Day 178: Money & Speed: Inside the Black Box

Individuals are busy watching documentaries to get a self-education into what’s going on in this world, here is another one for you: Money & Speed: Inside the Black Box

What will this documentary do for you? This one shows how we haven’t got a clue how our very economic system is operating, so check it right away, to expand your awareness with the facts of how we’re running our money system – or rather, how we’re NOT running it, as we’ve essentially let machines/computers take over. Yes, it is just like in the movies where the robots take over, only they didn’t have to do it by force, because we just weren’t even paying attention. But wait… I suppose these machines didn’t just build and program themselves in the first place, did they?

Nooope, that was us. We built them, and programmed them, and then let them ‘take over’, which there’s no problem with using machines to do things like mathematical calculations which they are far superior at than human beings and our so limited minds, yet before we let the machines have at it, we didn’t make sure that they would work together in a harmony to produce a world that’s best for all. We made lots of separate machines to calculate for our own individual interests, and let them run without checking if there would be any consequences to anyone or anything else. Like for example, the planet, nature, animals, other humans.

So, once again, we are faced with the blunt truth – we are indeed responsible for everything we’ve done, because, obviously, we did it, you can’t blame anyone or anything else but ourselves. We try to pin it on the machines that we created, when asked what is going on in the system, we throw our hands up and say ‘I have no idea’ with a little laugh like this is really no Big Deal. When the resulting hand that most have been dealt is anything but Ideal. We have no idea what’s going on. And this is the very system that we utilize to get access to our needs. Is that the kind of thing one should let run amok, when lives are at stake?

One of the speakers in the documentary brings up a very basic point that many are now coming to realize:
‘The wealth can either be distributed evenly, or wealth can be distributed unevenly. And wealth can be distributed unevenly among people, and it can likewise be distributed unevenly and evenly between people and machines’

Really it is that simple. To throw our hands up like ‘who knows how it works’ when we’ve got mass amounts of people starving, almost no one but the very top elite living a life of dignity, is, to put it bluntly - quite stupid. Because machines are masters at calculations, and will carry out whatever function we program them with, therefore it is really either we programmed them to allow mass poverty and only a few to get richer and richer, or we’ve programmed them to ensure everyone gets everything they need to live a full and dignified life with nothing but the best of everything.

It’s up to three to four hundred million dollars for the facility in which to do the trading because it is electronic, and there must be as little interruption of threat to the signal and to the flow of electricity as possible. So they look at every possible factor which could have affect when planning these facilities, which are also very heavy power users. So here is a lot of power, time, planning, and of course money to go into building these places, which have no function to actually serve/benefit life itself. So this is like for example if the body were to develop a tumor, which is a growth that is like a parasite on the human body that is not benefiting the body but taking up resources and effecting the functioning of the body detrimentally, while other parts are going without.

Those that have the most expensive buildings with the least delay had the most up to date information. And within just a few seconds enough money can be made for one to retire. For having done nothing at all of any practical value/worth in reality, and while millions go homeless, billions in poverty, thousands dying daily from starvation. Does that make any kind of sense? Why don’t we just have a system where everyone automatically gets what each one needs.

Months and months to investigate what happened that caused this crash in the market. What we can rather do, is prevent it from happening in the first place, and prevent all the suffering taking place in the system, by redefining the system in such way that such trading to make money is not allowed, as it is really only a way seeking a free lunch, when there is no such thing. This is being done through the Equal Money Capitalism initiative.

Those that are taking advantage in this system to profit without adding anything of substance in reality, should be held accountable for their actions, as they’re literally stealing from the labor of others. Yet there are ‘disclosure rules’ so that you can’t get the actual names of those involved. When all our lives are in the balance should there be disclosure rules? What purpose are those disclosure rules serving? Obviously to protect those making a profit without regard for the harm they are causing within the whole system leading to mass poverty and suffering. In Equal Money Capitalism there will be nothing hidden, and profit will be entirely redefined, as well as pricing, in such way that no one is losing out or being stolen from at the cost of their well-being.

What’s the solution? This trading should simply not exist. It’s only for the sake of profit and has nothing to do with benefiting life, it is only to capitalize on life. The majority who participate in it will lose, as that is what must happen for the few who profit, that profit comes from somewhere, and it comes from all the others who lose out. So it’s just like a casino system, which functions to simply resort money, from the pockets of many into the pockets of a few, with the many paying up and losing out, because they hoped to be one of the lucky ones.

So why have we made a good life a matter of luck, when we can rather design the system to provide all with the best life. Who wouldn’t like the best life, and when all are supported effectively, everyone benefits. So it’s in our best interest to have everyone be supported. You are one of those everyone, and you could be any one of them, you would want the best life no matter which one you are, wouldn’t you?

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