Day 91: No More Disappointment – Commitment Statements

I commit myself to realize that the Disappointment character is a character that I created within me which utilize the resources of my human physical body and turn it into energy that I then experience, and where the creation of that energy depletes and diminishes my human physical body, and thus to participate in any character is to do harm to my physical human body, and thus why I commit myself to investigating myself from top to bottom til I root-out each and every character I’ve existed as, so that I can stop the participation in characters and live here as myself as the physical, constant and stable, and not depleting and harming myself through participation in energetic experiences which is not really living.

I commit myself to realizing that I am the cause/creator of the experience of disappointment, and thus when I experience disappointment, to realize that I am creating it, and thus that I am the solution to it, and that I must simply reverse the decision to participate in this character, into the decision not to, within the realization that when I choose to participate in this character that I am enslaving myself to an experience of energy and not allowing myself to be free from energetic experiences to really live and express myself as who I really am here as the breath, as the physical, not thoughts/emotions/feelings which are just energetic experiences depleting the physical resources of my body and causing it to deteriorate, so when I participate in energetic experiences I am actually busy killing myself slowly but surely to where I will eventually meet a gruesome end, so rather not walk that path, and thus I commit myself to realizing and reminding myself of the consequences at stake when and as I see myself participating in/about to participate in an energetic experience, to give myself the opportunity to stop, and reverse the dedication that I’ve been living to having and existing as energetic experiences and characters, into commitment to stop the mind to live as a real being here, where I am silent and dark within, where I can from that darkness and silence, truly express.
I commit myself to when and as I see myself going into/about to go into the character of Disappointment, to stop, breathe, and look at how I am disappointing myself, in where/how I have let myself down, within manifesting this experience of disappointment, so that I can see where it is that I require to stand and take self responsibility to expand and direct myself in a way that’s best for life.
I commit myself to reversing my trust that I have placed within the experience of the character of disappointment, wherein I’ve come to trust that I will go into and experience and participate in this character, and thus to instead place that same trust in that I will not participate in this character, for it is the trust that I place in that I will live as this character that ‘keeps me’ living as this character, over and over and over again and never changed, and so it is to simply take the trust I am already living, and simply now reverse it to living instead of enslavement, so that I can expand and grow to my full potential as a being that is actually present and aware and that can have an actual impact on the world/reality.

I commit myself to getting to know exactly how I’ve designed myself as the mind, piece by piece, layer by layer, so that I can take myself back from everywhere I’ve given up my self direction to my mind as how I’ve programmed myself to react to even just a single image in my mind where I become totally possessed just by accepting and believing in a single thought as if it is myself and who I am, as that is not living but walking dead, as repeating the memories of the past which are dead and gone and living the same patterns over and over, instead of living for real in each and every moment a new moment, a new breath.

I commit myself to realizing that when I go into the Disappointment character, that I’m actually placing myself as a victim to reality, because I’ve in some way ‘given up’ on myself, where instead of directing myself and my reality, I isolate and cut myself off from reality by going into the entire experience associated with the Disappointment character, as the specific backchat/internal conversations/emotion/feeling reactions that come up, thus instead of being here and fully participating in my world and reality, I am going into an experience within myself, which indicates that I have accepted to rather be in my mind that to be here, and thus I must be manifesting my own disappointment, because I’ve dis-Appointed myself as one who can actually be here and participate in reality, and thus I commit myself to investigate and identify every way in which I have dis-Appointed myself, and re-Appoint myself as the Solution, by not accepting myself to ‘leave reality’ by going into my mind, but to remain here in each and every moment and trust myself to face reality no matter what.

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