Day 96: The ‘My Way’ Character – Part 2

So, in looking some more at the ‘My Way’ character, we’ll look at some more of the components that make up this particular character. In the previous post, we went into some of the thoughts and fears that’ll come up in relation to this character, and some of the consequence of us living as this character in our World. In this post, we’ll look at also the Imagination Dimension, and the Physical and Reaction Dimensions. This way making sure we’ve covered all the angles of the ‘My Way’ character.

So, what takes place within the Imagination when we’re participating in/as this character? Well, since we’ve decided we want/desire/need things to go a certain way/‘my way’, and the fear has come up suddenly that we’re maybe not going to get ‘my way’, we’ll then imagine ‘what might/could/would happen’ if we don’t get ‘my way’, where we’ll then cycle through our imagination all the beliefs and fears and projections that we believe are going to happen reality doesn’t go just the way we wanted it to. Through this, we are just ‘feeding the fire’ of this character, and furthering our own possession into/as this character, to the point where we become it so completely, that it’s all we think/say/speak/act/react as.

For example, in a recent situation where I was working on practicing some lines from a script with another person, I had an idea of how I wanted to do it, and when they suggested we do it another way, the ‘My Way’ character was activated, as I feared that I would not get ‘My Way’, which I had formed the belief/perception that I needed/required/wanted the practice session to go a certain way, and within this actually totally closed myself off to hearing or even considering any other way it might be done, nor considering how it might be best for the other person as well. And within this, going into a character as reaction to a fear, instead of remaining here as myself and simply discussing the point and how best to proceed, without pre-formed expectations and beliefs, to see what works best for all in the situation, and then simply walk that. 

So, by going into the ‘My Way’ character here, we can see that the consequence was closing myself off to consideration of what would actually be best for All in the moment, and instead becoming possessed by a character wherein I wanted to hold onto an idea of ‘my way’ as how I believed/perceived that I wanted/needed things to go, wherein I’m actually only considering myself, which creates a situation of conflict, as I’m separating my interest from the interest of the whole. 

And within this, not even considering the actual practicality of how I want to do things/how I want reality to go, as to whether or not my want is actually practical and would actually be best. And it’s obviously not best, since I’m considering my interest in separation of the whole rest of existence, which I exist within where my life is only as good as the quality of this existence/reality is, and thus my interest is the same and not separate from the interest of all of reality/existence. Therefore, any interest that’s not considering the whole, is not going to lead to the best life possible, and thus is not actually in my interest. So you can see that self interest which is separate from/doesn’t consider the interest of the whole equally, is not a benefit to self as an individual. 

Now, onto the Physical and Reaction Dimension of the My Way character. What I’ll experience is like an all-over body stiffens, like my body freeze for a moment, while caught up in the mind reaction of where the mind is slowly realizing that reality is going according to another way than expected, and the mind needs a moment to try and figure out what to do, how to defend itself/protect its interest, in this situation where it perceives a threat. There will also be some adrenaline, which is like an excitement experience for the mind from being in a position where you don’t know what’s going to happen and fear some consequence. 

In the following post we’ll get into Self Forgiveness Statements on all the Dimensions to assist and support ourselves to release ourselves from and stop living as the My Way character.
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