Day 125: Validation Character: Physical/Behavior Dimension (Part 5)

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In this post, we’re continuing with Self Commitment Statements in relation to the Physical/Behavior Dimensions of the Validation Character. For further context also read from the Heaven’s Journey to Life blog:

Positive Dimension Internal Changes Self Commitments:
I commit myself to ‘flag point’ moments in which I notice myself physically/mentally feeling better about doing something else in my Imagination, Backchat and Reactions, that is now making my body feel the opposite as it did just a moment ago. Where for example, it goes from my legs feeling weak, my heart palpitating, my body stiff and hard to move, a tightness in my shoulders, and nausea, to then suddenly feeling relieved, and my body feeling light and energetic. To within this, when and as I see this taking place, to question how it is that I can go from one moment being stable here as myself, then in the next moment go into such extremes of feeling one way as ‘negative’ and to then suddenly experiencing myself ‘positively’, that is going to lead me into not staying here and fulfilling the task before me and into temptation to do something else/avoid the situation.

Thus, I commit myself to assist and support myself to see, realize and understand that I am in that moment facing a responsibility to do something which will influence/effect my world and my future, and thus what I’m actually doing within accepting and allowing myself to manipulate the experience of my physical body to manipulate myself to follow the positive and avoid the situation at hand, is essentially making myself feel good about not doing that which is before me to do which would expand myself and my world, rather making myself feel good about accepting limitation.

Therefore, I commit myself to through writing, self forgiveness, and commitment statements, walk myself out of these positive/negative energy games I play within my mind, within a relationship toward the physical, and so establish myself as the living word by living as expression within actually moving and directing myself here, where I actually move myself to follow through with the task at hand, and so become the living directive principle of/as myself and no longer becoming possessed within a character/personality where I allow myself to be directed by/within positive/negative energy-experiences.

Negative Dimension External Changes Self Commitments:
I commit myself to establish real communication with/as my physical body, to see what it is my physical is in fact showing me that I am participating in/living as, through the physical conditions that manifest as a result of my participation in the mind, in giving power to the mind and giving myself up to the mind, as the Imagination, Backchat and Reactions and Energetic-Experiences. For example where I experience the physical conditions where my body slouches/shoulders droop and I start shifting from one foot to the other, to see that my shoulders drooping indicate I’m putting a strain on myself as I was doing within my mind, by going into and participating in a negative reaction/experience toward/within the moment as ‘hopelessness’, and how me shifting from foot to foot, indicates how I was participating in my mind as ‘anxiety’.

In the following post, we’ll continue with Self Commitments Statements for the Negative and Positive Dimension External Changes.
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