Day 186: WAR: What is it Good For: Killing People, and WORSE

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So, let’s look at one of the most obvious Problems with WAR: Human Casualties

This blog is a continuation from a previous introductory post: Day 184: Equal Money Capitalism Ends WAR through PREVENTION


In doing some research on human casualties of War, I watched this documentary – Life & Death in the War Zone which documents a “Combat Support Hospital”, which is a mobile hospital that was located at an airbase in Balad, northwest of Baghdad. Watch to get the first-hand perspective of what goes on in such a make-shift hospital facility in a war zone, the gruesome cases of extreme injuries that they have to face and the tough choices they have to make within it all. Be forewarned - it is not for the faint of heart.

What’s really insane, is that all the effort you’ll see in this documentary put out by all those involved, all the doctors and crews, all the work done to set up the facility, and of course dealing with all the wounded, performing extreme surgeries in the attempt to ‘save’ a life to some level of functioning not what it was before, and then only to have them die anyway.

As you watch this documentary, look at all the manpower, whole teams of people, that is involved in just trying to ‘save’ one life, when really the damage has been done, and now it’s trying to put a torn up human body back together in a way that will make it as functional again as possible – yet – none of this even need happen. All that work that needs to be done, to try to care for those who’s had their physicals torn apart, when none of that is even necessary, and can all be prevented, and in fact, just shouldn’t be happening in the first place. What has it taken for us to even accept this to happen, that we actually allow it to get to the point where we are now scrambling to put back together a shattered body?

All this work, all these individuals to go on missions and attacks and prepare for the injuries that WILL happen, it Is Guaranteed. I mean, how stupid is it really to be creating a mess right in front of us and then trying to mop it up right after. Except it’s real human lives that are being destroyed. Mothers. Daughters. Fathers. Brothers. Children.

Nobody really wants to do these things. Nobody wants to see people get injured, nobody wants to get injured, but it’s a job, a way to make a living in a system where there is a shortage of jobs from which to make a living. Which puts all but the elite in between a rock and a hard place to make an income to support themselves and their families. And unfortunately, some believe it is for a good cause, like defending one’s country, not realizing or seeing the bigger picture, how we create our enemies by attacking others. I mean, attacking and killing people is Not how you make Friends. We Know this.

The situation for most of those that become casualties in war is even worse than simply being injured – in war, there is limited supplies and sometimes none at all, and so you can forget about getting proper medical treatment for your wounds. Whatever you’ve got, if you don’t happen to be on the winning side, which is the one with the most money-support and thus the most and best medical supplies, then you are just out of luck, and your wounds will fester, and you are likely to lose limbs or die, from wounds that could have been treated with the proper supplies. How many beings, injured in war, and just stuck to suffer with no treatment, nothing they can do about. I mean, imagine – your very flesh burned off your body and there is nothing for the pain, nothing to treat the burns, nothing, no hope, only horrible, horrible pain. Can you imagine what it would be like, to be in such a hopeless situation?

If you have ever been in a situation where you were sick or injured, even if it wasn’t that serious as life-or-death, and someone helped you out, or you had the proper medicine to treat yourself, I’m sure you can remember what it was like to have that assistance, and to get relief from your ailment, and to know that you’ve got the care you needed, and you are going to be alright.

That’s how we like it to go, and yet we know it is not that way for many people. We see these atrocities and what do we do? We get more thankful that that is not our situation, we decide to focus more on how grateful we are to have what we need and have access to the best care, and then completely turn away from the atrocities taking place, as if it has nothing to do with us.

We have just accepted this as ‘the way things are’ and don’t even consider finding a solution to the situation. We don’t even consider that there Could be a solution. We imagine if such atrocity were to happen to our own children, if they were to have their limbs blown off by a bomb, it is like beyond horror, and yet it happens to children every day, but we don’t care about those children. Missing the point that if it can happen to anyone’s children, it can happen to anyone’s children, including yours. And therefore why it is so important that we stop war from happening at all, so that it can’t happen to anyone, anywhere.

