Day 195: Why Don't You Get Paid Enough?

How is it that the vast majority of us go to jobs where the profit of our labor goes to someone else? Does that even make sense in any conceivable way? How could we have possibly accepted such a system? I mean, it is really bad mathematics. You should get out what you put in, therefore if you put in your labor, you should get out the benefit or the compensation for that, so how is it that the average worker at the ‘bottom’ of the job hierarchy, the ones that do the actual day to day labor which is the ‘backbone’ of the business itself, gets the least pay of all?

This shows that we’ve got a real malfunction with our value system. We’ve got individuals doing the labor, but the value goes to someone else, and really it goes to a minority, so that they can live lives of luxury, while those doing the actual labor aren’t paid enough to be able to cover all their basic needs. 

I mean, it is a really twisted and warped situation and when you take a step back and really look at the big picture, it is really quite psychotic to have most of us working so hard, just trying to survive, having to forgo many of our basic needs like proper healthcare, when the value of our labor which we created through our labor, goes…somewhere…else… It goes to someone else who did not do the labor, instead of to those who created the value in the first place.

What’s fascinating is that in working for a large corporation, at staff meetings, the equal importance of every employee position is professed – but then, why aren’t all positions equally valued – by being equally compensated for their equal importance? It’s the manager’s job to tell you that you are appreciated and the work you do for the company is appreciated, and it sure is, all the way to the bank by those who are profiting off of the labor of others. 

Talk is cheap, literally. We all know that we have collectively decided that the only thing in this reality that has value is – MONEY. You need it to buy your right to life – without it you die, and your life has no value. Thus to express appreciation and importance of employees is just empty words, because those words do not put food on the table, or provide you with an effective education, or proper healthcare. 

Now, within the Capitalist system, as we’ve accepted it, you need to have a job to get money to be able to live. So how is it, we allow jobs to exist which don’t provide adequate MONEY to ensure you are able to LIVE properly, and not just ‘getting by’ paycheck to paycheck or like many, going into credit card debt. Why would we allow this, it just doesn’t make sense. Because we know the job you have is how you make your living, so why would we deliberately allow some to have ‘less of a living’ than others? Certainly, no one needs LESS LIVING. No one needs a POOR quality of life. No one needs to suffer through ailments that could have been prevented because they can’t get the proper healthcare.  

Obviously, the only reason that so many are doing such jobs is that there isn’t a better option. I mean, it’s really simply math, to see how there simply isn’t enough jobs out there that pay properly for one to have a dignified living, and so the majority is going to get stuck with the inferior compensating jobs. I mean, take Costco for example, who pays their employees and average of $17 per hour. That is above and beyond what the majority of jobs out there pay. And you know what, the waiting list for applications to Costco, I was told when I applied, is three years long…

That’s no surprise is it? Because who wants the lesser paying job? Less pay means less quality of life. Nobody wants that. So why do we allow that? Is it necessary? No. Why is it not already so, that employees gets the value they create? Because the value the employees create, it is created, and it exists, and it goes somewhere. It goes into the hands of those at the top.

This is literally modern day slavery. Just because you get the tiniest possible portion of the value you create is enough to make you think you’re not a slave after all, because you’re being compensated, apparently. But this very basic simple math principle was not understood. If you’re creating X amount of value, how come you’re only getting a spec of that?

This problem is one that will be corrected within Equal Money Capitalism – compensation will be actual compensation to those who have actually done the labor. All aspects of a job will be equally compensated, because all are equally important, and everyone has the equal need to live and have their physical needs met and the highest possible quality of living, which is leaps and bounds above what is available to most but is available to the select few who have all the money. Profit that goes to the hands of a few to live lives of luxury while the rest suffer in survival will no longer exist, as it is a crime against life and humanity. 

The Result of this will be a great Reward where Stress from lack of Money will cease to exist – no more having to forgo proper healthcare because your low-minimum wage job doesn’t provide benefits while certainly not providing enough to buy benefits as an individual, leading to more and more health problems with lasting effects, which could have all been prevented with the proper care. I mean, how much do companies really value their employees if they don’t care if they remain in proper health? It doesn’t matter to the companies, because the low-wage jobs are also low-skilled jobs, and there is always plenty of individuals needing jobs that they can just hire another one when one employee gives out, and in this way, you’re literally used just like a battery, sucked dry until there’s nothing left, and then discarded and replaced with a ‘fresh’ one.

This is what our lives have become, just like in the Matrix – batteries for the system, and as anyone with a low paying job knows and is going through, that is not really living. This isn’t what life should be like, or has to be like. All can have a dignified life, once we no longer allow the scam of profits being diverted into the hands of a few, and make sure the money is going where it is needed. Just like the human body – ensures that the blood travels to all parts, and distributes the resources the physical body requires to all its parts. Imagine – if the body did not do this, but functioned like our system does now, how long would that human body last? Not long, before it would start to fall apart. So in the human body we have a real example of how to effectively operate as a functioning whole that functions at optimum capacity, which is obviously when every part is provided what one needs and is supported to the utmost, to function and be the best that it can be.

Imagine – what kind of a humanity would we have then? Where what we do we do because of the value we create, not because it’s what we have to do because it’s the best we could get. I mean, that is slavery. Most of us are actually slaves, because we didn’t choose what we’re doing, we’re doing it because it’s our means to survival. Imagine when your survival is not at stake – when we have a system in place that ensure you are effectively supported, and even has a buffer system in place for those that would find themselves in between jobs for a moment, because, when that happens now it is like a great fear and uncertainty and most of us will do what we can to stay with the job we’ve got, and not take the risk of trying to find something else, because what if it doesn’t work out, could we get our old job back, who knows and then how will I pay my bills, because most of us can’t even miss a paycheck. I mean, is that any way for the companies that exist today to be treating their valued employees that do the labor for them? To allow them to be in such risk and uncertainty for their very survival? Obviously not, obviously the companies and corporations today that do not provide equal compensation for their employees are a disgrace. 

Imagine a life where what you do is actually what you like to do, you were able to choose, without fear of being broke and not being able to put food on the table. I mean, it’s really like we are living in the Dark Ages. We have never come out of that, and it’s in fact only gotten worse. We as humanity have every capability to exist where everyone is supported to have the best possible life, so it’s really quite evil that we have that capability and yet – haven’t put that into application. We’ve become so caught up into the ‘daily grind’ it’s like we’re on ‘auto-pilot’ just going through the motions, day in, day out, to Paranoid to consider change, because our situation is so unstable as it is, we don’t want it to get any worse. But – realize – it IS going to get worse UNLESS you stand up for a change, to make it BETTER, and sort out this system to ensure that it is functioning properly as an Economic system is Supposed to do – provide the best life possible for everyone – not just one or two here and there while the majority is enslaved to jobs that only exist for the sake of making profit and which are actually causing harm to our earth and ecosystem with no regard for life whatsoever. 

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