Day 136: Hurricane Sandy & the NY Marathon: We Know When it's Not Time to Party

So I was reading recently in the news about how in New York the mayor had decided to go on with a scheduled marathon that was held every year. This just 5 days or so after hurricane Sandy went through and many residents in some areas of New York still without power and requiring support. The point that was being brought up was how can you go on with such an event when people are in dire conditions who need assistance, so it’s really not the time to go on with a big party.

What this shows about us, is that we are in fact well aware that there are priorities – that when it comes to people in need, that that should come first. However, this doesn’t explain how it is that we every day allow billions of being to suffer, and we go on with our events and celebrations, and never give a moment’s thought. How when we’re busy celebrating Halloween for example and passing out candy to kids, there are thousands of children dying each day, so on Halloween thousands of children died, while we held a celebration and gave out free candy and treats, without giving a moment’s thought to those who aren’t getting treats from us, but wound up with the ‘tricks’ – brutal suffering from a system of inequality which we’re allowing to exist.

Or how about when we celebrate Christmas, handing out gifts to ‘friends and family’ while so many are suffering in the world. How come no one calls a stop to these celebrations? When it’s obvious that we understand that some things come first, like making sure everyone is Cared for and no one in Suffering.

Now let’s have a look at why it is the mayor most likely made the decision to go on with marathon – Money. And why is this? Because in the world as we’ve created it and accept it to be, we’ve made money our God, where money is the primary influencing factor of all the decisions we make. The mayor is in charge of looking out for the city and the city requires money to effectively function. A marathon makes money, probably not so much when it’s cancelled/delayed. So it’s really a stupid position we’ve placed ourselves in, where we find ourselves making choices between doing what makes sense, and what makes money, because we’ve created a system where money is more important than life.

I mean, what would happen if we did stop celebrations like Christmas and Halloween in light of the fact that it’s actually really Evil to party while allowing billions of other to suffer – well businesses would sure suffer a hit, as the holidays are big time revenue for many many businesses that cash in on all the ‘specialized’ products that sold in order to ‘celebrate’ these holidays. And since the workers of most big businesses only get a small portion of its pay such that they live paycheck to paycheck, if the business does bad, they will probably get less or get laid off, and so this means that individual’s incomes will be decreased and their quality of living will go down. So are those business owners and their employees going to stand up and say ‘hey – this isn’t right to be celebrating while so many suffer – let’s stop’. Obviously not. So here, an example of how we’ve allowed ourselves to be enslaved to money, because our very survival and quality of life is not guaranteed, and so we have to make choices and do whatever it takes to get what we need, even if it means screwing others.

So what can we see from the case of the marathon? That we do realize that we’ve got issues to sort out, that we’re putting off and postponing because we’re doing fine, meanwhile billions are suffering.

Thus here we’re blaming a politician for exactly the same thing that we’re all living – thus the point here is to realize how this is a reflection of who we are and what we’ve accepted as our reality – because we’ve placed value in money instead of in life, so that we make choices that are based on money, in the disregard of life. And that we do in fact realize that we have a responsibility here to make sure that everyone is getting the necessary care and support, just like those living through hurricane Sandy, and anyone that’s been in a situation like that knows first hand – that we should be making sure that Everyone is Cared for as that is what one would like for oneself, and thus we have to give to ourselves that which we’d like, and make sure that Everyone is cared for on this Earth, through establishing an Equal Money System in which all life will be supported. As we’re well aware that in disaster situations we need to take care of those in need, and this whole world is practically in a disaster situation, thus it’s time to get to our priorities in making sure that we’ve left no one out and all are considered and cared for, as then we can really Celebrate without it being partying in Evil Ignorance while others suffer and go without assistance. It’s time to create a world where where suffering is not ignored and allowed, where life itself is a celebration in each and every moment.
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