Day 177: We Are All Slave Owners, We Enslave to Own

You know what, we are all slave owners. We’ve just taken measures to not have to see the slavery first hand, so we can pretend it doesn’t really exist. We’ve transferred the task of slave-mastership over to corporations and made corporations the legal ‘owners’ of slaves, if you will, in charge of directing all the slave labor. We made them responsible, yet we all are ‘benefiting’ or utilizing/taking advantage of the slave labor. We gave the corporations the task of ruling/directing the slaves so that we can believe and feel like we’re not the ones actually having slaves, actually ordering slaves around, yet we do it every time we are in line at the coffee shop asking for a latte. The individual/s who are going to prepare and furnish you that latte, are not doing so out of the kindness of their heart because it’s what they’d really like to do, they’re doing it because if you don’t do your job you don’t make a living, and there aren’t enough jobs that provide an effective living, which means most have to choose what they can get. They are doing it out of fear of survival, we have no choice in this system, you find work or you suffer.

What’s really bizarre is that we’re slaves to ourselves. By me saying that I’d like someone to make a coffee for me so let’s have someone in a coffee shop for 40 hours a week, so that I can come in at some point in those 40 hours and have them make me a coffee. Yet, by accepting this system, I’ve made it necessary that I have to work 40 hours a weeks as well. Really, I will rather just make myself some coffee. It will take a lot less time than 40 hours a week. And if I am not working 40 hours a week, I will have plenty of time to make me a nice coffee. We do not need millions of pairs of jeans in shops that no one is even going to buy. Somebody had to make all those jeans, and for what. For all the unsold items to be destroyed so that can’t be used and then thrown away. WTF? 

Yes, that’s right, the unsold clothes get holes punched in them so that can’t be used, as you can see in this article: H&M and Wal-Mart destroy and trash unsold goods and this article: Eddie Bauer Outlet Destroys Unsold Clothing, Throws It Away, where you will find links to more related articles as well. I mean, just because we can and do produce enough clothes for everyone to have clothes, we can’t just clothe everyone can we? No, that would make way too much sense, and wouldn’t make nearly as much profit.

When we’re in the store buying a new pair of jeans, we don’t even consider, where did this fabric come from? What did it take to make it so blue? Or put sequins on it? Or whatever it is. Or how did this underwear get wrapped around this piece of cardboard with a little piece of tape on it and put into this plastic packaging? We don’t see the hands that did this labor, that stand there all day long doing it over and over again. These things are simply not considered. We don’t care how it got there, it’s here and it’s mine and I like it. Doesn’t this remind you of stories and shows that show the nobility of the past, and how they would treat their servants, where they would demand something without any consideration of what it would take to actually create it, and if the servant says, ‘but how on earth will I get that?’ Or, ‘but your majesty that would be impossible.’ And then the royalty will threaten them with some horrible torture or death and often you’ll hear the words ‘I don’t care how you do it, JUST DO IT!’

And this is exactly how we, the 25% of the earth’s population that is living in elite countries in relative comfort compared to the remaining 75% that are in poverty and are working in the corporations that have gone overseas to set up the slave shops somewhere out of sight, so no one has to even think about it, and we can just go on buying the products without caring how it’s done, where they come from, what it took to make them, because we’re not the ones doing it, so we can just blissfully pretend that everything is alright in the world, and I can go on buying my cheap products and getting a sense of satisfaction because I feel like I am royalty that gets all the goodies, and has all this choice and options just laying at my feet. Yet most of what we buy and what is for sale is not practical items, is not even quality items, is not needed, but is just stuff created solely for the purpose of getting you to buy it so someone can make a profit. Without any regard for the effect that all this is having on our world/environment, where we’re busying abusing it in every possible way, which is inevitably going to lead to our own destruction, and then you won’t be owning anything. 

Check out this video Science Of Persuasion for some examples of persuasion tactics involved in getting more sales. Which is just a drop in the bucket of the science that is implemented for the purpose, and effectively so, of getting individuals to buy buy buy, until we make our whole environment go bye bye.

To really get into the history and detail of how humanity has been and continues to be psychologically manipulated, watch the documentary series The Century of the Self

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