Day 135: Validation Character: Redefinition Dimension

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In this post we’ll be walking the Redefinition Dimension, within which I’ll through writing, redefine who I am in my relationship with myself and my living within this world, to walk myself out of a character/personality and into real physical self-directed living.

For more context in what is being walked here, suggest to read the Heaven’s Journey to Life blogs that walk through this process of Character/Personality deconstruction and Self Redefinition in more detail which starts with this post Character Dimensions - Introduction: DAY 162

Redefinition Dimension: Writing:
I see, realize and understand that as the Waiting for Validation Character/Personality, that I have evolved this Character/Personality in my mind based on interacting with others in my world/reality, to never really be here when interacting with others, and so sabotage the relationships I form with others, to keep me from ever developing effective relationships with the beings that I exist with and interact with here. And that I have so accepted living as this character/personality that it ‘just happens’ like automatically, where when the situation of meeting/interacting with someone comes up, I just immediately go into this character, in wanting to avoid the interaction, wanting to do something else, fearing how the other will react/act toward me, and not just remaining here as myself, in breath, stable, and giving my attention and presence to the meeting/interaction before me.

Thus, how I am redefining my relationship toward meeting/interacting with others, is to no more accept and allow myself to go into the Validation Character/Personality, to no longer allow this character to activate when faced with meeting/interacting with someone in my world/reality, to rather utilize these moments as opportunities to be here and present within interacting with others and to establish my self-will, as within those moments moving myself to face the task before me, and by moving myself, not give the character any ‘space’ to even activate, as I stand as the directive principle of myself, and thus move myself in/as breath to follow through with the interaction.
Thus I will move and move myself to face the task within walking directly toward the person, without any hesitation, standing up straight and trusting myself to be here as myself while interacting with another.

So here I’ve laid out for myself how I’m going to practically change my living from the character/personality pattern, to what change I will walk and how I will walk it, in order to assist and support myself within actually changing in my living and in who I am in relationship to myself and what is here. To through this, take responsibility for the patterns I’ve existed as which are self-limiting, which in turn limit all of existence, as it’s each and every individual and how/what we live as, collectively as one, that creates this world and everything in it.

As it’s said in lyrics of the song ‘Ode to Our Children’: “We created the world from the choices we made. We’re creating the world from the choices we make.” (by the way, you can download that song for Free on Eqafe here.)

So since we’re creating the world through the choices that each and every one of us makes, the solution to change the world is to get to know ourselves as the choices we make in each and every moment, in our day to day lives. Like for example, the choice to accept and allow a character/personality to activate and to sabotage me from being effective here in reality, and taking care of my responsibilities. Like when we choose to put our ‘wants’ before our responsibilities, and manifest consequence for ourselves and thus for everyone and this entire existence. I mean, what we’re doing to nature and the animals, for example, is because we’ve placed our ‘wants’ before responsibilities, so that we’re focusing our time and attention firstly on consumerism entertainment, instead of first ensuring that we’re effectively caring for the nature and animals that without which we wouldn’t even be able to be here entertaining ourselves, as we require nature and the animals to survive.

And like we are allowing ourselves to put entertainment and consumerism before taking action to change our economic system to one that does not create inequality and suffering while supporting a small percent of the population, to one that actually supports all of humanity, in actually doing what it’s supposed to do as functioning as an actual life-support system that works to provide all beings with that which is needed to survive and thrive here.

Thus, why I have committed myself to walking this process of writing, self forgiveness and corrective application, and to walking the Desteni I Process, through which I am practically guided to get to know myself as the patterns I live as, in Detail, so that I can see exactly how I manifest consequence for myself in my immediate environment/relationships, and so to see, realize and understand how I also manifest consequence in the world at large and thus to live in awareness and take responsibility for what I’m manifesting to walk myself into practical change, to no longer live a life of accumulating consequence, and start living Solutions.
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