War – it just seems so big, too big to stop, we can all see just how ingrained it is, within the relationships we’ve formed toward each other as ‘countries’. How we have bought into this idea that countries are like ‘sports teams’ yet the sport is killing each other’s families. Many buy into the idea that ‘we have the best military’ out of everyone else, so there’s ‘nothing to worry about’, we won’t be the ones having a war in our country, in our streets, our children our safe – yet this is a lie fed to keep the people supporting war, and allowing it to take place, instead of questioning it, instead of demanding that there must be another way, than to hold our dying child in our arms as they die with half their head missing taken off by some explosion. Because if we questioned things and investigated what’s going on, we’d see that we are fighting wars for an extremely small portion of the population to get massive profits from all the money made, who obviously care more about living their personal life of luxury, then the horrific suffering taking place and that has taken place, to provide them with that luxury. The fact is, if war exists, it can happen anywhere.

What kind of a world is this to have children in? We explain to children why there is war – because there are bad guys that want to do harm, and as a child, this just doesn’t make sense. And that’s because it doesn’t make sense. There are no ‘bad guys’ that ‘just want to do harm’. But that’s what we’re told, and eventually as we grow up and can understand reasoning more, we are given more elaborate reasons as to why war exist, and why it apparently must, and that it’s impossible to just stop it.


So, is there a Solution to stop Human Casualties of War?

Absolutely. The most obvious solution being to stop War. But how do we do that? Is it really as simple as stopping? Well, yes. That is the first place to start. See, it’s really believed that ‘war is necessary’ because we have to protect ourselves from the ‘bad guys’ out there, but what isn’t yet realized, is that we’ve created all those ‘bad guys’. They have deliberately been put in place, to use as an excuse to keep having wars. Because war is really, really, good for business. We will discuss that point in a blog post to come, so stay tuned for that, it will be fascinating.

So war is really not necessary. It is all about control of resources, and basically we, the ‘average people’, join the military to have a stable income with benefits, and fight the wars for the guys at the top of the big businesses that profit from war. It is about controlling other countries to get cheaper prices and access to resources to be sold for profit. It has nothing to do with securing resources for the average individuals to have a better life, because then, wouldn’t every single person have a home? Wouldn’t everyone have food? But instead all we see is those at the top getting richer.

So once we all get aware of this, we can actually stop war. The main reason anyone joins the military, is because it is the best job they can get. In Equal Money Capitalism, the job situation will be sorted out, so that everyone can have the best quality of life by getting fair compensation for one’s labor, so you won’t have people choosing jobs for the money, and everyone is guaranteed a job, because it’s understood that a job is one’s survival, and thus there must be sufficient jobs to employ everyone, and they will be jobs that don’t involve attacking countries and killing their people.

It may take some time to sort out the brainwashing of separation that’s been done that cause hate between people in order for them to justify going to war with each other, but really such enmity has never been the actual cause for going to war with another, it has only ever been the justification, because there never really is any cause. And once there are job options that don’t involve putting oneself in harm’s way, facing being killed, facing the hardship of being in a war zone, being away from one’s family, not knowing if you are going to make it home every again, or even be alive the next day, the next moment, it is going to be very difficult, if not impossible, to convince anyone to go to war.

We’ll go up to here for now, and continue in the next post, and take a look at what kinds of REWARDS we will get from stopping War and the Human Casualties that result from it. I guarantee there will be some Rewards, which you hadn’t even considered, so stay tuned..

In the meantime, to further your Self Education watch the documentary Life & Death in the War Zone mentioned above, and also watch:

"Award winning journalist John Pilger examines the role of Washington in America's manipulation of Latin American politics during the last 50 years leading up to the struggle by ordinary people to free themselves from poverty and racism. Since the mid 19th Century Latin America has been the 'backyard' of the US, a collection of mostly vassal states whose compliant and often brutal regimes have reinforced the 'invisibility' of their majority peoples. The film reveals similar CIA policies to be continuing in Iraq, Iran and Lebanon. The rise of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez despite ongoing Washington backed efforts to unseat him in spite of his overwhelming mass popularity, is democratic in a way that we have forgotten or abandoned in the west. True Democracy being a solid 80% voter turnout in support of Chavez in over 6 elections"

This documentary is so important because it shows the deception going on and how the United States has not been supporting democracy in fact, but has been 'indirectly' taking over countries for the sake of controlling resources for profit.

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