Day 142: Maybe we All need our own Personal Apocalypse from Derren Brown?

In this post, we’re going to take a moment here to talk about a new show out by the hypnotist Derren Brown, called ‘Apocalypse’. This show, while entertaining, actually has an important message in what it shows about humanity as we currently exist/function. The premise of the show is that Derren Brown hand selects a guy who is basically just wasting his life away in complacency, and stages an entire ‘end of the world’ scenario for this guy to go through, through convincing him that a meteor shower has struck the world and some lethal disease that turns people essentially into zombies is epidemic, in order to see going through a situation like this where he’s lost everything of the life he knew, if he can get him to appreciate his life and instill this guy with some compassion, courage and responsibility.

Before watching this show, I would highly recommend that you watch the documentaries Human Resources: Social Engineering in the 20th Century, and The Power Principle I-III. As these documentaries really effectively show how our perception of reality can be controlled and directed, influencing the very decisions we make and what we accept and allow to take place in reality. For example, in The Power Principle series, you see how throughout history, and thus still today, media has been very specifically controlled and used to promote certain viewpoints, such as convincing the people of the U.S. that we’ve needed to launch attacks on other countries that were apparently a threat, when no such threat actually existed, yet through the use of social media, such ideas of ‘threats from other countries’ were implanted into people’s minds, and various other tactics used to shape people’s perception of reality, like for example dropping leaflets from airplanes which read ‘this could have been a bomb’ to create fear in people that there were apparently other countries with the capability to drop bombs on you when that was not even the case, all to incite a specific reaction, a specific viewpoint of reality, where essentially, instead of seeing the actual reality in which there was no threat, people now ‘saw’ and alternate reality where there is some enemy needed to defend against. And through these kind of tactics, the invading of other countries was justified, but it wasn’t for the U.S. people’s protection, but for the expansion of business to enslave people and make profits.

So, once you’ve seen those documentaries to get an understanding of how one’s perception of reality can in fact actually be controlled, this new show Apocalypse is a perfect example of how this works. What they did in the show was took over the guy’s sources of information like for example his cell phone, where they sent fake news stories and tweets, to implant the idea of a meteor shower coming, and staged a few more events with people mentioning the imminent meteor showers and seeming to confirm that it was really happening, and so the guy was literally led to believe that it was real, as this is what everything in his reality was seeming to confirm to him. It was on the news, on twitter, people were talking about, etc.

Thus, this so perfectly shows how it is possible to hijack people’s awareness and basically create what perception of reality you want them to see, in order to get them to react how you want. I mean, it worked beautifully in this show, by leading this guy through the experience of losing everything, created a sense of appreciation for the comfortable life he had previously been living and for the people in his life, which he had before taken for granted. It shows how the psyche of the human is easily programmable, as it functions according to specific designs, and thus by introducing the proper input/experiences, you can influence, direct and control a person’s behavior, to a specific desired outcome.

Now if only we had time to stage an apocalypse for everyone, we could knock some compassion, courage and responsibility into humanity. Unfortunately, that is what we’re busy manifesting, only it’s for real, where because we’re not facing the harm we’re doing to our planet and ourselves, we’re busy creating earth to become a living hell, which it already is for many, but if we don’t stop, we’re going to take it to the extreme, from which there is no ‘coming back’.

For billions of beings life is already an apocalypse, as you can see within those documentaries mentioned above, where the focus of their lives is to find the next food to eat to not starve to death, and that is just to put it simply. For them however, they can’t go back to a comfortable life which they’ll now appreciate more, because they are stuck living in a perpetual ‘end of the world’ scenario where they are essentially trapped in a living hell. That is what those of us still living in relative comfort can look forward to, if we don’t stand up to change this. If it has to get to an apocalypse situation for us all to realize and take responsibility, then it’s going to be too late.

Therefore, as/if you watch this show Apocalypse, let it be your own personal wake-up call, to realize what really matters in this reality is to get our asses in gear before it’s too late, to prevent our own Apocalypse scenario For Real. The Solution has already begun to be walked within the Equal Money System, which is designed to transform our economic system from one of death and destruction, to one that supports life to thrive, and no longer be trapped within a system of enslavement for profit that’s busy just sucking away at life like a parasite until nothing of comfort will remain. You do not need a personal apocalypse to move yourself within compassion, courage and responsibility, and you don’t really want it to come to that. So don’t wait and go to to get involved in the formulation of the system we’ve always been waiting for, to set us free from our own chains of fear and apathy, and move ourselves in appreciation of life, and within this to ensure that all have a life that can be appreciated.
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