do not exist alone here, and thus what is best is to assist and support myself to be here and to be effective in my interactions with others, as there is consequence for not living fully in all that I do, as the example that I live within that is one of accepting limitation, accepting oneself to be controlled and directed by resistances and energetic experiences within oneself, which self creates in the first place, which is obviously not any way to live.

In the following post we’ll continue walking the Backchat Dimension within the Practical Application of Self Forgiveness and Commitment Statements.
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