Day 94: I Can’t Afford It: Commitment Statements

I commit myself to stop all points where I take an experience personally where I form and participate in an internal experience within myself, as that removes me from reality and from doing anything about reality and traps me in a pointless internal experience, that ensures that I become so hopelessly lost in thoughts/feelings/emotions toward something that I do nothing at all in actual reality, except harm my physical body which suffers the consequence of participation in energy generation utilizing its physical resources, so that I can stick to the facts as what is taking place in actual reality and find solutions that actually will lead to a more effective reality that is best for all, which would be a reality where everyone has access to what they require to live effectively.

I commit myself to realizing that the concept/notion/idea that I have ‘failed as a person’ because I am not able to afford everything I require, is a concept proliferated so that I will go into blame toward myself for my situation, and never consider/realize/look at the system where I would see that it is actually designed to not support everyone, as capitalism requires that many fail in order for a few to make profit, and thus as long as I am participating in a personal experience, I am thus fallen in the trap of a personal experience, instead of accepting what is here, meaning to stop creating conflict within myself toward the situation the currently exists, and to consider what options are actually available to me, and what actions I can take, and then actually taking what actions I can that will lead to real change, so that I have transformed myself from doing that which leads to no change, to doing that which leads to change, and thus taken a pro-active stance within no longer taking it personally, but taking self response-ability and working toward a solution.

I commit myself to exposing/showing exactly what is going on in this world, as I realize that is the only and the best way that we can sort out this world as this mess that we’ve created/are creating, so that we can actually face what we’re allowing, to be able to get an understanding of the problems and how we create them, to then be able to find solutions and implement them, and then end the abuse that we were fearing to expose in the first place.

I commit myself to not waiting for some event/situation to take place in my direct world/reality before I will even consider the abuse that is taking place, but to take a pro-active stance to educate myself and get to know my world and reality and what exactly is going on so that I can ensure that we’re manifesting a reality that is the best possible for all life, which I cannot do if I do not understand how and what I/we as humanity create here.

I commit myself to showing that we do realize the abuse that we’re creating in the world and that it is our responsibility to stop it because we are the ones allowing it and it’s those of us that is supported by the system that must take action, as we’ve allowed the majority to become enslaved to such an extent that they are not even able to take action as they are too busy with merely trying to survive from one moment to the next.

I commit myself to living the example of not taking it personally according to an idea of ‘status’ or ‘self worth’ that is based on how much money one makes/has, as all are equal in worth as life, and none is more or less than another, as we are all equally here. Within this, I commit myself to exposing how within the current system everyone does not start out on a level playing field, nor is the field at any time level, and where if you are born in lack you are almost 100% guaranteed that you will never get much beyond where you already are, and thus where you’re born largely determine what opportunities/chance one has to have a dignified life where one has adequate access to one’s needs, and thus I commit myself to living as a being with real integrity, respect, and honor for life by doing whatever it takes to stop the system which abuse life for profit and establish a system in which all can have a dignified life.

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