Day 130: Validation Character: Fear Dimension (Part 4)

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This post is a continuation to:
Day 129: Validation Character: Fear Dimension (Part 3)

In this post, we’re continuing from where we left off in the last post, with now walking Self Commitment Statements in relation to the Self Forgiveness specifically on the Fear Dimension that I wrote out in the previous two posts.

Fear Dimension: Self-Commitment Statements:
I commit myself to assisting and supporting myself to see that I can no longer accept and allow myself to give in to these points of temptation and to put my Wants before my Responsibilities, as this not only creates consequence in my world/reality, but in the entire/greater world/reality as the example that I am living within putting my Wants before my Responsibilities, is saying to all to go ahead and do the same, and ignore the consequence we’re creating for ourselves and all of life. And so I commit myself to showing how putting our Wants before our Responsibilities is creating the consequence in this world that we are facing and that by ensuring that I tend to my responsibilities First, and then to my preferences, is what will manifest a world that is without unnecessary consequence.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to no longer accept the fear of ‘missing out’ to drive me and determine my actions and what it is that I do/don’t do in this world/reality, specifically in steering me away from taking care of my practical responsibilities, as I see, realize and understand that I am in fact not ‘missing out’ on anything that is real or relevant to my situation/reality that I’m facing at the moment, but that I am in fact missing out on life, by giving up on opportunities to be here and move myself in self-direction and self-will to do what is required to be done here to clean up the mess we’ve made as the responsibilities that we’ve disregarded for so long, because we’ve put our Wants before our Responsibilities.

I commit myself to stop as if I am still a child where I have no responsibilities or considerations and only seek my own entertainment, to stop essentially throwing tantrums within myself toward what is here as my responsibilities, and thus I commit myself to stop participating in alternate realities in my mind as ‘positive experiences’ which are really just illusions in my mind, and not relevant to actual reality as what I face here in the moment, and that the positive experience I’m desiring/wanting/following can’t actually be real if it is in separation from reality and making sure that we clean up our mess here in reality, and thus where such positivity is actually coming at the cost of life as I busy myself with seeking positive experiences instead of tending to my responsibilities here.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to prioritize my responsibilities and preferences and putting my responsibilities first before my preferences, and taking care of what is here before me to be done, to get down to real living, and not just living chasing some ‘positive fantasies’ in my mind that seek to distract me from my responsibilities at hand, further postponing and creating consequence, as I see, realize and understand that it’s time for me to take on my responsibilities, and for all of humanity to stop participating in this Consumerism Brainwashing of only considering ‘what I Want’ and ignoring our Responsibility, so that we can rather align ourselves to living in a way that we do not allow a Personality/Character to get in the way of our Practical Responsibilities here, and so get in the way of ourselves Really Living and Expressing ourselves here, and creating a world where all life a fulfilled and dignified Life, where life is Cared for as we Care for our Responsibilities.

As I see, realize and understand that when we are standing here as Beings that Take Care and tend to that which is Important and do not postpone but get to it Immediately, that we then prevent unnecessary consequence from manifesting, as what has essentially happened and been happening as we’ve been living as chasing Positivity in the Mind, and never considering the deliberate Consequences we’re manifesting here as a result of not being here in each moment and living fully, but being in our Mind following images and energy-experiences.

And thus, I commit myself to focus on the Responsibilities at hand, which is firstly to sort myself out and all the ways that I live as self interest, and align myself with the principles of what is best for all, and to stand as an example in how to manifest the best possible world which is far beyond what we are living as now, and supporting the development and implementation of an Equal Money System, through which we’ll change the world on the greater scale through implementing a system where the starting point is Consideration and Care for All Life, to establish a ‘Positive’ Experience on Earth In Fact as an actual Reality, as manifesting Heaven on Earth, and get out of the ‘Positive’ Fantasy in one’s Mind based on Energetic-Experiences, so that we stop seeking ‘happy’ experiences at the expense of Life, but rather manifest a Reality where Life is Fun in Fact for all beings.
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