Day 196: The 4th of July - Are We Really Independent?

Last night I listened to the fireworks that were being set off somewhere rather quite nearby, as I could hear quite distinctly the sounds of the combustion burning up in the air like to quite some detail. The loud bangs and hissing and whistling went on for a few hours. From where I was, lying in bed, I did not see any flashing lights, all I heard was the sounds. Sounds like those you would hear in warfare, and it would be bombs and missiles, and there would probably also be the element of the sound of things breaking and being busted accompanying the loud blasts. As I lay there, I allowed myself to really question why we do this, why do we have a celebration where we blast fake bombs into the sky with flashy lights, and really have a look at just what it is we’re doing, how we react to this event, what we get out of it, what’s our relationship to/with it? Does it make sense, or is it really extremely bizarre?

It’s as if through this display, a big fanfare of energetic blasts it’s as if to say, ‘everything’s fine, everything’s alright, look we’re doing so ok that we can celebrate, I mean, we wouldn’t celebrate if things weren’t ok right? Our society and economy obviously must be stable and going along just fine if we’re able to put on such a display, right? 

Yet meanwhile all the same problems are still going on in the world, as is. Everything is obviously not fine, and bombs are dropping in places where such sounds are scaring the living shit out of people because such sounds are the sounds of bombs and missiles and mean you could die at any moment, or have yourself be blasted apart or who knows what atrocity.

I used to see the 4th of July as a positive thing, but it was really my imagination about it, as the idea I had of it, as how it was presented to me as a child, and I associated it with positive things, like holiday from school, you get to play and everybody is putting on a good mood, and there is cheesecake or pie or some such yummy thing you get to indulge in. And it is something different from the ‘norm’, a break from the ‘day to day’ same-old routine- not realizing that such things are like ‘coping mechanisms’ which assist us to ‘put up with’ the day to day drudgery by giving a little break from it for a moment so it doesn’t seem so bad, and then I can continue on just waiting til the next break. And I learned to associate positivity to the U.S., and the American flag, like ‘hooray for our team!’, like the positive feeling that’s associated with sports and teams and winning and being proud of ‘your team’ because ‘you’ve won’ and so all these things that I’d associated as positive through memories, is what I was really seeing the 4th of July as/through - I was just reliving the experiences and feelings of those previous memories and experiences, and not actually seeing it for and as what/how it really is, in the context of reality and what is really going on in the world.

Now when you just look at it in actuality for what it is, it’s really quite a pompous act from a country who has done such extensive harm in the world, perhaps the most out of any country, with its people brainwashed enough to think it is the greatest country while it has rained down so much terror on the world, with it’s ‘war on terror’ which is really a war of terror, because we are really the terror, that tears this world apart through force and fear, tears apart humanity by wreaking such harm to terrorize us and drive us further and further apart, from who we are as equals here, from standing together and living together in unison, which I mean, I though it was called the ‘united’ states but there is nothing about actual ‘unity’ about it – it is about the destruction of unity, it is about one country that unites together to cause untold harm in apparently protecting its own self-interest, which it then celebrates with fake bombs, celebrating the real  bombs and warfare and harm that did not actually procure our freedom, but served to make a few a lot of money, while many have fought and suffered and died in unnecessary wars that were only ever for the greed of a few, because war is not how you gain ‘independence’, war is in fact how we have caused dependence of the countries we ravage that now can’t stand on their own and require assistance. 

There has been numerous cases of this which are documented throughout history and it still goes on today, you just will not find it in the mainstream media, as that is privately owned and the information it puts out is controlled to shape a rather different version of reality, which is how we can end up thinking the U.S. is great despite the reality that is actually going on and that others are experiencing the consequences of first hand. For some education on this suggest to watch the documentary The War on Democracy.

It’s quite a reflection of our general total disregard for life here as we don’t consider what effect this event of blowing things up for no reason might have on all the other beings that exist here, or using the up the finite resources of the earth which we are already squandering excessively putting more and more pressure on our overburdened ecosystem, but just impose our celebration because we want it and we only care about ourselves and our own feel-good experience, and we don’t even know what impact this might have on the environment or how this may effect for example animals that are sensitive to sounds. I mean, for example, the cat that I take care of and who is sensitive to loud sounds and events did not come home to be fed until well after all the explosions had stopped, so she was quite likely hiding somewhere terrified and very hungry, but so often we are only thinking about ourselves at all, just existing within our imagination throughout the day in our own separate reality bubble, where the beings you interact with you don’t even consider them as beings equal to yourself, but they are just mere actors or props in your play in your mind that you are the star of, just like in hollywood. Stuck in the memories and feelings of past experiences, ignorant to the effect we’re having in reality, the harm we’re causing through attempting to live out our imagination onto reality, where if we would but simply look at what we’re doing and the effect we’re having we would see it, and so our ignorance is really just an illusion as it’s all happening right here in front of us.

The ironic thing is - we actually have no independence, whatsoever. Our living, our lifestyle, it all is dependent on many many individuals who are not even U.S. citizens, as in all the outsourced slave labor which we depend upon daily for so much of our products that we utilize in all aspects of our lives and living. How can we pretend/think/believe we have independence when you don’t even know where the food in your grocery store comes from, or who made the shirt you’re wearing, where dividends on your investments come from – somewhere individuals are doing labor that provides these things, and you are depending on them. We live off of the labor of others while taking them totally for granted at the same time, ignoring the fact that there are millions and billions enslaved while we go and celebrate how the U.S. has managed to create so many slaves for us to provide us with all sorts of consumer products, which we then become enslaved so that we can buy buy buy. It’s the American Dream isn’t it?

So we are not independent, we’re interdependent, because we all live here on this same planet. Interdependence is not a problem, it is the fact that we are all connected within this shared reality and all living here together, and thus what one do effects all, and thus within this we must ensure that what we do and what we support is harming no one because that will have consequences in a shared reality.  

And when we are also totally dependent on our ecosystem to live – yet we trash it and disregard it as if we had some form of independence from it. Yet without the resources that the earth provides unconditionally, your body would not be supported and your body would die and you would be gone, and that is about as dependent as you can get. Within this, implies that we must then take the utmost care of our ecosystem and each other in a way that is best for all life.

I mean, when we get to that point, that would really be something to celebrate. When we get to the point where the best life is a basic human right for everyone. 

Basic Income Guaranteed

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